Characters Who should Get their own animated series

Title speaks for itself. I am not going to include people (or teams) who have had a series in the past five years (thus, no Spider-man, Batman, Avengers, etc.). Completely random order.

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Posted by CaptainLantern76

I agree with all these except one - Moon Knight. How would an animated series for him work out?

And Blue Beetle - 50/50. An animated series would be interesting, but he might be better off in a JLA series.

Another Justice League animated TV show would be epic - maybe Cyborg could be the newest member of the League and joins in the first episode; either that or make him a founding member alongside Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Hal Jordan, Barry Allen, Aquaman, and Martian Manhunter.

Posted by TheCannon

@CaptainLantern76: I remember having a reasoning for Moon Knight when I made this list, but I don't remember. I may just take him off.

I like Beetle, but if he didn't get his own series, I'd rather see him on some Teen Titans show than a JL series (only if the Titans are done right though).

And I like that idea of Cyborg joining in the opening episode.