Characters Who should Get their own animated series

Title speaks for itself. I am not going to include people (or teams) who have had a series in the past five years (thus, no Spider-man, Batman, Avengers, etc.). Completely random order.

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Posted by CaptainLantern76

I agree with all these except one - Moon Knight. How would an animated series for him work out?

And Blue Beetle - 50/50. An animated series would be interesting, but he might be better off in a JLA series.

Another Justice League animated TV show would be epic - maybe Cyborg could be the newest member of the League and joins in the first episode; either that or make him a founding member alongside Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Hal Jordan, Barry Allen, Aquaman, and Martian Manhunter.

Posted by TheCannon

@CaptainLantern76: I remember having a reasoning for Moon Knight when I made this list, but I don't remember. I may just take him off.

I like Beetle, but if he didn't get his own series, I'd rather see him on some Teen Titans show than a JL series (only if the Titans are done right though).

And I like that idea of Cyborg joining in the opening episode.

Posted by TheFlippingGrayson

@thecannon: I'd love to see a Barry Allen animated series as well as a Daredevil animated series. It'd be cool to see more of Daredevil's enemies. It'd also be cool to see the kind of schemes that the Flash rogues would set up for him in a cartoon.