Characters who should be in the Batman reboot (and it's sequels)

We all have our thoughts on what should happen in the Batman reboot. This is simply a list of who I think should be in it. Now I am listing man options, including people that aren't in my trilogy, but I would like to see them all included. So, let's start.

List items

Posted by ScottyHawkeye

no Joker, Two Face, Bane, Deathstroke, Black Mask, or Wrath

this is probably your best list but still has it's flaws

Posted by TheCannon

@scottyhawkeye: Joker, Two-Face, and Bane have just been done in the Nolan trilogy (and two of them were done amazingly well. Two-Face was also decent). I love the characters, but I think the reboot should use some different villains.

I don't know who Wrath is.

I can't believe I forgot Black Mask though. I'm an idiot.

Deathstroke could be cool, but I'd rather see them get guys like Riddler & Mr. Freeze right and use characters like Hush, Hugo Strange, & Black Mask before someone like Deathstroke comes in.

Posted by ScottyHawkeye

@thecannon: well i do believe those villains would make in more screening

Wrath is an evil Batman check out his page sometime

well i do agree with the last thing but Deathstroke would make great with some of those villains

i laughed when you realized you forgot Black Mask

Posted by Deathstroke52

Condiment King FTW