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@theamazingspidey: I think I might have asked some of this stuff in your old one, but I don't remember the answers, so I'll ask again.

Favorite hero in comics (or 2nd favorite if 1st of Spider-Man)?

Favorite villain in comics?

Favorite comic movie?

Favorite movie in general?

Favorite TV Series (currently airing)?

Favorite TV Series (of all time)?

Favorite video game (besides Metal Gear Solid, I remember your love of that series)?

You a fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and/or Angel?

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1. X-Men: Days of Future Past - 9/10

2. Captain America: The Winter Soldier - 8/10

I haven't seen anything else...

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I once watched movies I had no interest in watching (Star Wars) just to make others happy (didn't help).

That count?

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@pope052: Are you The Pope D'Angelo Dinero?

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@rikr2 said:

@thecannon:Dude you don’t know who’s Dr. Robotnik??

I know who he is, I just haven't played a game with him.

Pass for this one.

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Easily DoFP for me (though I did love Avengers, and Dark Knight & SM2 were great).

And The Dark Knight's winning. Gee, I don't know who could have predeicted that.

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@thecannon: I am doing alright all things considered... Just bracing for when summer starts here on Brazil (seasons are reversed here)

From your ask thread? Yes I got, I just didn't reply back cause I didn't have any questions to be made at the moment :P

hAHAHAHA I told you ;) He was awesome indeed.

Because the showrunners are cunts? Heh I have no clue, I find that annoying but I can find some cases that are understandable.

Besides Angel? Gunn and Lorne comes to mind.

I suppose you were unprepared for an musical episode and needed some time to warm up to it. I do know people despice musicals at all costs :P

It looks like Sony is about to be crashed under the weight of its own ambition. If they don't have the patience to do an franchise of their own to rival Marvel Studios then its time to step up and go home.

No, not any I heard off. There were some Buffy video games but that is it.

I can think of many ideas for an Angel game;;; Hell even if it was just an new IP that had vampires and demons in it I had some great ideas.

That can be a little disheartening, but I am not too much. I still look forward for it in any case.

Do you enjoy summer?

No, I was asking about the last one I put here. I responded to a bunch of stuff you said, though all I remember is giving a response to the Angel puppet vs Spike video, so it doesn't matter.

He appear at all later on somehow, or was Season 3 it for him?

I loled at the beginning of that. What cases would you say are understandable?

Gunn is one of your favorites? How come? I don't hate him, I just find him kind of boring (do agree with you on Lorne though).

Probably right there. I'm glad I'm enjoying it now though.

What are your ideas for an Angel game or new IP game?

I look forward to hearing your thoughts on it. Trailers are still good, regardless of reviews.

Favorite song from Buffy's musical episode?

Why do I keep calling it Buffy's musical episode instead of calling it by its name (Once More With Feeling)?

So, for the puppet Angel/Spike video you showed me before, is it weird that my first thoughts on it (besides smiling & chuckling) was "Why are they at Wolfram & Hart?" Not "Why is Angel a puppet," "How is Spike alive," "If Spike's alive, why is he with Angel in LA instead of with Buffy where ever she is," but asking why they're at Wolfram & Hart? Not asking for an answer, just wondering if it's weird that's my first though.

You ever had times where you wanted to leave the site?

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@dragonborn_ct: How are you doing?

Ever get my last post?

Finished Angel Season 3. You were right about how great Holtz is. He was brilliant.

Why end the Season on a cliffhanger? It's annoying.

Who's your favorite character on Angel?

I think I've told you how much I hated the Buffy musical episode before. But a few days ago I got some of the songs stuck in my head, so I rewatched the episode and actually enjoyed it. Why did I hate it so much the first time but enjoy it the 2nd time?

Hear about all the rumors going about about the Spider-Man movies lately? Any thoughts on them?

Why didn't they ever make an Angel video game? I think it'd be phenomenal if done right.

Apparently Dracula Untold hasn't gotten that good reviews so far from what I've heard. Upset about that?