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I was torn between Black Panther & Ms. Marvel (I'm still not calling her Captain. I don't know why). I ended up going with Ms Marvel, just because I like her more and think she'd have a better film if done correctly (nothing against Black Panther, he'd have a great film. I just think Carol would have a better one).

Other than those two, the only one here that deserves a movie is Hulk. Inhumans I don't think would be that great, and Black Widow shouldn't get a movie until they find someone new for the role (Scarlet Johansson is just terrible).

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No. I already can't stand myself most of the time, I couldn't put up with another me.

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I didn't think we were gonna be getting this thread for at least another month. Guess I was wrong.

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@thecannon: Good to hear you are pretty much on the show yet ;)

You ain't the only one who hated Season 4... Even the creators seem to think that Adam was the most uninteresting main villain in the series.

Which season's big bad is your favorite one?

What do you think of this Hercules movie?

I didn't hate Season 4, I just thought the main story & villain was very boring. Still some good episodes though (like Hush). Glad to hear even the creators realized this though.

Am I correct when I say that each Seasons' big bad was (in order of Season): The Master, Angel/Angelus, The Mayor, Adam, & Glory (haven't watched Season 6 or 7 yet)? If I am, my favorite would either be Angel or The Mayor. I already gave my thoughts on Adam; there wasn't anything wrong with Glory, she just wasn't my favorite; and The Master is just like the entirety of Season 1, good at the time, but nowhere near as good as what the series would later achieve. Between Angel & The Mayor, I think I have to go with Angel (or Angelus, not sure what I'm supposed to call him at this point). I thought Angel was very boring for a while and the only good thing about him was a cool jacket and interesting backstory (I didn't dislike him, just thought he was boring and I didn't like him), but he became very interesting after becoming the big bad and provided what I feel are some of the series' best episodes (Innocence, Passion, & Becoming). The Mayor was also interesting and had a slow build up that I like and had an interesting storyline surrounding him (I loved everything that happened with Faith), but I liked the arc more than the character himself. Angel I didn't like (I don't think I was supposed to during this time), but I was interested in him, while the Mayor I just reached a point I was interested in everything around him, but not him.

TL, DR version: Close between the Mayor & Angel/Angelus, but I'm gonna go with Angel.

It looks okay I guess. Nothing great to me.

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  • Pizza (mostly with some sort of meat on it)
  • French Fries
  • Ice Cream
  • Fried Shrimp
  • Bacon
  • BLT

All I can think of right now.

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Haven't seen war, so I have to vote for Flashpoint.

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@referee said:

Do you own it?

Yes, I do own it. Got it during Christmas 2012.

@referee said:

Who is your favorite James Bond actor and film?

Haven't seen any of them, so I can't comment. Since this isn't a real answer, I'll ask again for the next person:

Who is your favorite James Bond actor and film?

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  • Male: Thor (Spider-Man comes close though)
  • Female: Carol Danvers


  • Male: Blue Beetle
  • Female: Stephanie Brown (Wonder Woman comes close though)
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Probably Avengers #1.

What (if any) shows are you watching right now?

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I was doing pretty well until finding this spam thread.