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Some guy. A guy with a shirt.

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@bumpyboo said:

Fave comic character ever is hands down Nemi

Fave comic villain is probably Scarecrow.

Video games....hmm. Fallout, Elder Scrolls, Final Fantasy, GTA, Tenchu, Dynasty Warriors, Dead Rising, Silent Hill, stuff like that. Honourable mention for Super Amazing Wagon Adventure ^_^

Favourite comic movie....not always a popular choice but The Punisher, Tom Jane version. Easily.

First one ever?? Probably my dad's Conan comics.

I like your av ^_^

I am. I was SO NUTS for Buffy when it was first out. Never quite warmed to Angel as much, but it was still enjoyable :)

I've never actually heard of that character. Seems interesting though.

Cool. Scarecrow is awesome.

Haven't played most of those (played and loved Fallout New Vegas, but that's it), but all seem cool from what I've seen. So they seem like good picks.

I like you didn't give a generic answer. Fun to see that.

I assume you enjoyed them?


That's awesome.

Who's your favorite character on Buffy?

What's your favorite episode of Buffy?

What's your favorite season of Buffy?

Who's your favorite big bad from Buffy?

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Favorite hero in comics?

Favorite villain?

Favorite movie?

Favorite comic movie?

Favorite TV Series (currently airing)?

Favorite TV Series (of all time)?

Favorite video game?

What's the first comic you ever read?

Favorite food?

Favorite drink?

What do you think of my avatar?

You a fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and/or Angel?

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Would have been funny if this got locked within a few minutes.

As for the question, I got two or so battle threads get locked semi-quickly for being duplicates early when I started, and earlier in the year I got a thread locked that was giving an announcement, but I wasn't aware that CV already covered it.

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Marvel Ultimate Alliance

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2

Mass Effect (it's supposed to be a single player game, but you can pass the controller between 4 people)

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I think because

1) Trailer hasn't been released yet

2) First film was the first time all the characters were meeting (mostly), thus it's not as new of a concept now.

3) Iron Man 3 & Thor: The Dark World were both sh*t, and GotG doesn't look like it tried to build towards AoU at all (haven't seen it, but that just appears to be it), meaning we only have one good film leading up to it. Compared to the first film which had 4 great films and 1 decent film all leading into it, it just had more build up with previous films.

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What happened to Spam Bots at least trying? This one doesn't even make sense.

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Never knew this thread existed. Never followed his WWE/F career, but I've seen him in WCW and was a fan.

Anyone ever see his best of 7 series against Booker T in WCW? Great matches there imo.

I'd post videos, but I can't find them on youtube for some reason.

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This was the best comic book film of all time. Not saying everyone has to agree with that, but if you're trying to sit here and say it wasn't that great a film, you're just flat out wrong. Responding to your complaints:

The film did nothing to make itself stand out? You know, with the exception of beautiful scenes like the one with past & future Charles, Logan waking up after altering the timeline, Charles getting Mystique to stand down at the end, Charles & Erik on the plane, etc. Or the amazing performances from James McAvoy & Michael Fassbender (who's making his way to be my favorite casting ever in a CBM). Or the general theme of hope the film had. Or doing what little comic films do and get me to actually care about the characters as much as I do without already knowing their characters in the comics (I do know their characters, but that didn't come in to getting me to care so much about them). Yeah, this film didn't stand out at all...

Not this Quicksilver thing again. If I recall correctly, Quicksilver was just doing a job (helping break out Magneto) which he was being offered something in exchange for. They didn't bring him with them later in the film because they didn't have use for a cocky teenager to do jobs better suited for the others that Quicksilver wouldn't have contributed to much at all. I really don't know what else to add.

The Xavier thing is the only thing here that could be a legit complaint. I can kind of understand saying it wasn't fleshed out enough, but you're exaggerating when saying it was mostly only used for laughs. There were a few jokes there, but it wasn't just thrown in so they could make some cheap jokes.

As for the future scenes "being wasted" (as you put it), you do know that's how it was in the original DoFP storyline, don't you? Had they focused more on the future, would you be complaining that that's not how it was in the comics and being different from that is wrong? Or would you be complaining the past scenes were wasted? Plus, the story they wanted to tell was in the past with the future as a way to just set it up. They wanted a film focusing on Charles, Erik, Mystique, and developing their characters, not a generic apocalyptic world with the X-Men fighting robots while everything good (the sections in the past) is happening off-screen.

Others might have said this same stuff (I didn't read all the comments), but that's just me responding to these ridiculous complaints. I apologize if I sounded too rude.