Just read Old Man Logan

I just got Old man Logan in the mail from my uncle. Now I'm more of a DC person, but I gotta say I think Old Man Logan is one of the best comic stories of the decade, right up there with New Frontier. I mean....wow....just wow. 
That image of the people praying at Thor's Hammer gave me chills.

Posted by John Valentine

I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Posted by Son_of_Magnus

I like it

Posted by Rune

it was awesome def a good read

Posted by Omega Ray Jay

It sits proudly on my shel, Awesome stuff.

Posted by green lantern 2814.1

one of the best wolverine stories yet
Posted by War Killer

I loved seeing Logan kill the Red Skull :)  

My favorite part in the whole book :D

Posted by Peyote13

its a great story