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            I know that nobody on the vine reads Scott Pilgrim, but I don't care. This is awesome. I've been looking at different pics of the Scott Pilgrim movie, but this just rocks. Mae Whitman is playing everyone's* favorite blond lesbian half-ninja Roxie Richter.
Mae Whitman (who most of us know from Avatar, and Arrested Development) is a great actress, and this is just another example of the perfect casting in this movie. I don't think I've ever been this impressed with casting choices in any other film. So far everything is perfect. I can't wait for a trailer. I'm trying not to get my hopes up, but I can't help it. Adaptions always seem so much like...adaptions. But Director Edgar Wright really seems to be staying true to the comic. If your not reading Scott Pilgrim pick it up before the movie comes out, pick it up, cause its gonna be big.

                                                                                                                *by everyone, I mean me
Posted by Buckshot

Uh, I read Scott Pilgrim.

Posted by TheBug
Wow..really? Thats awesome. Nobody I know reads Scott Pilgrim.
Posted by HouseOfEl

I read it too. I can't wait for volume 6 (and the movie)!

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@Chrono said:
"I read it too. I can't wait for volume 6 (and the movie)! "

Volume 5 was sooo good, and sooo sad.
Posted by zombietag

i read it too! and she does look like the perfect actress for this part FOR REAL

Posted by SandwichTank

i like all the casting in the movie.....exxccccept for michael cera (and knives chau. she looks too old). i have no problems with him as an actor i just dont see his connection to this character. scott is a lively, ignorant, and slightly obnoxious character that is ok with half his friends kind of hating him. michael cera just seems to emotional and is more awkwardly funny. ALSO their hair is completely different. i have my opinions but in the end it'll be decided on the big screen