Most of us are assuming that the new batgirl is going to be either Barbara or Steph. Most of us are rooting for Steph.
But while listening to the Batman Universe Podcast (look it up on i-tunes) the host had an interesting theory.

Squire has had a lot comic time lately. She appeared in R.I.P, and throughout BFTC. There might be a reason for this.
Could Beryl done the cape and cowl?  Its a stretch, but not entirely impossible. I don't think its going to be Squire. I like her but she needs to be a bit more established as a character first before making any drastic changes.

But it does make you wonder.

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Posted by Calvin

Squire? I don't know, maybe... the other dude would have to hire someone though...

Posted by SUNMAN

Three other Viners have already predicted it will be Squire. Babs will always be my favorite Batgirl

Posted by AngelFrost

I hope it's Spoiler. it better be Spoiler.
It could be Holly Robinson too.