No live action AKIRA

I just read on that the live action Akira movie is dead. All I can say is thank God!

     I love AKIRA. The manga is an epic masterpiece, and the movie is pretty much the greatest anime ever made. A live action film done right would be a wicked, but keep in mind that this movie was set to take place in "New Manhattan" not Neo Tokyo. Japanese culture is a huge factor in the visual style of AKIRA, having it take place in the U.S would just be lame.  The only thing that I felt was right with this film is the fact that it was going to be a trilogy, and it would be based more on the manga than the anime. As we have seen from Dragon Ball Evolution, and the Chun Li movie anime just doesnt seem to transition well to live action.

This film is just better off dead. Maybe in 10 years we can hope for a good live action AKIRA.

I wonder if there would have been a lot of screaming? AKIRA has a lot a screaming.



Most of us are assuming that the new batgirl is going to be either Barbara or Steph. Most of us are rooting for Steph.
But while listening to the Batman Universe Podcast (look it up on i-tunes) the host had an interesting theory.

Squire has had a lot comic time lately. She appeared in R.I.P, and throughout BFTC. There might be a reason for this.
Could Beryl done the cape and cowl?  Its a stretch, but not entirely impossible. I don't think its going to be Squire. I like her but she needs to be a bit more established as a character first before making any drastic changes.

But it does make you wonder.


David Carradine dies at 72

 We all know David Carradine from the show "Kung Fu", and the "Kill Bill" films.  He was found dead in a Bangkok hotel, it is reported that he commited suicide.
He was in Bankok shooting a film. This story is still developing.

He appeared in over 100 films.  I know him mostly from "Kill Bill", and the "Kung Fu" revamp they did in the 90s. Great actor. Great martial artist. Not too many actors like him around anymore. What a legend.Its sad. He will be missed. Any thoughts or feeling about this?

Source: MSN News


Scott Pilgrim!!!

                 A poster for the Scott Pilgrim movie,from the Licensing International Expo. Yay!
Source: Ain't It Cool News

Have a great Summer everyone!

Frank Miller

                     Today I have been surprised. Let me explain. 

                         I am young and the Frank Miller I have been exposed to wrote All Star Batman and Robin, and directed the Spirit movie. So I have never had that high of an opinion of Frank Miller, until now. I read DKR, and I have to say that it is one the the greatest Batman stories I have ever read. It was dark, stylish, and politicaly facinating.
What happened? The Spirit movie bombed, and All Star Batman and Robin is just...wrong. Maybe Frank Miller is going through a phase. If he ever writes like DKR again I will definitely be picking it up.

Has anybody read Dark Knight Strikes Again? Is it any good?