I'm so sick of all these Vampires

Has anyone else noticed that every other movie, or TV show that comes out is about vampires.

Its really starting to get to me. Twilight actually beat Dark Knight in the MTV movie awards. Thats just so wrong.



My favorite ex.
            I know that nobody on the vine reads Scott Pilgrim, but I don't care. This is awesome. I've been looking at different pics of the Scott Pilgrim movie, but this just rocks. Mae Whitman is playing everyone's* favorite blond lesbian half-ninja Roxie Richter.
Mae Whitman (who most of us know from Avatar, and Arrested Development) is a great actress, and this is just another example of the perfect casting in this movie. I don't think I've ever been this impressed with casting choices in any other film. So far everything is perfect. I can't wait for a trailer. I'm trying not to get my hopes up, but I can't help it. Adaptions always seem so much like...adaptions. But Director Edgar Wright really seems to be staying true to the comic. If your not reading Scott Pilgrim pick it up before the movie comes out, pick it up, cause its gonna be big.

                                                                                                                *by everyone, I mean me

Tim is all grown up.

On a serious note, I am really loving that Tim has been given a solo book again. But I almost feel sad, because this Red Robin is almost like Tim's graduation, he's breaking away from the bat family, and becoming a man.  Its kinda bittersweet. Tim was Robin when I started reading comics, now that he isn't Robin anymore I feel...old.

I'm wondering if this is going to last.


Children are the future

           My little sister asked me to read her a comic book. My heart melted. I read her "Date Knight" by Darwyn Cooke and Tim Sale, cause it was short and her attention span is rather flimsy. I'm happy to report that she loved it.  Maybe she'll be a hardcore fan one day. I'm just happy to plant the seeds of fandom.
To everyone on the Vine, read to kids! They love heroes, ecspecially young children. They look at it with such bright excited eyes. Comics get kids reading, and the industry needs more readers. So please, read to your son, your daughter, your brother, any child in your family. It feels great.
But pick something age appropriate.

I had to laugh because she said that Batman should use a wet napkin to wipe off Catwoman's lipstick. :)

oh my...

When I first heard that Paul Dini was writing an ongoing series about the ladies of Gotham, I was overjoyed. I mean its freakin Paul Dini !
I can go on and on about how awesome he is, but the bottom line is the man knows how to write a Batman story. And it was gonna have Harley! His Harley! Yay!

But then I heard that Guillem March was doing the art...okay not my favorite artist, but I can get past that, right?

Covers started to come out...thats when I became worried. I actually liked the first two. They were fun, sexy, and energetic.

Then I saw these...

Thats a bit much...I'm trying to figure out how I'm going to hand these to a cashier without blushing.