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So is this cancelling out the events and origins of Deadly Genesis? You know the tale of the X-Men before the X-Men. The so called first class. And really Wolverine and Sabertooth in yet another retcon on X-Men? Fuck,Marvel do you have any idea what your doing anymore or are manatees just bounding idea balls around?

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Doctor Strange hands down. Have it drawn by the fine folks who did WICKED CITY and or HELLSING and have some writers from Buffy and Fringe team up and you have a sure fire winner right there.

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Zero issues are a poor as .1s. I really think they should be called P issues for prelude.

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If you claim to know Marvel and did not guess this then you should just give up reading comics. I actally would have been shocked if it was Peter from the 616 and Peter from the Ultimate line.

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Gee just what the market needs another X title.

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There are 3 O and two of them have purple dots in the middle of them. Hmmmmm. Maybe a new She-hulk title.

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Wonder Woman is looking at GA like she wants to have happy fun with him. Who's the baddie with the arrow in the butt? I'm guessing that's the butt. it's just to hard to tell for me.

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As a MK fan I'm sad to see the title go but I'm happy that it means Bendis isn't writing it anymore. Bendis didn't do what he said he was going to do when he started the title and that was to do things with MK that hasn't been done before....MK is not just the mask but the man behind it as well and he seemed to just forgo MS almost completely.

Also as a whole Bendis is shit when he's doing stuff that isn't his own. I dropped the Avengers books because all the characters where Spidey clones. I hope he just sticks with creator owned stuff.

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Both Wolverine and X-men have had their share of games over the years we need something new. I would like to see a Dr.Strange side scroller that plays like Symphony of the Night (Castlevania ). A First Person Punisher game. A spots game with any hero/villain where they can use their powers,think,Mutant League Football, Super Dodge Ball or NBA Jam style of play. A Batman game that plays like LA Noir,he is the worlds greatest detective after all (still think Ralph Dinby is better in that field). An Ambush Bug game would be super crazy fun but I'm not sure what game play style fits him best. Would really love to see a 3/4 over head view RPG with heroes and villains in it. Their powers would be magic in the game.

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I kinda want to read the this title now. Gonna have to wait for the 2nd printing.