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The thing about Taskmaster is that he is all about the moves and the acrobats, but lacks strategy. Sure he knows almost every move of every hero/villain in the Marvel world, but they are only good enough to allow him hold his own against them. Not too mention also lack of efficient equipment, for he only has a standard broadsword, a regular shield, a handgun, bow and trick arrows as well as a few other things. However he lacks the ability to think and create a strategy in the middle of combat.

Now Deathstroke on the other hand is a whole different story, even though he has increased strength, stamina, speed, and intellect, he never stays out of shape, for he is always training, and always studying on anything and everything, including his targets and possible opponents. So even though this will be a random encounter, no doubt that he will have studied up on him and become aware of his capabilities. Also he has far better gear and equipment, for one his armor and sword is made of Promethium and Nth metal, which in the DC Universe are two of the strongest metals. Also Deathstroke is a far better tactician and strategist, for even though Taskmaster can be on par with Deathstroke, Deathstroke can out think him in a matter of seconds. Plus Slade has gone up against even tougher opponents (even going up against several members of the Justice League all at once!).

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They also need to do a Justice Society movie.

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I would say 3.5

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I wonder if Splinter will be in this movie, and if he is, I wonder who they will portray him.

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Megan Fox is so overrated as an actress.

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Finally for this show was far to static to begin with, and everything about just wasn't going anywhere, for he always gets his butt whopped every time, his cave is just three freaking platforms, and the villains were just stupid.

I wonder what show they'll be replacing it with (prayers on third season of Young Justice XD).

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I like the evolution and development of Oliver's character stages in his life, for he starts off as a survivor and a hunter who only has a singular goal and almost nothing else mattered, for you see that side of him when he puts on the eye paint and just being called the Vigilante, for he doesn't care what the rest of the world thinks of him only that the job gets done.

But now in this season, you see him trying to change his way's from being a vigilante to a hero, and you see him struggling with resisting his killer instincts, and you see more of him turning into a hero from not only being called The Arrow, or Arrow, and now would begins to wear a mask. To me he's going through 3 stages, the first stage is the survivor where he's not fully aware of his true potential, the second stage is where he starts to realize that he is capable of so much more and is in the process of recreating himself, and the third stage is where he fully embraces himself as a superhero, which I think is when he may become known as Green Arrow.

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14+ skins for Batman to chose from so sweet, I hope they will also add in Batman-Year One, for this is still Batman during his earlier years.

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@innervenom123: Hmm I just recalled something, if any of you have read The Killing Joke you'll find out that there was two Red Hoods, I'm suspecting that this Red Hood was the original leader, and that something happen to him, before some of the gang members approach "Jack Napier" (a possible alias for the Joker before he became the Joker) to be used as a scapegoat to target instead.

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Saw it just now, and gotta say, it should be a 110 stars!!