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@SuperDoahBoy: lol bro, if u havent seen the movie your gonna feel rilly silly when u do.. lokis THE PERFECT villain for the first mashup for nostalgia (their 1st villain in comics)&common sense reasons.. in MCU he hjas a grudge against Thor/Earth.. he actually WASNT easily beaten by Thor single handedly.. to top it off his trickery &manipulation is the perfect setting for the out of sync heroes

as for the rule that says u shouldnt spend 15whole min introducing a character its a rule for a reason, it isnt about not catering to geeks/fanboys.. thats just about making a good movie &common sense.. do u know how long 15mins is when ur watching a movie?

Whedons responsibility isnt simply to cater to the whim of unreasonable fanboys, but to make a sharp exciting movie that is structured &concise while giving deserving winks&nods to the knowing among the audience

imagine if u will ur fav comic spent 15pages introducing &overexplaining ONE villain..u'd be pissed!! expect no less artistry &integrity from our humble comicbook fan/director.. u wont be disappointed.. trust me.

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Ive seen the entire pre opening credits scene introducing Bane &some other bits (which i see hasnt been cut but might be tweaked slightly) it was pretty ambitous &I have to say.. I had my doubts.. but after seeing this.. wow.. as ending trilogies go.. i see were gonna have a masterpiece on our hands...

Now, ANYONE dumb enough to compare Assemble to DKR should not only stop watchin CBM's (comicbookmovies) but should probly put down comics altogether.. Assemble is one of THE most entertaining movies ive EVER seen.. periiod!! But would I put it above TDK? Nope i wouldnt.. why? Because thatd be like comparing Star Wars to The GodFather.. which is pointless.. its the same with these franchises..comicdom they may be but there about as similar as apple pie &sushi

So while I urge all nervous excited but rational logical sensible TRUE comic fans to see Assemble (IMO The New Hope/Empire Strikes Back of CBM's) I also say dont forget to MAKE SURE u see DKR, what is sure to be the Godfather 2 of CBM's

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@RMurray: your close

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@GBrutality: its Gotham.. they can take it

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lol.. Being that Bruce is one of the richest guys in the DC Universe the whole : [Batman mentioned that she'll "never want for anything." What exactly does that mean?] bit is probly THE most obviously redundant part of an otherwise interestingly thought provoking OMM piece

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Seriously some of u guys are startin to sound like a buncha "mewling quims" lol..soz.. jus HAD to.. -__-

Ok, it doesnt matter if BW shows up in IM3 or not it, it certainly wouldnt detract from the movie if she did even if its only in an Agent Coulson-esque capacity.

However after seein the Assemble.. I have to say she deserves if not her own movie, one where she gets significantly more (screen)time to flesh out her quite touching/intrigueing take on this character shes made her very own.. the sensible solution (u listening/lurking Marvel?) would be to make a SHIELD movie comprising the trinity of Fury/Barton/Romanov.. focusing on the latters background/recruitment into the organisation &with possible cameos from any number of Marvel big hitters..

&NO winter soldier (yet) we havent even had 2nd Cap everyone jus calm the frack down.

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@revbucky: Star Wars is possibly the only sci fi mythology continum that doesnt have ANY (canonical) time travel

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u know sumthins up when ur a master of magnetism who doesnt win a fight against a man wearing an IRON SUIT

And your a SUPERSTRONG PRINCE OF THE SEA.. who gets whupped in whats basically ur backyard

Marvel are slowly becoming trash.. now only seeming to hit high notes thru blind luck, stumbling onto good storylines or transparently creating polarising/devisive issues ..i just feel sorry for the extremely talented artists who get commissioned for tissue-backups like this, coz rilly they dont earn enough to tell editors/writers to shove it when they outline these socalled "plots" to em

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i disa gree.. the whole "arms dealer" &the ensuing guilt is prettymuch the foundation of the first film.. esp when Yinsen tells him of the horrors of the injuries hes had to treat &the militants using his weapons to take over small town.. "this is it pepper the mission..theres nothing else!!" thats what he said to Paltrows character when she confronts him about neglecting the mainstay of his business and his health...

sure IM doesnt exposition it to death like most hamfisted films/directors would...but its touched on &RDJ has enough nuance to project the guilt he feels for all those yrs wastin his life as the "Merchant Of Death"

As for the Extremis storyline i personally hope they DONT go with it for IM3 its way too soon &ultimately hyper-unrealistic.. i do think there should be a significant leap forward tho ie having the Mk VII being able to stored in a portable suitcase/pack with added neuro- interface for quicker reaction times multi tasking/hacking etc (kinda like Doc Ocks Arms worked in SM2) would be the next most logical extension of the technological jump.. progress has to be gradual.. u cant jump from stone spears to gunpowder/muskets doesnt make sense.