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ohhhh yehhh btw.. sorry to burst u guys bubble.. but THANOS oh he of overhyped reputation ¬_¬

WONT be appearing in AA#2 he'll be appearing in THOR Number DEUX or do u not realise how Marvels post scene sequel formula works yet.. so far all teasrer scenes in the movies have tied in to OTHER movies.. &the next movie up on the plate is....thunder&lightnin..u guessed it Thorrrrr.. i mean did u REALLY think the "mighty" Thanos was gonna come to earth &start a rampage?

He'll attack the asgardians who interfered &lost hisarmy Thor&loki respectively.. an allout battle will ensue &then Odin will step in & whoop his mummys boy ass back to Titan ..JUSTTTTT like he did in the comics,

the end

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@SuperDoahBoy: THISSSSS

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@raycarter: THISSSSS

very well put, i \ctually think Babs missed a beat there tbh.. coz it was my distinct impression that shes got hidden feelings for Barton..

plus the whole strong cold/calculating uber woman harbouring unrequited &chessapeak depth hidden feelings for tough plucky flawed/honourable but completely clueless hero figures is a sort of a Whedon trademark lol

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Ok.. first off the feminist agenda on this piece is so strong i could smell it before i even clicked the article lol..but i digress

1stly. Her cameo in IM2 wasnt subpar.. it was adequate.. she had a side role not a main or even secondary one (that went to Rourke/Whiplash) so i always thought she did alright..not stellar but she worked with the bones she was given

2ndly. I completely disagree on the "no romance" point u made.. it may not be the obvious kind but I do think it was kind of OBVIOUS that she actually had pretty deep feelings for Barton that go way beyond simple comradery.. highlighted by the Loki "interrogation scene".. &even tho she twisted the tears to her favour theres a hint of affection there.. proven when she finally gets Hawkeye back he asks what loki did to make her wana "go to war" the whole look on her face when she said she said "ive been compromised.." had MEANING.. it meant she has feelings for him.. (a real weakness in her profession&reputation btw) her sayin she needed to clear the ledger was basically both retribution for past sins &repaying the faith he showed in her

3rdly. Just because all of a sudden u or a whole buncha fickle wishy washy "fans" NOW think ScarlettWidow put in a good performance, (sumthin the girl with a predominantly indie backgrounds ALWAYS been capable of) DOESNT mean she can/should get a singular movie, for one the execs wont back it once they do the tracking figures it wont be viable anyway &script wise it would suck (Unless whedon was doin it, &he isnt)

I was one of the first if not THE first to note on this site that there should be a SHIELD movie with all the usual suspects Nick Fury, Maria Hill, Coulson (May he RIP) Hawkeye&BlackWidow etc.. with any number of cameos..&introducing HYDRA as the main enemy/plot device.. such a movie would give ScarlettWidow ample room to get her shine while giving her strong characters to bounce off as well as the double team factor of her &Barton which worked so well in The AA

THAT should be the new focus if any, not some bullshit flavour of the week vanity project that'll not only bank on her delicate shoulders for success but will probly ruin her if it flops, which it will if they dont get the right director..which they wont if they go for a solo Black Widow movie

Remeber now.. theres no "i" in S.H.I.E.L.D. ...well.... u get the idea

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I think he got the perfect amount of screen time &i also think him being (initially) overshadowed by Stark is natural due to his personality as a straight forward no frills guy.. thats what makes his story/character arc so realistic.. he starts off unsure of his place in a world so far gone from wha he knows.. but eventually comes to realise hes a leader (real leaders dont even realise, they just deliver when its crunch time) &anyway in the comics he shares the leadership role with Stark.. but is the undisputed de facto field leader esp in comba situations

my only nitpick &this doesnt take away from the film in any way, is his depiction didnt fully match what i though it could for Cap.. his clash with Loki &the Chitauri for instance.

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@Hunter114: safe

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@midnightmare: i agree with u on everything but the Waller point.. she has everything to do with every major DC player.. yes shes sort of a Nick Fury esue role here.. but thats because checkmate are kindof the DC SHIELD.. i think that was an attempt at tying certain elements together so if anyone else made a movie say Flash WW etc she could pop up in it easily tying all the loose strings of the DC universe together.. without making it overly obvious

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@The Stegman: i thought woww...this guys actually on point.. then i read number 2 -___- couldn take anythin u said seriously after that, sorry lol

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There really wasnt anyone else.. anyone else that made SENSE anyway.. none of the other villains mentioned could/should have made the cut.. &i for one would have a VERY big problem if Kang showed up in EXACTLY what hes wearing in the comics.. thats just silly lol

u mentioned Red Skull, Whiplash, Justin Hammer, Abomination as villain choices.. or even villains from Iron Man, Cap or Hulk's history.. but remember this has to be an AVENGER LEVEL THREAT.. Red Skull POSSIBLY but a stretch &I have a feeling he'll be involved in later movies.. Whiplash? no chance, Hammer? please -_- .. Abomination? again 3rd rate..

that leaves Loki the Prince of Chaos with a grudge against Thor so deep it s on par with the chessapeak.. &a lust for power left wanting by his last attempts at conquest being cut short..combine all this with his mile long petulant streak &ability to directly manipulate ppl.. its literally THE perfect setup.

Never mind the fact that HISTORICALLY he's the first villain to unite them