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@Purgy: Hudlin needs to comeback.. PRONTO!!

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@Kallarkz: EXACTLY! i mean, who in the DC Universe has the "raw skill" batman does? like 2 or 3 ppl..? &atleast one of those has powers, even the man hes trained to take over from him since he was 9 found it impossible to fill his shoes for christ sakes

that being said.. Pirates?! Called Jackals? In animal skin? -_- Really?! I could be wrong, but its lookin kinda lame from the front door (better writers/concepts needed)

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@BlackArmor: looooool (Shaaaaaaannnkkkk!!!)

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The same BullsEye whos got adamntium re-inforcing his spine &strips of it on most his bones? The same BullsEye killed Electra one of Marvel Universes greatest assasins (Logans words not mines) with her own Sai.. &battled DD &Deadpool to a stalemate numerous times..? The same Bullseye who almost gutted Gambit?

This guys like the Captain America of villains/psychotic thugs.. no powers to speak of but NEVER misses (except for DD lol), can be extremely determined &is frankly an instinctive Natural Born Killer who loves what he does &is usually not afraid to take on healing factors, energy casters or heavy hitters etc .. &tbh if he didnt go off his meds/get run over so many times.. he'd have probly killed DareDevil ages ago

a motivated Bullseye would be more than a challenge for Logan.. easily.


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@TheMess1428: looool

"I'm pretty sure that if she had one, we would all know about it by now. And definitely sure they don't make enough money for her to afford one.."

easy dude.. she might think youve been goin thru her bins and watchin er house with talk like that lmfao!!

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Actually Mignighter &Apollo were comicdoms FIRST same sex marriage.. &Midnighter a MUCH better character than whatshisface.....................lool soooo.....Babs mentions her non-existant "five-head" conveniently taking attention away from her enormous boob job.. o_O

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@FoxxFireArt: LMFAO..BlackWater?! r u serious?? As much as i have my doubts about the carelessness of this storyline.. I highly doubt Batmans gonna be overpaying a bunch of mercenaries/contract killers/military rejects to go round killing innocent ppl without any accountability.... -___-.

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FIRST OFF... lets look at the glaring STUPIDITY &convolusion (moral or otherwise )that is this characters origin.. heres a cloned child of Apocolypse..whom no one knows wether itll turn out good or bad MURDERED to stop the possibility of him turnin out evil.. but then the clone is actually cloned.(shouldn he be retarded by now?) .to see if he'll turn out evil anyway??

the musings on nature vs nurture aside..this has got to be some of the stupdest sh*t ive read in my life..jesus mary &joe cocker marvel come on!! asmuch as i love this book everytime i see im im reminded what a farce this whole 2bit "setup" is &i have to put it down again. -___-

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@MrMazz: nahh dude.. Clint Eastwoods the ONLY choice for this one... now that'd be straight whistlin dixie..

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@1fearless1: loool your kiddin right? i mean i have my doubts about this nonsense..but dudes been gay since ive been readin x-men.. they didnt "ruin" his (already crappy one dimensional) character asmuch as cynically capitalise on the rise in "gay culture" ..