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The social engineering experiment/morbidly pointless character assassination that's been Cyclops "development" over the last yrs ever since he started running utopia was almost clandestine

How dare a minority (fictional minority though it may be) character display the strengths of both his protagonist iv/antagonistic predecessors with none of their weaknesses whilst becoming a force to be reckoned with in the marvel universe...

How dare he indeed like many a great revolutionary he had to be taken down a few hundred gradual and methodical pegs

And boy did they lower his pedestal

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@noj: LOL he IS Spiderman... &a BETTER one than Peter will ever be to get used to it!

He didnt NEED the push of an uncle being conveniently killed as a direct result of him being a selfsh dick.. (yup, lookin at u petey) he saw a hero had died, realised he also had powers.. &DECIDED something needed to be done..not because someone told him to.. not out of guilt.. But because he thought it was THE RIGHT THING TO DO..&at 13?! sorry but Parkers got nothing on this kid.. yeh hes naive.. but second rate? I dont think so.

Spiderman is DEAD

LONG LIVE Spiderman

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@huser:lol.. Batmans ALWAYS been important.. imo DKR has nothing to do with his popularity (which has always been relatively high) in or out of comics.. all it did was open the eyes of SERIOUS peeps who were previously only interested in Godfather 1&2 quality level type material

but i get your hilariously well-crafted point

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@Fetts: yehh what the heck.. i thought that was like DC's version of Marvels Nick Fury moment (in Iron Man) for a second there

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@The Black Hood: the fact Gambit wasnt even IN the X-Men when he did that kinda makes the point..moot dontya think? -_-

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I think the reason this "scares" some ppl (shitty choice of word..disgusts is more accurate if a little offensive).. is the commonality.. when we read comics we like to relate.. now as it happens the vast majority of comic readers are heterosexual 20 -25 yr old men with varying degrees of ignorance intelligence &tolerance.. who wether theyll admit it or not will have varying opinions on homosexuality ignorant or otherwise.. being forced fed a certain characters sexuality is bound to have an adverse effect if they then realise theyre nolonger comfortable imagining themselves in their heroes shoes... so to speak..

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@DP812: bawwwwhahahahah..... this!!


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He didnt make it because DC as a whole doesnt give a crap about its black characters major or minor.. &while derivative yet boring characters are given hundreds of chances, good writers better marketing &supreme patience in the face of faltering numbers

Ones like Terrific that have tons of potential &promise are not only given crappy writers/artists who have no enthusiasm for the character in the first place theyre then under-marketed.. &quckly cancelled off before most ppl know it was on the shelves to begin with

&when that happens of course you'll get casual retarded go-to statements like "He's not a strong enough character to hold his own book... I knew he couldn't make it on his own." etc -__- great.. just Terrific.

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none of these guys were the inspiration for any of the watchmen members &in some cases its actually the reverse