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How can i explain this i live with my uncle dont got a job and sleep around with out of shape women.Thats my style and am i proud of it.......Hell yeah but at this point in life I dont seem to be comfortable enough with anything.And thats a good thing because I cant live my life fucking randoms when i get woI dont wanna die from to much gross sexual tendencies.Is it not the way of man to not give a fuck who they fuck? Of course it is all we have in this world is our lust and mind.Its how we use it to get through life.If I castrate myself ill still be horny and it wont make a difference.But if i train my mind to realise that there are plenty of fish in the sea then I truley can become a man of great confidence.Instead of selling out to society that says sleep with who you want.But then again dosent screwing my way through all my problems help?Yes partially because i dont really have to think about all the Bullshit just the 'Tuna' Ill be munching on that night.Sometimes I can look at a fish and just think about Delilah she sure was a great gal.But she wanted to have a shark party with a bunch of great whites muching at her crabby patty! in respect for 'Delilah' I must say she was a great girl but she just couldent handle one man how can I blame someone for giving into there lust.I think as a young man the hardest part was wondering if i was pleasing her right.But now I just care about pleasing myself so I dont care about pleasing them right anymore.The reality of this whole blog was to talk off the top of the head without stopping.And I think I did pretty good at it the weird think is I talked about fish too much

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Posted by michaelthemighty17

dude calm your farm you swear to much

Posted by Renchamp

Totally unacceptable and totally flagged. We got rules, yo.