Today was a swell day because i did nothing today.Well never went outside goodness I hate not realizing how much time passes by when your laying around all day.I just realized i didn't do jack shit today and its so awful.My day consisted of 'Bridesmaids,near dark' And talking to my brother Jordan.Who is vastly different then me he is a person that goes in and out of jail.And we talked about his problems in society and his women just kicked him out of his house.So to say the least i was laughing lol jk i take all my brothers problems serious.But its hard for me to not care about his problems because he causes all of them! But it is also my obligation as an older brother to talk to him about it.So we talked for awhile about his women how she cheats and uses him.And at the same time he does it back to her I dont even wanna tell you the advice I gave him i dont think im the best person to be giving advice lol.So yeah i talked with him about his BS then i just sat here the rest of the day watching 'Bridesmaids' and 'Near Dark' both pretty awesome movies it was funny on bridesmaids when they got food poisoning.I also like how kristen wigg was dorky and dingy like ben stiller.I think it was sweet how they made girls look like the idiots for once instead of guys lol.And 'Near Dark' Was just a classic vampire movie that ive been watching since i was a kid.I dont think alot pf people really know about that movie because 'The lost boys' Was the overshadowing it but the movie is awesome......And life is just boring and im glade i have you people to relate to.Because you guys are just as boring as me and its pretty awsome to come on here and just talk about nonsense and boredom

I totally love all you boring people.

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