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this article is directed at you bud, just let it go, if you don't like what your watching flip the channel. or make your own comic. 
G-Man Awesome!!! Loved your article you spoke volume. I am happy to read articles that don't jump to conclusions. in my head it said just wait and see. That what people should do
Fans are getting on my last nerve. their heavy language is getting me upset. (note to self don't let others control your emotions). Can't we all just get along, if not could you all stop talking, silence is golden. Just go work out or something. get all that rage out on something other then a message board. you will calm down and you might be able to articulate your thoughts in a way that is less demeaning.
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AID's dude, i don't care how you feel about freedom of speech. but im sure who ever raised you wouldn't think highly of you wishing AID's upon anyone. Over the top much. if you think im blowing up...... wait a second im not the one who just told someone to get AIDS who are you? if you have AIDS i think you know how tough it is to live with it. if you don't go deliver some meals to someone who does. then think about what you just said. 

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okay about the paper on the back of superboy. It looks more like kid flash could have just slapped it on the back of him. I mean kid flash is a joker. he did spray paint on the red tornado in YJ #1
i haven't read every comment on here, so if someone has already pointed that out im sorry.  
I haven't read all the comments do to the fact there is alot of negative responses. There is nothing wrong with not liking something, but the way that it has been expressed is a little to over the top for me.  HORRIBLE, STUPID, WHAT HAVE THE DONE, THEY F@#$ED THIS UP. what ever happened to eh, its okay, im not a fan, or the ever popular i don't like it. of course express yourself. But its just my feeling that there is alot of over the top expression of why people hate something so much.  And my mama told me that hate is a strong word and should never be used lightly. I would have to agree.
I like Tim Drake and love his back story, but i am interested in how this new idea goes through. even with the titans. i don't like that they are changing wonder girl, but im game to see what they have to offer. I'm open to change. So ill  try it out. if they mess it up, whatever ill go find something else to entertain me

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i dont' want to see talia, if it were catwoman i would just scratch my head, and pray for a miracle 

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wish it were tim and bart

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this is when hell breaks loose. allowing for staff to break rules.... hmmmmmm yeah thats fair? something so simple, yet still you should be held just as accountable 

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like your guys reviews but the music in the back ground was a little distracting

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You only forgave DAREDEVIL? What about Robin, im sure you can forgive Tim Drake and Damian Wayne for not sticking with the pixie/fish-scale speedo look right?

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jump on the hate train