My Most Hated Characters!

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Posted by Video_Martian

DAMN, you sure do hate alot of great characters :P lol

Although I gotta give you props on John Stewart, overrated GL with a boring personality.

Also, Y U NO LIKE FLASH??? :'(

Posted by TheBane2890

Flash to me is just a boring background character, and I know Quicksilver was invented way after Flash, but he was just so much better. I mean having superspeed makes more sense for a villain then a hero. Every variation of Flash is just boring to me. And yes John Stewart is extremely overrated, as is much of the characters on this list, which is why they are on here

Posted by RyuHayabusa

LOL, You hate lots of characters. I can understand why you hate Superman but why Wally West and Wonder Woman?

Posted by TheIncredibleNightcrawler1999

I dont like Wally West, I prefer Barry Allen, but what is wrong with Wonder Woman? Ah, whatever.

I also dont like Superman.