Suggestions to Fix Captain America

The secret origin of my Captain America love: I am in love with British comic books, like 2000 AD, Titan's Death Sentence, and just about anything that Neil Gaiman and Warren Ellis have written. I was delighted to find that Paul Neary was the artist on one incarnation of the book. He is one of my favorite inkers of all time, so don't you dare call him a tracer! Anyway, drooling over his run on Cap, I really liked the series before it turned into 1950s Superman stories--"Cap-Wolf," transvestite Cap--I think I got bored with Captain America right after Streets of Poison. Ed Brubaker's stories were wonderful, and as I wrote elsewhere, I usually don't care for spy-smashing, espionage-y stories because they tend to be formulaic with few surprises. Brubaker kept me on my toes as a reader. So! Bottom line: Captain America makes me feel warm in the basement of my underthings.

At least, he did until Marvel NOW!. Also, the plethora of Avengers books are wearing on my Captain America love. I've listed some suggestions for bringing the character back from the brink. I'm sure many will be offensive to purists, and I'm sorry. Haters, if my version of Cap ever gets made, just do what I did with the Marvel NOW! book: Don't buy it.

In the meanwhile, I hope my followers like my list. @misteranderson, I threw in the Serpent Society just for you. lol

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I was just about to log out but thankfully I caught sight of this before I did!

Love your list -- all of it.

(psst -- can I borrow this phrase "makes me feel warm in the basement of my underthings" from you?)


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@theaudraway: Love this list! Have you read Winter Soldier? Still bummed that it was cancelled.

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I like this list a lot. To accommodate my personal tastes, I'd trade Paul Beary for Mike Zeck and demand more of Vermin.

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@misteranderson: lol I can only assume you were drinking a Rum & Coke last night, and who can blame you--I mean, marriage--but yeah, Mike Zeck would be a good alternate for "Paul Beary."

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