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@Shotgun said:

@TheAnnihilator I thought you were talking about the movie Avengers, since I never heard of Hawkeye before the movie came out.

That's just ridiculous

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@Shotgun said:

@TheAnnihilator said:

Green Arrow started off as Batman with a bow. He only got his personality after Hawkeye became a popular member of the Avengers.

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Are you really that slow? I'm talking about comics here, not movies or TV shows. The personality change I'm talking about happened several decades before the creation of this show.

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Well, realistically, there wasn't anything wrong with the Registration Act, so Iron Man.

But, because Iron Man's side was a reasonable choice, they had him do stupid, immoral things to make his side look bad.

So, I'm either way.

@TheCannon said:

Captain America.

Why should I have to register myself just because I have super powers?

Because you could be a huge threat to society, obviously.

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@John Valentine said:

@antemiusenteri said:

@John Valentine: Am a storm fan and i don't think that , matter fact you know what am tired of this BS , STOP STEREOTYPING US!!!! it's freaking annoying , as a black person and as a storm fan am tired of seeing stuff like this , there's probably some super Storm fan out there who thinks she can beat up any man mutant god in the universe but guess what that's not all of us. and s**t's getting old !

Cry me a river.


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Someones complaining Marvel is dying and that they suck now and they sold out and that they'll never buy from Marvel again. They aren't, they don't, they didn't and they will.

What else is new?

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What have I found......

What is this......

I don't even.........

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@BlueLantern1995 said:

Amazing Spider-Man curbstomps and Batman Begins curbstomps the rest of the Nolan Trilogy which means Amazing Spider-Man is better than the Nolan Trilogy.

I disagree.

@CODYSF said:

Wow really Batman Begins of course.


@Gambit1024 said:

Which is the better reboot?

That goes to Batman Begins. Anything that completely washed away the stink of Shumaker's work is damn commendable.

Which movie would I rather watch over again?

That goes to The Amazing Spider-Man. It was very fun, and its replayability is higher to me. Yes, I know it's not the better film by any stretch of the imagination, but ASM is a great start to what will be a promising trilogy.

The definitive answer.