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I don't think experience is end all be all and I know that is true, but I do believe skill is really important and it is true that his hf works faster because it isn't constantly healing him from adamantium poisoning....the link you posted had great scans but I don't think Luther can dish enough out to win majority.

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Style is bloodier, more graphic, but when you boil it down, aside from the precog which could prove problematic, dudes shown absolutely nothing Logan hasn't himself exceeded. Yes, even punching through solid steel doors. Luther gets shot 7 times in the chest, and struggles to heal through it, whereas bone Wolverine eats dozens upon dozens (looks like well over a hundred rounds) of adamantium laced bullets and isn't even remotely fazed. Their respective healing factors are worlds apart.

I've no idea why certain folks are wanting to believe Logan's claws will cause only cosmetic injury either ... nothing suggests this at all.

Looks like a good read. Will have to pick it up.

Wolverine would carve him up though.

@laflux:So no, no problems here.

That instance of him getting shot was the first time he'd ever been shot and it happened very early on in his career. Shortly after that he completely healed getting disemboweled simply by willing it so (and was using his own intestines as a weapon against a superhuman opponent before he bothered to heal himself). It's been years since then and he now reacts to getting shot by ignoring it and then letting the bullets pop out of him once the fight is done. Even knives plunged into his nerve clusters specifically to cut off his connection to his body (which grants him his abilities) with neurotoxins coating them to make sure that happened, only stopped him for moments before he simply willed his body to move despite it. If you're going to pick an instance of his healing to judge him by, the first time he ever attempted it is not the one to go by. I disagree with your assessment that their healing factors are worlds apart considering the damage output of this fight given Strode's near instant conscious healing. Wolverine being shot up is not that much different from Strode allowing more than a dozen cops to unload into him so he could fake his own death.

As for Luther showing nothing Wolverine has exceeded, I can't recall Wolverine cutting through human bodies from top to bottom with his bare hands. I also don't know if Wolverine could lift himself up on his pinkie or if he'd say ripping apart metal was as easy for him as ripping apart paper.

And nothing suggests the claws will only cause cosmetic damage even though a character of Luther's strength wielding blades only caused cosmetic damage? And even though Luther could easily fix the kind of damage that Wolverine's claws usually create? Again we disagree.

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So basically, Luther Strode is like Midnighter on Crack ?

The comparison was inevitable, I was just waiting to see who made it.

Wolverine doesn't have to be able to tear through people bare handed because he has built in claws that achieve the same result and arguably better

lifting himself up on his pinkie.....idk if Logan can do that but he was a ninja and everyone knows ninjas can do some crazy sh!t.

and with his claws he can tear through metal easily.........

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Though TBH, Midnighter is Midnighter on Crack :P

that made me laugh

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@buckshot: that was a great analysis dude!!!

I'll admit I don't know much about Luther but I am going with Logan here. Luther has the precog and his durability is crazy good but Wolverine has way more experience and skill. While Luther is stronger and can tear through bodies bare handed Logan doesn't have a normal body. The healing factor is gonna make it tough to keep Logan down since his healing factor is a lot faster. I say Wolverine with a slight majority 6/10.

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I'm going DC here. Supes, WW, Wally would be the deciding factor.

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I think it's more like Kingdom Come than Civil War.


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Lex should at least make a cameo

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Reservoir Dogs is my favorite but Pulp Fiction is a very close second

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Herc loses but he will probably keep getting up to take beating after beating the prince of power doesn't go down without a fight......but Hulks 10/10

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@yourneighborhoodcomicgeek: I'm not really worried about the data and bugs I figure they will sort it all out eventually, but the comfort of the old lay out was so much more comfortable for me....I probably will get used to this eventually but at the moment it is one of my first world problems....

@ragman1138: yea that section was so convenient

Not to mention no gifs. -Insert Gif here-

word! -insert gif that replies to your gif-

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extremely dislike the removal of the "recent forum posts" display from the front page, its how i always found interesting topics to comment on much this.....

also my followers were lost but whatever

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A new Wolverine.

i like taylor lautner too ;)