New Star Wars Film...........

So the new films are said to have Carrie Fisher, Harrison Ford, and Mark Hamill return to reprise their roles. I personally love the Idea of them returning to help shape the new trilogy. However I have spoken to some people who did not like the fact that they were returning. There was even a sourcefed video debating this. How can Luke teaching Solo's kids to become Jedi's not be a good Idea?

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TOP TEN MOVIES OF 2102!!!!! (my top ten)

Hello Viners and hope you enjoy the fourth day of 2013, now if you did not know I am a bit of a movie buff. I've watched a lot of movies in the past year and there were quite a few really good ones. Now I know we are a few days in to the new year already, but I was a little busy at the end due to the holidays and the late night bar hopping that me and a couple friends have made an almost weekly tradition of towards the end of the year. But nonetheless here goes the list and this also marks my first Blog here on CV and hopefully there will be more to come. Now keep in mind this is my personal top ten based on my opinion so don't get angry if your favorite movie isn't on here or in your opinion should be higher. Enjoy :)


I really enjoyed this movie, I am a big fan of Denzel and almost always enjoy the films he takes part in, It was exciting and held my attention throughout the entire movie. This is the first time I see a film directed by Daniel Espinosa and he left a good impression.


Wow. I did not expect this movie to be this good. I mean I am usually down for anything that involves superheroes/super powers but man was Dane DeHann's performance really good. I also love the "found footage" filming style (is that what it's called?) that was used.


Tim Burton + Johnny Depp is a combination that in my opinion will rarely be a bad thing. I am not only a huge fan of the aforementioned Burton and Depp but I am also a big fan of Helena Bonham Carter, I think she is a great actress. The movie is fun in a quirky way but dark as Tim Burton is known for, and has a pretty entertaining final fight.......oh and Alice Cooper!


Great movie, I love the concept, how can you not like a movie about time travel that is written very well. props to Rian Johnson who wrote and directed the movie and good acting by JGL here, Willis is one of those guys you're gonna always like seeing in a movie.


Spike Lee said he is boycotting this movie because it is as if Tarantino is obsessed with the N word and it would be disrespectful to his ancestors if he watched it. I am not sure how many people agree with him and if you do I respect that, but I love this movie. Tarantino is one of my favorite directors and Leonardo DiCaprio, Cristoph Waltz and Jamie Foxx all put up great performances, but in my unprofessional opinion I thought DiCaprio stole centerstage in most scenes he was in.


I loved the Lord of the Rings trilogy, and even though I don't think Hobbit is as good I still enjoyed this film very much, it is very long but I am a sucker for fantasy adventure. the cinematography and visuals were great. It was nice to see Gollum again and I am pretty excited for the Desolation of Smaug.


We are all comic book fans right? and even if you are not, if you like action films than this movie is on your list. Thor and Hulk kicking ass side by side, great visual fight scenes and some humorous moments made this movie memorable and in my opinion a must see.


Haven't read the books but I will(one day) thanks to this movie. I did not give this movie much thought went it first released but everyone was talking about it and I am glad I watched it. It was exciting and dramatic, Haymitch Abernathy was my favorite character in the film and Woody Harrelson did a good job, and the acting in the movie overall was wonderful.


Comic book fan or not this is a great film to watch no matter who you are. It was a fitting end to the Nolanverse Batman trilogy. All three films were good but I felt like they got better with each sequel.


I believe that Daniel Day Lewis put up the best acting performance of 2012. He wasn't the only one Sally Field showed her acting chops and David Strathairn and Tommy Lee Jones put up a good performance. I was absolutely captivated by this film. As it ended I couldn't stop thinking about how good this damn film was. I have no problem sayiing this was the best film of the year. (*on a side note this the third film JGL acted in that is on my list)

Honorable mentions:

Well Thank You for reading and feel free to tell me which were your favorite movies of last year. I look forward to another year of potentially awesome movies.

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