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@theacidskull: Brooding, intelligent, powerful, wrathful... he's like the ultimate villain, yet he's a hero, it's awesome. :D

atrocitus is a hero? O_o i though he was a villain?

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@joygirl said:

@theacidskull: Bawls guarana soda.


1)why do you like atrocitus?

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@guardian_of_gravity: i'll Just do it here. :)

While Of course DD is a tough nut to crack, he simply lacks the power to Put hulk down. Even before Hulk went world breaker his feats were all over the place, resisting a punch equal to a trillion tons of Shifting lithosphere as if it was nothing. his Punches were even able to hurt Zeus( a Cheap Shot yes but still, it's VERY impressive), and took a Mass beating from him despite being sapped and weakened by each punch. And after Zeus was done with him, he chained hulk up, WHILE OF COURSE his durability, strength and healing abilities were dropped extensively , and was tortured for a couple of days. Not only that but on Planet Sakaar, hulk held a planet from falling apart despite the fact that his strength was yet again dropped due to the great portals effects. And this Planet( according to the trade Paper back Collection was Larger than Earth). hell i can even Bring examples from his time as weaker versions of the hulk. Professor hulk for one, cannot increase His power after a certain limit, yet he managed to fight a mindless Worrior Thor( People will bring up that hulk believed to be Maestro, but It was because he had a srapnel in his head, therefore the power increase the ORIGINAL maestro got was no present here), he also managed to Hurt Juggernaut when he had his armor on( it was a rematch battle, in the first one Hulk lost because he didn't evaluate the treat level and spent most of his time holding back due to the fact that he didn't know he was fighting Cain) and a Power Gem Welding Drax( the Original One). Hulk has feats like this ALL the time.

But Now imagine all of that on a Planetary Scale. Hulk even admitted that During the war in NY he was holding back, hell even Cho confirmed that hulk was holding back his punches because he didn't want to kill anyone, and some of his best showings are as WWH. As world breaker hulk survived(again, People seem to agrue about this but it's pretty clearly Shown that hulk and Umar were the ONLY ones who actually survived a Plants Destruction which was cased by him clashing with an Amped Red-She Hulk. People seem to think that this takes a lot away from the feat but that's not really true a clash is much more impressive than Hulk Directly hitting something and destroying it. It would mean that the Impact was so powerful that the Planet couldn't hold itself together.

If that's not enough even recently hulk as survived being in the time-stream deforms people. Zarkko even requested hulk specifically for this mission, they could have gone with anyone else, but none of them were durable enough to withstand this mission.

Any other version and i'd gamble on the choice, but WB wins here. not way around it

Hope i made sense :)

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@deranged_midget: lets hope so :), i dislike Snyders Batman but i do think that He can do a lot better with Superman, the first two issues proved that :)

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@deranged_midget: ha :P

I personally voted on him being decent :) , it's just that the outcry resulting from the announcement really hacked me off because people again went into blind rage about something the haven't even seen. SO it makes me happy that people are willing to give Ben a chance :)

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@lvenger: yeah, i know, hope he improves on the young Superman.


yeah, that seriously rubbed me the wrong way, i can understand if this was young superman, but it's not, therefore it was severely out of character for Clark to act this way. AND THE FACT that Wraith was Being the Chill one pissed me off even more, he was being more like superman than well...Superman! that was seriously stupid IMO.

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i'm glad the "wait and See" got the most votes.

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this title Belongs to the One And ONLY green Man

The Hulk :P

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@lvenger: Yes. I won't Spoil it but you'll see when you read it.

At Least Pak has an a reason for writing superman like that, it's deliberate because he wants to Master the young Cocky superman. He proved he can writer a Mature one in the Same scene either ways. Snyder on the other hand, should NOT have made this mistake.