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I agree. Although I would say that Joe Fixit is worse than other Hulk personalities because he is more selfish, he's not too bad.

Never said he was bad :P, but he is kind of an ass lol. thats the only reason, but he isn't a bad guy

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can't say, i have no clue on this XD

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The problem here is that Hulk's battles with powerhouses were usually either interrupted or his opponents were definitely not as powerful as him.

  • Black Bolt - skrull imposter and the majority of the fight was off panel so we don't know exactly how it played out
  • Juggernaut - removed from the battle
  • Zom - interrupted by Doctor Strange trying to restrain Zom

Post WWHulk

  • Hiro-Kala - interrupted by Skaar IIRC
  • Abomination - interrupted by Doctor Strange/Zom
  • Zom rematch - interrupted by his leaving to find Marlo
  • Abomination and Zom - aided by other Hulks/strong people and then interrupted by Bruce's dad.
  • Amped Brian Banner - interrupted by Amped Jarella

And so on. Unlike this battle, none of those lasted their full potential duration (apart from Black Bolt of course)

I deliberately left Sentry out of their because I wanted to talk about that battle in a bit more detail. As you know, both Hulk and Sentry were taking so much punishment that they reverted back to their powerless forms and Banner was then able to knock Sentry out with a punch. If a similar thing were to happen in this battle - that is, Hulk reverting to Banner - there is no way that Banner could knock out Superman. Even if Superman expended all his solar energy in the fight - which to be quite honest I doubt would happen - he would already be refuelling. It might take a while for him to get back up to full strength but he would still have the physical superiority.

Another thing Superman has over Sentry is his mind set during the fight. Sentry may have been unleashing his power but he wasn't doing it in a smart way. He was brawling. Superman on the other hand will be his usual calm self and using a larger range of abilities. For example, if he were to fly up into the air, Hulk would be unable to attack with his full power - though Hulk would be able to reach, he has limited maneuverability unlike Superman. Another example is his heat vision which can be used to temporarily blind Hulk and use the opportunity to hit him without too much fear of getting hit back.

1) i understand what you are saying, but aside from black bolt, neither juggs or zom seemed to have the power to actually put hulk down. Juggernauts mass punches did make hulk spit a few blood , but considering that fact of what hulk had walked out of during his little war, i doubt either of them could have KO'd him. and while i do not deny that Zom had a huge edge , hulk healed within minutes, and Zom was his most powerful adversary in WWH IMO, even sentry. This is someone that as i recall made the living tribunal takes some precautions.

2) HUlk had the edge of hiro-kala, and considering the fact that he murdered children without the slightest of hesitation, we can safely assume that he did not hold back against the hulk( this is a guy who moved planets around with ease), and hulk walked through his blast and was about to crush his skull, but he just cold not pull the trigger.

Abomination and the Others were AMPED by magic, to which hulk is vulnerable to, and even so, he was still not KO'd, and while it was clear that his father could have beaten him, it was ONLY because as hulk got angry, he got angry.

but my point was that if he could take a beating from a skyfather WHILE getting his Powers sapped, i'm sure he could withstand Supes punches.

3) hulk didn't overload, people make that misconception a lot :P, we all now that Sentries energies has a weird effect on the hulk, it always calms him down. during the fight sentry lost his control over his energies, and the over dose of hulks exposure to it made him hulk down. it would not make sense if he could become a 1000 times more powerful as soon as he hulked out again in 5 minutes :P

4) While superman is more versatile than hulk, i believe that supes won't be able to ko hulk in time. and we all know that time is on hulks side, the longer he fights, the stronger he'll get. also, while it is true that hulk looks like a basic brick, hulk has always managed to use his surrounding and STRENGTH to expand his powers. his thunderclap would be enough to buy him time to heal, and blinding won't do much, considering the fact that hulk healed withing seconds when he was slashed by x-23 WHILE elixir had slowed his healing factor down.

WHOAH! my fingers hurt XD

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obnoxious angle, nearly destroyed all my work

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@jonsmith: you're kidding right? the description you gave was .......well lest just say my mind was unable to picture it.

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I'll start this off with a few of Superman's strength feats, to show he is able to contend with Hulk in that department. In Superman #13, Superman not only benches the equivalent weight of the Earth, but he also does it five days straight, with no solar energy to refuel him and only loses a single drop of sweat. Then in Superman #17, he continuously punches H'el so hard that vibrations and loud noises are felt in the centre of the earth and in the Justice League watchtower which is barely in Earth's atmosphere - It should be noted that these punches were directed at H'el, if Superman had been hitting the Earth itself their would be a lot more damage.

Great way to start the debate man! i suppose it's my turn :)

I don't have the slightest doubt in my mind that superman is one mean powerhouse, his is extremely strong, but so is hulk. Now generally, hulk could not even tag superman , but here, under our rules, he can do far more damage. First thing is first, in order for supes to win, hulk has to be KO'd, which won't happen. Superman can't Ko the hulk. If we go over the complete run on greg paks Hulk, Hulk hasn't been ACTUALLY Ko'd, not even once. However, he was only knocked out By Zeus , who in fact is a skyfather. and even that was circumstantial, considering that Zeus did not play fair in hulks challenge, he could not have bested Hulk in an actually fist fight so he amped himself and charged his fists with magic, which decreased Hulk Strength, durability and Healing rate/magnitude, so he basically removed his key factors which keeps him conscious for a long time.

Another reason for me to think that Hulk won't be Ko'd Is because of the Punishment he has taken fro guys like Zom, which put hulks healing factor to teh test:

Now lest observe this shall we? Hulk takes some serious ass kicking from ZOM , even had his guts set on fireworks, but he still healed within seconds/minutes. He he could take this, i'm sure superficial damage can be taken from superman too.

Also, i'd also like to ask whats supermans durability level i understand that he is strong, but is he durable? i've seen many Users here, CitizenBane For one say that the new 52 Superman Lacks durability feats, and considering how strong hulk is, i;m sure he could beat supes.

Here are some crucial examples of Hulks Power.


holding tectonic plates of a planet, and it's important to know that sakaar is bigger than earth. The equatorial diameter of earth is 7,926 miles, while sakaar's is 12,150 miles. also hulk was weakened at the time


causing earthquakes around the world!

and this gravage hulk is weaker than the WWH Version.

this is it for now :)

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He is way more reliable than tony and the others. Hulk may be rough at times, he is a jerk, but he has no trouble fighting and risking his life, sure he is a bit of a loose cannon, but as long AS you don't betray him or stab him in the back, he'll always be loyal. This applies to The green version of the hulk, Savage, prof, WWH, Gravege and etc. The only hulk who can't be trusted is joe fixit,

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Simonson's art is the kind that worked will in old comics with the old colouring systems but with modern colouring it looks poor. There are far too many lines.

But i have to admit that it was better than i had expected.

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@leesensei: wait i thought it has been established that spider man lifts about 10 tons or so? @theacidskull: where are some issues that ares has been portrayed as a dangerous villain to Hercules

Only greg paks Incredible Hercules run

@theacidskull: You're right. They do seem to have developed that habit.

Scott Summers, Ares, Hercules, Hank pym, Captain America. etc