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@theacidskull: I think the Shirai Ryu should have been a faction instead of the Lin Kuei even though I like Sub more than Scorp. I mean the Shirai have two playable members in Scorpion and Takeda with one affiliate in Kenshi while the Lin Kuei only have Sub Zero. Also the Lin Kuei are a Chinese based faction just like the White Lotus while the Shirai Ryu are Japanese so that would have spread it out a bit more. I also think there should have been an Outworld faction for all the Erron Black, Kotal Kahn, Reptile ect players.

Yeah, it would have been a better choice the special forces or the black dragon. I mean, Kano doesn't have a lot of fans.

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@theacidskull: The White Lotus are ahead now, just gotta hold out for another day and we win this time lol

There should have been 3 factions. Lin Kuei, Shirai Ryu, and the white lotus.

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@theacidskull: It's not hard. All you have to do is look at the challenges and then do them. Some are like "Win one round as Kenshi" or "Perform 4 throws" so I just do a Single Fight on easy and do them.

Yeah but....the lin Kuei are dominating everyone :/

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@saren said:

Hulk knows kung fu now, so no one is safe.

So waving one's foot and yelling Ki-yah! is equivalent of knowing kung fu?

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@theacidskull: Hey do you know how to get full faction contribution? Even though I've done all 3 challenges it still doesn't give me it.

No clue, my only contribution to the factions comes whenever I get lucky. I don't even try, there's no point.

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This is revisionist nostalgia trip garbage Dr WHO fan fiction masquerading as a Silver Surfer book.

When was the last time they told a story that cut to the core of the Silver Surfer? He's a man with the powers of a god who roams the universe using the Power Cosmic to heal the sick and feed the hungry but never using them to fight because he's a total pacifist and then getting put in to situations where he has to and how he deals with that. It's not all primary colours and saturday morning cartoons like this is.

WOW, WOW....are you asking Dan Slott to do his job and pay homage to other writers? You're crazier than Jokers new design, buddy.

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Can't wrap my head around it yet, but it's not "terrible" like many people claim it to be. Sometimes appearances have some context to it, or they fit well with the performance. Jared Leto is a great actor, so I'm sure people will eventually warm up to this look. Besides, I'm pretty sure he'll be wearing a white or purple suit most of the time, at best we'll see the tattoos for like a single shot or something like that. He definitely looks deranged.

Not a fan of the teeth, though.

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Either Hulk would have won or they would have teamed up.

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@qtmxd said:

@daredevil21134 said:

@qtmxd: DD deserves both lol.

A man can dream,right?LOl.

dreaming is 99% of a fan's life, LOL. And seriously, I like her much better grounded in reality than doing impossible physical feats as the only female Avenger. She worked really well in CA/WS so she'd be great in DD's world. And I guess we should be grateful that the Cap film never hinted at any relationship with Bucky.

Black Widow is dating Bruce Banner now.

Hulk be pimpin'