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@theacidskull: I think what you have said is very commendable. I don't know how people in the forums would react to this but as far as I am concerned , all you have is my respect. I see nothing there I would disagree.

For a toddler you sure have very matured and respectable views, I like that.


LOL, if you say so granny <3

And thanks ^_^

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@theacidskull: that's actually a very good and a respectable view. I admire that =)

Thank you :)

I get and respect the Semi-Satanist movement, where the main rule is that, unlike Christianity, instead of not FEELING the emotions one would label as bad(wrath, envy,etc), one can feel but not succumb to them, which is basically saying that "we're humans, so give us a break". That I can respect, I guess. But worshiping the main symbol of evil of not one, but many cultures isn't exactly right IMO, since many people may miss the point of it all. If someone thinks that cutting people down is the right thing to do, should we allow them to express themselves? No, we shouldn't.

Many people forget that sometimes, the right answer is no. I'm sure I'll get attacked for even saying this, but hey, it's how I feel about the situation.

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@mortein said:

@itsomething said:

@mortien: When did I say that?

You did say you would destroy this particular statue, which would be a direct attack on their freedom to express their religious beliefs. Why do you think they should not be allowed to express their religious beliefs with a statue?

Look, it get it that it's for the "lolz" and stuff, but worshiping the symbol of evil may not exactly sit well with others.

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@wavemotioncannon: It's okay man, I'm sure Hickman will learn how to writer properly some day.


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For f*cks sake....

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@fallschirmjager said:

Hickman is a terrible character writer. The only character he's actually written (not really) well is T'Challa and its at the expense of Namor. Which makes it hollow at best. And I don't even like Namor.

The first thing I read by him was East of West and its even worse. The characters are horrid and the story is so convoluted its almost unreadable.

Pretty much. His characters are props to be used in convoluted stories.

You are all mad because you don't understand whats happening

Or we understand what's happening just fine, but still realize that hickman is a sh*t writer because he is incapable of writing character who are not shallow and 2-Dimensional.

Convoluted doesn't really mean that we don't get what's happening, it just means that hickman pulls a lot of stuff out of his ass and almost all stories have to be "grand" in some way.

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I've been playing the MCC for a good long while, and I have to say that the campaign is absolutely fantastic. I'm on Halo 2's eighth mission and I have to say that it's really great. It's a bit hard adjusting to the more slow and methodical gameplay; however, it still surprisingly holds up, even today, despite the fact that there are so many fast-paced shooters like Call Of Duty, Wolfenstein The New Order, and Battlefield around.

Also, Master Chief is f*cking amazing!