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@theacidskull: Well I mentioned my thoughts above but basically I'm only interested in reading about Superman, not Super-Monster. Plus since this story takes place in two comics, there's no point in me buying one when I'm not getting the other. So overall I'm not sold on what Pak's doing here. Even if it's reminiscent of his Hulk run, what works for Hulk doesn't necessarily work for Superman. Thus, I'll give this Superman event a miss until it's done. Hopefully Pak's Action Comics will go back to normal after that because I'm interested in reading his take on Superman.

I see, and I agree that it seems off, but like I said, it could serve for something better in the long run.

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You need to know that Banner gets shot in the head after his realization that he's been acting selfish. He made a promise that he wouldn't let his envy get in the way and then BAM, some shot him in the back of the head.

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Immature. ;)

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@granitesoldier: ok I'll post some scans in the morning when I'm on a computer but he has impressive durability, also have a scan if him holding the hulk effortlessly with one hand and regenerating from a puddle in 2 panels to normal

I'm assuming your referring to this one? This one shot is taken right out of context as far as trying to prove physical superiority to the Hulk!

Oh this scan, if memory serves Hulk is significantly weakened here. @ghostravage or @theacidskull might be able to clarify.

Exactly, people like to ingnore this and assume hulk was beaten. This scan can't be taken as a valid feat for apocalypse.

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@samimista: Castlevania Lords of Shadows is one of my personal favorite games of all time, the scale of it is baffling.The second one is good in terms of characterization, boss battles and gameplay, but some parts of the story falls flat and it fails to live up to the first one, but it's still good IMO.

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Eh, I'm trying really hard to really take a much more positive approach to all of this, but really I am not excited, not even a little, still, solicits lie, and that's a rule I've learned over and over again, in all honesty I doubt it could be what we expect it is. Superdoom sounds lame but it could actually be a huge character arc in many ways we don't expect it. Hear me out, some of the elements tackled by Pak are heavily centered on that fact that superman won't cross considerable lines because of his well known moral code, now we have Doomsday infecting superman with some virus which resulted him in becoming into whatever the F*ck I'm seeing on the cover here. I think it's a good opportunity to really show of how deep supermans rules go considering that he's not really facing an external but internal battle.

You never really know what the story’s about ‘til the issues come out, so don’t get too worried about solicits. If you like the way I’ve been writing Superman so far, chances are excellent you’ll like the way I’ll continue writing Superman. #trust

I agree with pak on this quite here, you don't know the full extents of what you're going to get. I've liked Paks writing more times than I haven't so I feel I should give him the benefit of the doubt considering that Actions comics has been extremely fun. Plus.. you know..his Hulk...Awesome. Bla bla bla.

@lvenger Thoughts?

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The fact that Otto is winning is affecting my health.

he isn't if you add the "No" and "I'm not reading it" together (which is more or less the same)

still, the fact that he isn't getting stomped is affecting my health.

Agreed, such Bullsh*t.

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Awesome review sami :)