What I Want To See In Mark Waid's Indestructible Hulk!

What I Want To See In Mark Waid's Indestructible Hulk!


After Jason Aaron's Monstrous run, Hulk Got a relaunch and was given a new title " indestructible Hulk". The Well Known writer Mark Waid Has been assigned to take hulk on a new road of epic adventures. But as a Uber Hulk Nazi, there are of course a couple of things i really really want to see in hulks new run, so this is basically what the title says , everything i want to see is summed up in this blog !

Hulk/Banner relationship!

Go Away!

On of the most interesting things about the hulk is his relationship with banner , seeing the brains vs Brawn Clash was always a huge treat for me. Even from 2 issues, it's clear that we have banner as the dominant side to the equation, and though i support this with all my heart, is still don't want hulk to be completely a weapon. So Far we've only heard hulk say the word Racker ( he was trying to say Fracker), but I think waid that hulk will be talking, just NOT when he is angry. Anyways, it'd be interesting to see how banner deals with hulk, if the jade giant decides to revolt against banners plans, in fact i think i'd make an interesting story arc.

Banner Smash?

Banner rocks !

Ok Ok , you might be wondering on why i chose this, the new motto is sopoused to be " Hulk Smashes, Banner Built's!" anyways, but banner could become a part of the action too you know. Waid seems to have covered the "Brain" side of banner, but when needed to Bruce is no slouch in fighting either, during Greg Paks Incredible Hulks run, banner seemed pretty involved in many different types of fights, he didn't want to be apart of most of them but they still count right? yeah.....so my point is, now that banner is 100% sure of what he is doing, it seems more likely to me that he might start to * excuses my language * Kick some major Ass!

here are some examples i can remember:

  • Incredible Hulks 612-613#: as Banner tries to restore whats left of his family, Betty becomes overwhelmed by her emotions and she hulks-out. Banner tries to reason with her but soon learns that all is futile. Betty grabs banner and throws him around, but due to banners tech shields , banner doesn't have a a scratch on her, in fact, he seems completely unharmed by it.
  • Incredible Hulk 602#: While in the midst of leaning the ways to kill his father, skaar goes against many different foes , one of them was the unstoppable juggernaut. But Cain has nothing against skaar, only banner, and because of this( and also because Bruce apparently blew Cains house up), Marko decides to squash banner, but again, Bruce's shields seem to be doing a great job of protecting him.
  • Incredible hulk 606#: One of my favorite battles for banner. Bruce goes against doom himself, and his tech actually does considerably well, hell Bruce even managed to shut down dooms devices!
  • Incredible Hulks 615#: NOW WE'RE TALKING! banner fights multiple men armed with guns, while he himself was holding a gun!

so you get the point! now that banner more focused than anything, i'd be awesome if banner managed to fight some of his own battles, and if things get out of hand, then we all know what would happen!

The Armor

Great Job Yu!

There are two ways this Armor could go:

First of all, i think this armor, instead of making the hulk stronger and tougher( he doesn't need that anyways) this armor could be for restricting hulk immense power, so banner could take more control of the green Goliath, so he could keep damage at a minimal. and if things get out of hand, banner could remove that armor and leave it up to the hulk, because no one, and i mean NO ONE knows how to SMASH better than the hulkster.


The Armor would be used for many powerful weaponry, these are the following things i think it should have: Shields, flight and teleportation.

and well we all know it's gonna have a communication system, what with all the shield business.

Villains or Opponents

it's a wonder what you could find on deviant art

Mark Waid made it clear that he would be avoiding the topical Hulk villains like the Leader and abomination, and he gave us a few preview on who would hulk be facing, as i recall he mentioned frost giants, kang the conqueror and form issue 4 we get to see hulk face off against attuma, though i have no idea on how a 40 tonner would beat a 100 tonner who's power increases with anger.....he'll probably get an amp...yeah thats it....

here are some of the people i want hulk to fight

Dr Doom

Dr Doom

After the terrible job Aaron did with dr doom, we need someone as awesome as waid to make the character shine again. doom is a perfect choice for the hulk, because he can with his fast intellect and fight hulk head on with his magic and technology! this would be an epic clash indeed ! plus waid has good experience writing Dr doom, and i'm sure he'll do awesome things with him.

The Devil Hulk

Devil hulk

Now here is a villain that hasn't been used over a decade! and i have no idea why know one wanted to use the devil hulk as an adversary for the hulk! This choice would be excellent considering banner new attitude! just thing about it, you have all these great plans and then suddenly something gets loose in your cooked up mind that should chine deep with in your subconscious. Banner could show off all the YOGA skills he has learned which could be combined with his tech made from shields recourse.

as for DH powers, his strength for one thing should be above that of an average "hulk" lol, and his powers magnitude should become greater with hate instead of anger, since he represents banner evil/dark side.

The Juggernaut


probably one of the few people who could seriously challenge the hulk in physical combat. he would be an excellent opponent for the hulk! i think a clash between cain and the Hulk would be make for a great slugfest, plus under Yus pencil! it'd be a real threat :D

Mad Man

I know i know, "no typical Hulk villains!"! but mad man didn't really stick around for a long time though, well at least no long enough to qualify as a "permanent villain". and there are a lot of things that could be done with him. He could provide a mystery element to the book , for example he could be leaving clues for banner, that only a very smart and powerful creature could solve, which mean mad man would live up to his name and banner would combine his brute force and mass intellect into an unstoppable force! and this is just one interpretation for what could be done! there are several thing which mark waids imaginative brain could come up with, so i really hope he considers madman as a hulk villain for his awesome run !

Team Ups!


now this is somewhere i know waid is gonna succeed by 100% ! considering his banner/tony dynamic was amazing ! but still there are some team ups i want to point out, sooooooooo yeah here we go:

Hulk And Thor

Thor !

sue me, but i really want this to happen. thor and hulk share an interesting feud, it's like the opposite to that of the relationship tony and banner have. while iron man and bruce challenge each other intellect , Hulk and Thor fight to determine who is the strongest , and since waid already dropped a teaser of a magical hammer coming a long, and also the fact that hulk will fight frost giants, i think thor will be coming a long soon :D



before you attack me, Namor could be a good choice for the hulk book, considering that hulk will soon be facing off against attuma. I think namor would be surprised at banners new attitude, i mean , how oculd namor respect someone like banner, he is weak psychically ! but what will Namor think when he sees a far more confident and cheerful banner? i'd read that story!

Superior Spider-man ( spoilers ahead)

This is another clash of the minds battle i want to see, though i'm not a fan of who superior is, i know he is goddamn smart, and much more focused than peter ever was, so i'd like to see how banner teams up with a spider-man who doesn't shoot quips....i....i'll miss thous too.


yes you heard me! this is what i really really really want to happen! mark waid has been doing an awesome job with daredevil, and it'd be interesting if banner was accused of something bad( set up mad man or any other villain waid chooses) , and who else better to choose as a lawyer other than daredevil ! but despite the scenario i really want this team up to take place, because mark has taken a similar approach with these two characters! and i'm sure he'd do a great job with their combination, besides who could argue with and argument like "HULK SMASH"!? come on!

well that's pretty much it !

well thats all i have to say for now, and thats all i really want to happen, if there is anything you guys think i should add then please let me know ! :D