Warrior- TheAcidSkull's Review

Warrior- TheAcidSkull's Review

I'm a Huge fighting movie fan, i love when to guys go into a ring and beat the living hell out of each other. An example of this would Be undisputed, i Think they are great because the have a cool formula they apply to the characters, and it works too. they Take the previous movie villains and make them redeem themselves, it's really cool, so when i heard about this movie i though that i would really enjoy it, and not only did i love this movie , but it also surprised me, mainly because i wasn't expecting to get so emotionally invested in the movie. No seriously.

BRO's. Yeap.

the first thing that has to be mentioned in the movie is of course the characters. the story could have been complete dog excrement and i still would have liked this movie, that's how good the characters are. Tom Hardy kills it with his role, i'm not sure whether he is a bad guy or not, but he is definitely the antagonist. He has some complications with his past and he kinda ends up being a jerk, but that's the thing, you don't hate him, in fact when he does something bad you say " dude, wow, why'd you do that?" and then a couple of scenes later you're like " Oh come one man, why did they do that? now i can't be mad at him anymore". seriously, the characters are superb here, Joel does a terrific job, but i won't talk to much about him since it's your basic underdog character, a good one but you just have to watch the movie for that.

Nick Noltes was amazing, it makes it clear that he was a bad father back in the day but you just can't hate the guy, or even dislike him for that matter, in fact the whole movie he was my favorite part, i just felt really sorry for him because despite his previous shortcomings he really did try to redeem himself, and in a way i think he does.

The Biggest strength of the movie is the Raw emotions it generates, i'm a guy and even i can admit that i almost started sweating out of my eyes( not saying the "C" word). You know how you're Watching a Football Game and you really want your team to win? and at the last second they score and you're loosing your mind at how awesome it feels? yeah, this is how i felt in the movie. and At other times felt really sad. the Movie really involves you which is how it should actually be.

Spoilers: I don't have any Gripes here but there is one thing that bothered me. Both Main characters had legitimate reasons for winning this tournament, and when the main character wins i can't help the feeling that tom hardy's character was screwed over. i don't know whether that's a bad or a good thing, I mean is liking the antagonist so much that you felt sad for him loosing bad? or is it good? :Spoilers

In the end, i'll say that this is a really good movie, it has a good plot, characters, and fight scenes. Oh right, i forgot to mention thous, the fight scenes are really well executed, in fact every punch they throw is tied directly to their emotions, you feel the hate, the energy, and the sadness of the whole moment. So if you kept reading this far you probably know that you should watch it.

Recommendation: 9/10