TheAcidSkull Rants: Red Hulk

I dropped Thunderbolts as soon as it started, because somewhere at issue 3 i realized that some of my favorite characters were getting butchered. and knowing Daniel way, it would not have stopped any time soon, so in order to not fall behind on whats going on, i have read thunderbolts online because i cannot be bothered with paying for something i hate . Daniel way destroyed one of the single best villains in the marvel universe, the leader was an arrogant, intelligent foe who has been one of hulks greatest enemies, and an occasional villain for the avengers. But since it was too late for him, i was hoping red hulk would at least have some time to go back to his roots, and no i don't mean Jeph loebs PIS/CIS machine, i mean Jeff parkers complex and interesting character.

This is the Red Hulk, not Ways Pathetic Impostor!

But no, of course not, because some writers would prefer butchering characters to do what they want instead of evolving from the roots. Red hulk is acting nothing like what he use to be, he is mindlessly leading his team and acting like an idiotic child who gives into his emotions. You might be surprised by me even complaining about this since The Hulk is characterized by his emotions, but this isn't THE hulk, it's A hulk, and the best thing about him was that he had a strategical devious soldier's mind, he use to be a general after all, but all of that is abandoned here. In issue 11 red hulk gives into his anger and instead of acting like the solder/general/leader he is supposed to be , he acts like a child and mindlessly slaughters his enemies. While This is an impressive feat, it's way against his character, red hulk doesn't kill unless he needs to, he understands how war works, and that there are casualties but jeff parker made it clear that ross was on his way to redeem himself, but with this Daniel way betrayed all of that hard work with his mindless stories.

good job marvel, you are destroying a character that was salvaged from it's already bad reputation. typical.