The 10 Greatest Fights of the Incredible HULK!

The 10 Greatest Fights of the Incredible HULK

I've Planned on doing This Blog for a Long Long Time , it's Just that i could never decide the order other then The first best Fight. These are in my opinion the greatest battles in which ol jade jaws was involved. you might disagree with me but remember that these are my personal picks, and also i'll be trying to avoid most classic battles like Hulk Vs Thor or Hulk vs The Thing , but that doesn't mean that i won't add some of them on to here!


Fantastic Four #320 And The Incredible Hulk #350

Grey Hulk Vs a Mutated Thing

Writer : Peter David /Steve Englehart

Penciler: Jeff Purves/Keith Pollard


Well that's pretty simple, when thing is fighting the savage hulk( or any other green HULK), it's much like Hulk vs Wolverine, You know even From the beginning That HULK going to win , no matter what. But when a weak grey hulk is fighting a mutated thing , things get interesting, don't get m wrong, i want Hulk to beat the thing in terms of strength , every time might i say so , however in this case, Grey hulk won In a different more unique way as pay back fer loosing in Fantastic Four 320#. so yeah i love this fight because it provided something different form you typical "HULK SMASH THING"

Incredible hulk #622

Hulk Vs Zeus

Writer : Greg Pak

Penciler : Paul Pelletier

When I say "Best Battles: i don't mean just the ones In which Hulk wins, i mean the ones that reflect On The Hulk In the best way. The reason i liked This fight was because it displayed How Noble The hulk really is , he went to mount Olympus stood up to a sky father , And Even took a severe beating in order to give his family what they wanted. Though Hulk can't beat zesu it is pretty impressive that he Still managed to survive so long, even though Zeus was sapping hulks Powers with each Punch.

Tales To astonish #79

Hulk Vs Hercules

Writer: Stan Lee

Penciler: Adam Austin

Now This is what i am talking about, an old fashioned slug fest between two Behemoths. Hulk and Hercules Duke it out and both seemed on equal grounds. This is the kind of fight marvel Lacks nowadays, where two guys who stand firmly and exchange punches. Hercules, though formidable, learns That Hulk is one hard rock that is not about to step down. This was the kind of fight That gave you a good feeling in you stomach because of it's awesomeness, and i seriously hope once herc gets his powers back that these two will finely do something similar again. the fight has no clear winner, but that matters little. i'll admit that i want Savage Hulk to beat herc, but if his going to do it, the the fight should be long an enjoyable.

Incredible Hulk #24

Hulks Vs Abomination

Writer : Paul Jenkins

Penciler: John Romita Jr

This has to be One Of My all time Favorite Fights between Abomination And The Savage Hulk. seriously, this fight was epic, it was between two long enemies who hated each other with a passion. I love Emil, he is truly hulks greatest enemy, even though hulk has many foes like the absorbing man, the leader, etc, but even so no managed to challenge Hulk psychically the way abomination manages to in each their fights! Paul nailed the Hulk/abomination Relationship, their hatred was Jumping off the page like a basketball. also jr art was most enjoyable i don 't see why people dislike it so much.

Hulk 24#

Hulk Vs Red Hulk

writer : Jeph Loeb

Penciler: Ed McGuinness

I know, i know, Jeph Run was horrible Bla bla bla, yeah i get it, However this fight is an exception, think about it , Two hulk Punching each other none stop, how can you not like that. and I'll even say it, i really liked The way Jeph displayed Hulks calculating attitude , He CAN be a capable writer when he wants to be.

But the greatest threat here is edds awesome art, He is My Favorite Hulk artist and seeing him draw two behemoths Engaged In battle was very very very Enjoyable.

World War Hulk #5

hulk vs sentry

Writer: greg Pak

Penciler: John Romita Jr

this has to be on the list, It was One of my favorite fights. The Hulk and Sentry Have been Thus far depicted as close friends, SO seeing their Monster Clash was pretty epic. Greg Pak is one of my favorite Writers , and Jr did a great Job In Depicting and illustrating The Damage and The Slug fest, it was really Both interesting and Beautiful.

Incredible hulk #340

Grey Hulk VS wolverine

Writer : Peter David

Penciler: Todd Mcfarlane

This IS one of the Most Iconic Battles in COMIC BOOK History! This was The Fight That Put Wolverine On the Map as A tough Badass( this is what Mego_stranch_Hulk said on hero envy said, And i agree) . Wolverine Is trying to Reform , but grey Hulk is not Giving Him a break, so They Start Fighting , Bruiser Vs Scraper , One of my all time Favorite fights. peter David provides Us With Excellent Writing , and Todds art is gritty and Dark!!

Fantastic Four #112

Hulk Vs The Thing !

Writer: Stan Lee

Penciler: John Buscema

Sometimes that classics really are the best. It's funny that i had missed this battles, i have tried countless times to learn as much as i can about hulk, yet i haven't managed see this iconic battle which was later executed in the fantastic four animated series Until A certain user pointed it out to me( thank you @PowerHerc ). In short i've read the battle and it was most definitely epic, both Stan and John do their jobs excellently. This is an interesting fight because it's one of the classics and it is not without a cost, poor thing gets beaten to death .This is a must read, because it shows us a good ol slug fest between to misfit monsters.

Incredible Hulk #376

Grey Hulk Vs Savage Hulk Vs Bruce Banner

Writer : Peter David

Penciler: Dale Keown

This Is By far One of the best clashes In Which Hulk was Involved. Grey and Green Fight for their dominance, And Banner is standing In The Middle ! Who is the strongest there is!? It can't be grey hulk , Is it Green Hulk? Nope, it's banner, within his own mind banner is the strongest one there is !

Dale Provides the kind of art that gives you goose bumps ! Seriously its freaking awesome ! and This fight as executed by none other than peter David! Theses are the events that led to the Merging of the 3 main personalities of Dr Banner ! In fact , when The gravage Hulk was created , he even proposed a name "The three Faces of Bruce banner " as a name for the book he should have written.

if your a hulk fan, this is a must read!

Incredible Hulk #611

Hulk Vs Skaar

Writer : Greg pak

Penciler : Paul Pelletier

A truly emotional and Brutal Slugfest, This IS EXACTLY WHY i love Greg Pak, this my all time Favorite Hulk fight. I've been waiting fer this Since Skaar cam to earth, and Greg and paul truly delivered what they had promised. Pauls art expresses Gregs emotional Stroy in the best way ever, the brutal fight Is only improved by the constant memories of the father and son relationship between Bruce and Brian. Skaar Finely sees Hulk as a hero and starts to respect him as the Noble Powerhouse he is. THIS IS THE BEST HULK FIGHT EVER !!!!!!

The END.