Respect X-23

Respect X-23


Powers and Abilities

As a clone of Wolverine, X-23 possesses most of his mutant abilities at strength levels rivalling, or occasionally exceeding, his own. Notably, she possesses an accelerated healing factor that allows her to regenerate damaged tissue and has allowed her to regrow limbs in the past. This healing factor is believed to be superior to that of Wolverine's, due to the fact that, apart from her claws, the rest of her skeleton has not been coated in adamantium. Though theoretically mortal, her healing factor renders her exceptionally difficult to kill. It also renders her immune to most diseases and chemicals. A side-effect is her superhuman durability and endurance, as well as her longevity, which is expected to mirror that of Wolverine. She also possesses superhuman senses, which are sensitive to ranges much greater than those of baseline humans. Notable are her senses of vision, audition and olfaction. She is also superhumanly agile and has above average reflexes. Like Wolverine she has retractable bone claws which have been coated in adamantium. Unlike him she has two in each arm and one in each foot.

X-23 has received extensive training in armed and unarmed combat, and is an expert in a number of martial arts, as well as in the performance of black ops missions. She is an expert assassin, and has had espionage training. She possesses a facility for languages, and has displayed the ability to speak English, French, Japanese and Arabic with some degree of fluency. It is possible that she speaks other languages that have not yet been displayed. X-23 is also very intelligent, and presumably has a detailed knowledge base in anatomy and torture.

Despite being incredibly hard to kill, X-23 does have her weaknesses. The Facility created a specific chemical called the Trigger Scent in order to make her kill targets she was unwilling to kill. The Trigger Scent sends X-23 into berserker rage, in which she can't distinguish friend of foe and kills everyone she sees. She is weak to powerful energy blasts as well She shares some common weaknesses with Wolverine due to her nature as a clone. Due to the lack of an adamantium skeleton, X-23 is more susceptible to decapitation than Wolverine. Her healing factor can be bypassed a few ways; it can be overtaxed, making it harder for her to heal, while Carbonadium introduced into the system is poisonous and can stop healing factors if not hinder them to a near useless level. Also, the Muramasa bladeis a weapon forged from a portion of Wolverine's soul, and it slows down healing factors.

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New X-Men #45

It might look like Deathstrike is winning , but X-23 both outsmarts and owns her.

Target X #1

X-23 outperform wolverine by 3 minutes and 24 seconds

Target X #3

dilorezno got owned along with some guards by x-23

Target X #4

Taking down some special ops intruders and then surviving getting her neck snapped.

Target X #5

Cutting her own hand of and outsmarting Kimura

Target X #6

X-23 vs wolverine. after logan stops holding back, x-23 is still doing fine against him .

X-23 #7

Saving gambits Butt form sharks. she barely even Finched when a shark chewed on her like a toy.

X-23 #8

Doing pretty well against daken . Daken does pretty well against guys like deadpool, wolverine and etc, so this reflect son how awesome x-23 is .

Daken #8

this is exactly my point, if your a bad person x-23 will peel you like a potato, despite her pretty appearance.

Daken #9

fighting mutant monsters , daken makes a comment on how x is a superb killing machine.

healing after getting her skin burned off

x-23 #10

reattaching her legs and healing within seconds

X-23 #16

x-23 Vs Chaos !

x-23 #19

X-23 owns the collector

Avengers Academy #35

She Takes a blow from Zero when she had lost Her Healing Factor, and she not only survived but also managed to stand up and later put up a fight.

Avengers Arena #4

A Ghost you Say?

Avengers Arena #11

x-23's durability is very tough. not only does she take a flat out stomp from a huge robot, but also then survives getting hurled away for miles.

X-Force #2

She thinks of twenty seven ways to kill someone in seconds

She detonates a bomb and has barely a scratch on her, then she goes on a use firearms quite well

X-force #9

Domino comments on x-23's skills

X-force #10

Laura gets injected with the legacy virus, managed to last without dying for some time, tried to sacrifice herself, and then healed after getting burned.

X-Force #18-19

Gets her arm chopped off and still walks on like nothing happened, she was woozy from loss of blood, but thats why she has a healing factor.

X-force #20

fights and slaughters a bunch of agents under the influence of the trigger scent, with one arm.

Avengers Arena #13

Wolverine Admits Himself That X-23 Healing Factor is stronger than his.

Avengers Arena #15

X-23 fights a monster fueled by darkness and is impaled by one of his enormous claws.

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