Respect The Thing

Respect The Thing!

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The Thing

A character like Ben should be much more appreciated on who he is and what he represents rather than on how strong he is. Ben Grimm May not be the strongest powerhouse on earth, but he has the spirit of a true warrior. He is stubborn and at times a bit angry, but when it comes to the task he is always ready, no matter what the odds. He has been beaten do death on some occasions, but it's his heart of gold that keep forcing him to stand up and look his opponent in the eye's and then tell him " that all ya got?" . Ben Grimm is one of the best fictional characters in all of history , everything about him is memorable and interesting, especially his battle cry "It's clobberin time!" which is very popular among the fans. Ben Grimm is a powerhouse and one of marvels official tough guys, and that's why this o'l misfit deserves the respect.

Powers and Abilities ( explained By PowerHerc )

The Thing building and testing his strength.

The Thing has immense superhuman strength. When he was first transformed into the Thing he could only lift 5 tons, but over the years his strength continually grew to the point where Ben can lift 85 tons. This is where his strength level had stayed steady for a some time, but as more time passed, through steady weight training and/or further mutation, he has increased his strength to a higher level and has become able to lift up to 100 tons and more. Ben's strength is such that he once stopped a multi-story building that weighed roughly 30,000 tons from toppling and then pushed it back into place.

He has enhanced stamina which allows him to exert himself at maximum effort for up to an hour before starting to fatigue. Over the same period of time, Ben's size has also increased. Ben's mutated epidermis (skin) is composed entirely of interlocking stones of irregular sizes and shapes. One notable point about his mutation is that he no longer has any outer ear structure, though his hearing hasn't been diminished in any way because of this. Presumably, due to the mutating effects of the cosmic rays, all of Ben's ear/hearing physiology has been internalized though with no loss of function or acuity.

All of Ben's internal organs and soft tissues have been enhanced as an adaption to his new physical size and body composition. His skin/body can withstand extreme environments including temperature extremes from -75 to 800 degrees Fahrenheit. His skin can also withstand at least 15 pounds of explosives per square inch and deep crushing pressures of the ocean floor. The Thing's skin is so hard it is practically impervious to being punctured or breached by anything from blades to multiple high caliber bullets. The Thing's enhanced physique has even proven durable enough to withstand extreme blunt-force impacts from the Hulk's fists and Thor's hammer incurring only minor or insignificant chipping. However, Ben was injured by Wolverine's Adamantium claws so his durability does have its limits.

Despite his size, he still has an impressive level of quickness and agility and movement.

He is trained, experienced and highly skilled at piloting a multitude of varied aircraft; including many invented by his friend and teammate Reed Richards.

Ben has been trained in military hand-to-hand combat techniques, he has trained and competed as an amateur boxer, he is a very skilled wrestler and he has years of street-fighting experience from growing up on the mean streets of New York City and his gang involvement. He has trained in judo and jujutsu. Ben has combined this training and experience into his own unique and effective style of brawling, which he has used quite effectively against a veritable 'who's who' of strongmen in the Marvel Universe (both heroes and villains); many of whom are physically stronger and/or more durable than he is.

It has been stated that Ben only ages when in his human form. As long as he is the Thing, his age remains the same, giving him incredible longevity.

Fantastic Four 235

Ben carries a bomb from the surface of Ego the Living Planet all the way to his brain, enduring unfathomable heat and pressure along the way.

Hulk #19

punching around red hulk( rulk was a bit weakened at the time)

Fantastic Four #95

stopping a multiple story building (weighing roughly 30,000 tons) from falling over and lifting it back into place

Hulk #37 and #38

angrir beating rulk up.

Marvel-Two-in-One Annual 7

After many other superheroes have tried and failed to give the Champion a decent fight, Ben fights his heart out, giving the Champion the best of fight of his entire life.

Marvel-Two-in-One 75

Ben fights the Super-Adaptoid (empowered with the powers and abilities of 5 Avengers) and pounds on it until he wins. The Hulk, Hercules, Iron Man and may others haven't been able to do that.

Fantastic Four #55

Ben attacks silver surfer out of jealousy, and while surfer is trying to at first talk ben down , the heroes stubborn nature angers him and they start a slugfest. surfer ampes his strength with the power cosmic , but despite how strong he gets he learns that ben just doesn't know how to give up. Surfer is also in astonishment in how strong ben really is.

Fantastic Four #39 and 40

Ben is just to stubborn to quite! after taking damage form doom, he humiliates him.

Fantastic four #25

Ben gives it his absolute best and, for the first time ever, loses anyway. However, when the battle is over Ben recovers quickly and, despite losing, resolves to keep after the Hulk anyway. This is a great example of Ben's willingness to fight to the end/never-surrender attitude.

Fantastic Four #60

Thing has been fighting the cosmically-powered D. Doom (he'd stolen all of the Silver Surfer's power cosmic at the time) when no one else had the strength of toughness to do it. Even though he isn't powerful enough to defeat Doom with that kind of power, Ben gave him a helluva fight until Reed came up with the plan to defeat Doom. More courage/toughness/guts demonstrated here.

Fantastic Four #148

Thing defeats Sandman

Fantastic Four #139

does very well against miracle man

AvX: #2

Ben fared well against Namor underwater

Fantastic Four #3

Thing Has no damage After Surviving re-entry

Fantastic Four #5

All right!

Fantastic Four #6

The Thing has good resistance against Heat.

A couple of notable strength feats !

The End.