Memento- TheAcidSkull's Review

Memento - TheAcidSkull's Review

My friend has been bugging me to watch this movie for some time now, he kept calling it awesome and amazing, we don't always see eye to eye even though he has really good taste, but overall i was sold on the idea of watching it when i heard it was a Nolan movie, and not only that but it was also considered as one of his best movies, so after some time i decided to watch it. Now since this is a Nolan movie it of course requires undivided attention, otherwise by missing some of the events the ending doesn't have any meaning to you.


This is a movie about Lenny, a guy who had a terrible tragedy and accident which causes him to have a short term memory, he remembers who he is, but he can't seem to get new memories and keep them.


I absolutely mean that. First thing's First, the acting was amazing is this movie, i enjoyed every second of it, Guy was great as Lenny, when he actually forgot something he would actually believe him because he MADE it believable, it's not an easy thing to do. Carrie was also great as Natalie, in fact during the course of the movie you'll see almost every character from a different point, it's like one minute you're thinking " wow, this guy is great", but then some unraveled events make you reconsider that and go "No wait, this guy is a Jerk".

This Brings me to my next point , the Movie is like a magic trick( Which is a compliment mind you), it's all about misdirection. The unique formula about the Movie is that it Moves Backwards, it starts in away that most movies would end with, and the surprises you in the actual end. Thing is, this is extremely hard to execute, of course it's a good idea, but one little fluke and the movie could fall flat on it's face , and i am very happy that this is not the case here. What i was worried about during the course of the movie was that i thought the element of surprise was taken out of it, i mean, i already know how it all ends, He gets to accomplish his goal , but thats not the case, the ending feels like an actual ending, even though it's the start of the whole mess that happens throughout the movie.

The Transitions were amazing too , each segment is answered in the next scene leaving you without any questions, in fact there are some interesting twists that make you question characters and events.One Minor Gripe though( not a spoiler because this is a Movie Synopsis), if Lenny had a tragedy, how does he remember the FACT that he has short term memory loss? didn't make any sense to me, i mean, he got the condition AFTER the accident so why doesn't he forget that he has the memory loss condition in the first place? it just slightly bothered me.

Spoiler Section: The movie also has a huge point to it, and while the Circumstance is not the same, in the end we sometimes lie to ourselfs in order to achive some meaning in life. this is exactly what happens here, Lennys life was basically over, and there was nothing he could do about it, therefore, he decided to give himself a meaning, and went on a wild Goose chaise so he could be trapped in a Limbo like state where the the race Never ends, and he did it willingly, because he knew he'd forget, and the chase would continue, and he wouldn't feel helpless and lost anymore :Spoiler Section

This was terrific on so many levels, it made you think , it gets you interested, and it does something unique and surprises you at the end. the only reason why you wouldn't watch this movie is because you just want a popcorn flick with action and such, but if you want an intriguing movie that will get you invested and make you ask questions then by all means watch this movie.

Score: 10/10 for what it set out to do.