Les Miserables--Review By TheAcidSkull

The Man !The Legend!

This is a short review of a film that i was afraid to see, Because i though it would be something drastically different from the book, and i feared that it would not do justice to one of my favorite stories of all time. However, i saw this movie a hour ago, and i was astounded on how amazing it was, and the only thing bad i have to say would be for the people who have not watched this.

The Book And The Movie

First things first, The contrast between a movie and a Book must always be very close, sure some difference are REQUIRED but they can't be to off course. the Movie and the book is very very close, i really like the way the plot flows, though i would much prefer if there had been more actual words than singing, but the emotional burden would not have been the same. Each Character is Very close to the actors and each of them know how to Strike the audience emotionally. i am very satisfied with the choices the director went with. everything feels in order with some minor changes!

The Plot

The plot opens up with jean valjeans imprisonment coming to an end, we see hims struggle, and sink in pain, as he is induced in the heavy labors of his punishment. As he is Free from his hell, he is stuck being a the rotten dog, no one wants to have any contact with him, he cannot get a job, he cannot even live properly, and as the world shows him hate , he returns the favor by showing hatred towards the world , Until....and old bishop, a Servant to god, sheds light upon him, and from there on, jean valjean becomes a new, and a better man!

The plot seems very clear and easy to follow, not to mention the fact that it is a great way to adapt the amazing book that is "les misarables" . The plot makes a great transition of the emotional feeling from the book to movie, meaning the film was successful in what it was suppose to do.

The Actors

dear lord the actors! i have new respect for hugh jackman! i always though he was the kind that always played the guys like wolverine, but dear god, HE DID AN AWESOME JOB PORTRAYING JEAN VALJEAN! I never imagined hugh jackman to be so talented, despite the fact that everyone did an astounding job in this job , Hugh jackman stood out in this movie, his JV was exactly how i imagined him in the book, Strong, powerful sinister, but also very very kind.

I could go on how amazing the other actors were, but your gonna have to watch the movie, but there is one more actor i wanted to mention, someone who also stood out in the movie. The little cockney beggar played both a huge and a minor role in the movie, but to me, he represented the spirit of the group, the mascot, he proved that even a kid can stand up for his brothers, and die for freedom.