Why "Thunderbolts" Is Terrible!

Why Daniel Way's "Thunderbotls" Is terrible.

When It came out, i wasn't excited, at all, but considering the fact that some terrible writers, who i have hated managed to do a good job ( thor God of thunder is an example for this) when they started fresh, i gave way a chance, but that was the biggest mistake i have made in one week , and thats saying a lot. Way has no idea what he is doing, the story feels like it is written by a 3 year old. He doesn't understand the characters, even deadpool, who he has written for a long time seems off to me.

His agent Flash is a complete disgrace to the character, rick remmender, despite his faults, and Cullen Bunn managed to craft an original, sympathetic character , who stood out from the others, and became interesting after a VERY VERY long damn time. but that doesn't matter to way! why should it? he knows best right? no not really. His venom seems like a completely different person entirely, in fact, despite his experience, acts like a complete idiot.

And don't get me started on Red Hulk . General Thunderbolt Ross was one of my personal favorites, even when he became the red Hulk, he managed to find his path under the pen of the talented writer Jeff parker, and he became a hero, a man rather than a monster. he was a Soldier, and tried to correct his mistakes. But WAY decided that none of that matters, because he knows best. Ross is acting completely out of character, he has some superiority complex and is a complete arse. Now i know the fact that general thunderbolt ross is somewhat a jerk, but in no way is he a murders robot who thinks he knows best, he is supposed to be a great leader, which kinda falls flat when the battle plan sucks. Even in the following preview of thunderbolts 7, Ross says something thats completely out of character , In now way should he EVER, EVER ! say something like:"

F*ck Are You kidding me?


Anyways, i'd like to vouch for Elektra and Punisher, but i don't understand their character ( so I'll leave it up to the awesome duo @lykopis And @sc) so i can't really say much, though i'm sure as hell when i say that the E+P relationship is the worst idea in the universe, these two are nothing alike and the kemistry isn't even well developed, and deadpool likes elektra now? Deadpool Vs Elektra + Punisher? Worst love triangle ever.

No! JUST....NOO!

And now comes the best part! in just 3 issues way man.....no, in fact in ONE isssue, Way managed to completely destroy one of hulks greatest hulk villains, the Leader. the Leader used to be an interesting, arrogant , antithesis to the Hulk . The concept of Brain Vs Brawn was always interesting and he became even more cooler under paks , bill mantlos and davids pen. He has posed a challenge for the the avengers, and the world in general, and right now, he has become a pitiful disgrace of a villain, or even a character. first of, he became red, second of, his intelligence was limited by Way, you know, because he though it'd be a good idea, and as we all know he knows best. and Third of all, he has No spine, he is a weak sniveling rat who can barely talk let alone pose a threat.

Now only that, but Way also destroyed madman ,a great hulk villain mind you, in the most horrible way possible( his head explodes because way knows best yet gain), he was supposed to be the villain of the book/arc, but some how he came up for a few panels, roared and died, GENIUS!

But thats not the end of it , ways stretched out a plot for 6 issues that could gave been solved in ONE issue, While he has everyone acting like idiots. Deadpool alone could have easily taken on the soldiers, and add the fact that Venom and Red hulk are on the team as well kinda increases the possibility of Wining don't you think?

This was absolutely terrible, i stopped paying for this after issue two, and read the rest online just to tell you how much it sucks , and don't pick this up no matter what.


Hulk Respect Thread

Hulk Respect Thread

Hulk is one of the greatest fictional characters ever.

at first glance Hulk might seem like a boring character, people often confuse him with a plot devise too, i mean a big green man who smashes things? sounds kinda repetitive, but really, it's not. Truth be told, you can't like hulk without liking banner, because it's the dynamic that really draws you to the character. Banner is a a wimp, he is really weak physically, yet he is put in charge of one of the most powerful beings on earth, and how does one deal with that? I mean how can this weakling control such a powerful beast ? thing is, banner is the personification of Will and Strength of character.

Hulk is everything banner has locked up his entire life, and the funny thing is, he never gives in, he always knows that giving in to the rage might cause some harm to others around him. this shows how powerful he really is, the "Strongest there is" line which hulk frequently uses is tied to banner, because it's his will power and Raw emotions which gives the Hulk power. We've all been there, we've all wanted to cut loose before, there is always that voice that keeps telling you that you really want to punch someone in the face. now imagine that only multiply it by a 100, and you might understand banners situation. Banner and Hulk hate each other, which means that in reality Banner hates himself, or at least This "aspect" of himself. Hulk could fight the biggest baddest villain in the Universe, and still the greatest Foe he ever had is himself, this "jekyll and Hyde" concept doesn't always work, but it does here, because Banner's Sympathy is what makes hulks rage so awesome, and it's hulks rage what makes banner sympathetic.

But the greatest thing is that Hulk himself isn't a monster either, he never hurts the innocents, and there have been multiple times where he has protected the people who had called him a monster, this shows that even at his worst, hulk is by all means a hero. This all comes from bruce banner. you can imagine his mind as a huge hallway of doors, with each door holding it's one secret(aka Hulk). did that image since in? good, because it's important. Hulk is a type of character you can't get bored with, which is funny because most people would disagree with me, but then again most people haven't read his stories and have no idea what they are talking about.

The writers did a very good job of giving Banner and personality disorder because that way we can have many versions of the hulk which manifests based on the different aspects of banner, therefore giving each hulk his own distinctive look and personality. We have Joe Fixit who represents banners wild, Brash teenage self, and we also have the traditional Savage Hulk who has a heart of gold yes is always angry and misunderstood. My personal favorite would be Green scar, a Noble hero who would sacrifice himself for his family and friends any day of the week. This brings me to my next point, with a character like hulk, he can be written in any genre. it could Be dark and gritty or it could be light hearted and fun. and IT would work, because when you have a character like superman, he best works best in fun light-hearted stories, but with hulk, that doesn't matter.

i've gone a bit of track here but the point is that hulk is an awesome character, the kind that has substance and depth. People can say hulk is boring but if that were true he wouldn't have had an ongoing for 12 F*cking years.

"Then why do you suddenly look scared? Maybe you see that you could be ten times stronger than Hulk, and it still would not matter. Not when all Hulk has to do is become ten times as mad!!"

-Hulk/Bruce Banner

Hulk Smash!

Indestructible Hulk #1

Banner makes a purification unit.

Hulk Moves So fast That he is seen as a blur.

Mad Thinker says hulks power is incalculable and Hulk resists a quantum Molder which ultron used to soften and reshape adamantium. He healed pretty easily and the owned Mad tinker.

Indestructible Hulk #2

Banner creates a catalytic Converter, which could prevent numerous cancers as stated by tony stark.

Hulk knocks iron man around while his blasters don't even slow the Hulk down and then proceeds by saving tony from explosion so quickly that he isn't even seen.

Indestructible Hulk #5

Hulk Vs Atuuma! hulk is swallowed by a magical monster who's skin is impenetrable but it won't stop him! in fact, he sends attuma flying so hard down the creatures throat, the beast actually goes down back into it's nest.

Avengers #3

hulk Draws Blood from hyperion and fights him head on with no sing of stopping.

A+X #7

Not Only does banner outsmart tony by making a code even he can't break, but he also one-shotted an hulk-buster unit while tony was getting demolished.

Secret Avengers #4

Hulk Tramples a Raid Of Iron patriots, who in fact were not really drones , but sentient, which means they had normal human, real life reflexes to go along wit their arsenal.

Indestructible Hulk #6

elements as usual have no effect on Hulk, Obviously. and as you can See Bruce Banner's Armor can protect him as well.

Indestructible Hulk #8

HULK jumps into an absolute zero fountain and has barely a scratch on him, banners armors did help, but the armor didn't cover his body completely.

Also Thor and HULK literally shatter the ground into dozens of cracks.

Indestructible Hulk #9

Hulk Shrugs of Thor-level Ordinance( one of them being a molecular desintigrator) twice in the same issue

Indestructible Hulk #10

Hulk not shrugs off a a Gun that rewrites molecules on a SUBATOMIC LEVEL.

Superior Spider-man Team-Ups #1

A Mind Controlled evil Hyperion shoots lasers at hulks Face, which is easily shrugged off.

Indestructible Hulk #11

The time-stream affects any normal human and completely destroys them, Shield needed someone who could take the punishment and survive it.

so naturally They Select hulk for this job.

Hulk also Moves like a Blur. Dodge that Spider-man.

Indestructible Hulk #12

Hulk Sblitzing.

Indestructible Hulk #13

Banner says that when hulk is pissed off he Runs really fast, sow when he was banished it didn't take him long to get back. also hulk tore through a INVULNERABLE Wall.

One of The chronarchists is unable to Stop Hulk by stopping time, and despite him trying to age hulk to death he quickly recovers after the ray stops hitting him

Indestructible Hulk Special #1

Banner talks about how Hulks Strength is incalculable and mentions that he has fought very powerful beings.

Indestructible Hulk #14

Hulk Uses his speed,strength and size to "nut tie" Fin Fang Foom.

hulk Survives the effects of the Time-stream without his armor. it really shows off his durability.

speaking of which, Hulk is not killed by the Same gamma Bomb which had created him. It has in fact increased his power.

Indestructible Hulk #15

Hulk breaks the time-Barrier.

Long-Shot Saves the Marvel Universe #2 (Respect Killemall and Green_Skaar for the analysis)

The In-betweener( a Galactus Level character ) is split into two separate parts. The Order takes control of Shield and restrains hulk. He states himself that he is wasting his energy containing someone as powerful as hulk.

When hulk was released, the In-betweener easily takes control of Dr.Strange, Wanda, Deadpool and Ghost rider, stating that "At least I have regained most of my power now that it is not diverted into holding hat thing."

Doctor strange thought that hulk was actually the Chaos side of the In-betweener because so much energy was put into restraining the Hulk.

Dr.Strange himself states that he has fought in-betweener before- Check feat here: (http://www.comicvine.com/hulk/4005-2267/forums/great-testament-to-hulk-s-power-1514999/#21

Infinity #6

Corvus and Proxima Vs The Hulk. Hulk looses the battle, but he is completely fine when the weight of a star is holding him down.

Hulk even manages to stand up partially, which is a sign of him getting stronger and angrier.

Indestructible Hulk Annual #1

easily surviving the destruction of an island point blank.

Avengers Assemble #22

Transformation timing.

Avengers #24

Hulk Pushes a ship( to crash into a moving planet) so hard it ignites.

Uncanny Avengers #19

Pym, Stark and Doom harness hulks power to repel an enormous celestial being called Exitar. Basically, Hulk did his job for some time, until Dooms machine collapsed.

Marvel Knights Hulk #2

Surviving a Gamma Bomb. Again.


Hulk shrugs of Adamantium bullets when weakened.

Hulk goes through a glass tampered with Negative Zone Particles.

Original Sins: Hulk Vs Iron Man #1

Iron man intended to put and end to the Hulk with Repulser rays and ultrasonic devices driven with enough force to power a continent.

Hulk doesn't seem to mind.


Why Banner Is Worthy of Mjolnir

Indestructible Hulk picking up Mjolnir?

This is something that has been bothering me for a long time. people claim, that Hulk should not be worthy of Mjolnir, but i'm here to say, that some of the incarnations are worthy, because they have proven themselves over and over again. Now i know that thor Fans will disagree with me, But there are characters that SHOULD in fact be able to lift Mjolnir. Here are The following characteristics In order to lift Mjolnir:

  • Nobility
  • Bravery
  • Honor
  • Power
  • Must have a Good understanding of heroism
  • must Not shy away from killing if needed to
  • and as i've noticed a bit f arrogance does not interfere with being able to lift Mjolnir.

In the preview of Indestructible Hulk 7, written by mark waid, we see that Thors Hammer is lifted by The hulk, and the reaction is amazing, and i can understand that, because the SAVAGE hulk , should not be able to lift Mjolnir or be able to overcome odins enchantment, because despite being a hero at heart, he isn't exactly that similar to thor, but what about banner? and what about the other hulk incarnations? thats what i want to discuss right now.

But to do that, i'd like to Go over on the other hulk incarnations as well. the grey hulk should never be able to lift thors hammer due to the fact that he is a childish a$$, no seriously, i love joe but he is simply a jerk, just for the hell of it. As for prof hulk, he seems more likely to do something like this but again, he is radically different from thor so i doubt that he of all people should be able do this task.

And i can go on how different hulks might react to this situation, would they be able to do it or not, but it does not matter, because when we are discussing the hulk, there is ALWAYS one factor, who never seems to change. now i doubt that it's not really that hard for you to figure out who i am referring too, but here i'll say it: there are many hulks, numerous incarnations, which we have come to love over the years, but we have to remember , that without banner, there is no hulk.

banners personality over the years have changed, at one point of his life, he would not have been worthy, because he didn't accept himself as the engine of destruction that he is. But now, banner is different, he is even willing to kill people who deserve it, but he does not do a thing to innocent people, which has been demonstrated in the following examples:

see what i mean? look at the fact that he simply cannot harm children , but put him against someone like wolverine, doom or leader, and this is what we will get...

Banner Vs doom. lets analyze this, how much guts would it take to do something like that, and it's fun to mention right now that banner did not HAVE THE hulk at this moment, kind of increases how awesome he is doesn't it? yup, it does.

Banner is the strongest there is! yes, exactly, Banner is Stronger than Hulk morally, he is will, and this isn't the first time banner has faced his inner demons, he does this type of things all the time. in fact, YOU! thats right YOU! are not giving Bruce enough credit, i mean, imagine a scrawny little guy being in charge of one of the most powerful beings in THE marvel universe, someone who has faced guys like thor, galaxy master, and so one. and this isn't the first time Bruce has done something like this , he One-shotted both hulk and grey hulk in his mind , during the merging story which eventually let to the creation of prof hulk. and he has repeatedly faced monsters like the Devil hulk. is he not worthy? fine, then lets move on

you see this? this is what i am talking about, but i also mentioned that banner will sacrifice himself when needed too, and he will also kill people if they have wronged him to often, and here are the scans tor prove this.

Banner was going to kill leader , but he was interrupted, and then he proceeded by volunteering to sacrifice himself by absorbing gamma radiation, these are two qualities of a worrier , and despite the fact that banner IS not physically a worrier he is one mentally, because he had to fight foes form all sides , which gave him nerves of steel.

ALSO, note that WWH was the closest hulk to banners personality, therefore i can safely apply his heroic deeds to banner, Though it would seem that Prof was the closets to banner, it was implied at the end of greg paks run that he that Banner and WWH had been the same person, who just couldn't accept each other.

World war hulk, even though he was 100% sure that his whole planet died because of the Humans, did not execute them, he wanted to punish the Illuminati, that was his goal, justice, and he showed that he was the bigger person. He also took a beating from Zues for his family, a beating that nearly cost him his life. He also saved people in his fight with skaar, because he didn't want innocent people to get hurt, but when he faces villains who are not innocent, here is what happens:

destroying a planet in the dark dimension

and what makes banner more willing do things hulk won't?? behold

bet you'd never expect that did ya? yes, banner is willing to do things even the hulk can't do, it's banners mental pain that gives the hulk his limitless source of power, without Banner, there is No hulk.


Now lets look at Banners new personality. He is cheerful, motivated and has found focus in his life, he is more dedicated, and has accepted the hulk. Now what does that give us? it gives us a banner who finely took control over his life and become a worrier full time, meaning that instead of repressing his inner worrier , he is going along with it, and he is giving him a direction, so i think banners new change in personality will be the REASON to why he is able to lift Mjolnir.

ALSO, lets not forget that Banner has gotten his grubby little hands on some URU metal ( which is what Thors Hammer is made of, and no, i mean the one which shoots thunder and creates wind) , which could possibly hint why he could accomplish this feat.

if we consider that fact that one of the 8th smartest man on the planet is trying to accomplished something wit the help of his VERY intelligent assistants , i might place my bet on the fact that they might get what they want.

And even before his change of heart banner had always been a fighter, he never gave up. If banner per say had been the whip everyone thought him to be , he would have given in to the Hulks power, and he would have just simply gave himself up to the army, where they would have done god knows what. but Banner never gave up, he always fought for control, and he never rolled over to the army, so why people think he isn't a Worrier is beyond me.

Anyways, my point is that if we consider some things, banner is worthy of Mjolnir, he has risked his life for others and has faced both mental and physical threats, not to mention the fact that he is at constant war with himself, but it probably won't be because banner is WORTHY, no, there will be some catch, so stop cplaining please, and just say it with me " Smash at thee!" come on! you can do it!



Les Miserables--Review By TheAcidSkull

The Man !The Legend!

This is a short review of a film that i was afraid to see, Because i though it would be something drastically different from the book, and i feared that it would not do justice to one of my favorite stories of all time. However, i saw this movie a hour ago, and i was astounded on how amazing it was, and the only thing bad i have to say would be for the people who have not watched this.

The Book And The Movie

First things first, The contrast between a movie and a Book must always be very close, sure some difference are REQUIRED but they can't be to off course. the Movie and the book is very very close, i really like the way the plot flows, though i would much prefer if there had been more actual words than singing, but the emotional burden would not have been the same. Each Character is Very close to the actors and each of them know how to Strike the audience emotionally. i am very satisfied with the choices the director went with. everything feels in order with some minor changes!

The Plot

The plot opens up with jean valjeans imprisonment coming to an end, we see hims struggle, and sink in pain, as he is induced in the heavy labors of his punishment. As he is Free from his hell, he is stuck being a the rotten dog, no one wants to have any contact with him, he cannot get a job, he cannot even live properly, and as the world shows him hate , he returns the favor by showing hatred towards the world , Until....and old bishop, a Servant to god, sheds light upon him, and from there on, jean valjean becomes a new, and a better man!

The plot seems very clear and easy to follow, not to mention the fact that it is a great way to adapt the amazing book that is "les misarables" . The plot makes a great transition of the emotional feeling from the book to movie, meaning the film was successful in what it was suppose to do.

The Actors

dear lord the actors! i have new respect for hugh jackman! i always though he was the kind that always played the guys like wolverine, but dear god, HE DID AN AWESOME JOB PORTRAYING JEAN VALJEAN! I never imagined hugh jackman to be so talented, despite the fact that everyone did an astounding job in this job , Hugh jackman stood out in this movie, his JV was exactly how i imagined him in the book, Strong, powerful sinister, but also very very kind.

I could go on how amazing the other actors were, but your gonna have to watch the movie, but there is one more actor i wanted to mention, someone who also stood out in the movie. The little cockney beggar played both a huge and a minor role in the movie, but to me, he represented the spirit of the group, the mascot, he proved that even a kid can stand up for his brothers, and die for freedom.




Samsara--A Movie Review By TheAcidSkull

Samsara AKA Recrimination/Rebirth


When watching a serious movie with tons of metaphors, the viewers usually gets diverse and dynamic characters, along with a crucial and detailed plot to get the spectator intrigued. However, the movie “Samsara” managed to do something that the other films cannot accomplish, which is providing the watcher a very complex and interesting moral without using protagonists or any type of story. “Samsara” at first glance might seem as a useless film with pretty landscapes and sometimes disturbing scenes, but when you’ve studied Buddhism well enough, you’ll see that what lies beyond the beautiful images and also acknowledge the main point of the whole film.

Buddhism defines “Samsara” as the awakening or the realization of how elements of life work, it is the ultimate key to slip out of the world of suffering, and finely find piece. The movie delivers the viewer an opportunity to behold the world form the eyes of the “awakened one”, and each scene is excellently executed. Every landscape the watcher is presented with comes from the wonders of nature, it does and awesome job of capturing on how someone as perfect as Buddha would view the world. Buddhism teachings say that when someone goes through the process of rebirth, he hears the sacred sound of OM, so if one looks past the images and combines everyone’s voice, movement and life , the mixture would no doubt give result to the sound of OM, which as mentioned before is the fundamental truth of Buddhism.

Furthermore, the presentation of the metaphors and comparisons are incredibly handled in this film, every transition feels natural and clear, which is very difficult to execute when dealing with something as baffling as the Buddhist religion. The Number of references in the movie is uncountable, so there will be a few examples. First of all, when someone as perfect as an enlightened man looks at a man, he sees his struggling sole and the caged demon within, which is in fact shown in the film very obviously, both in a fascinating and somewhat disturbing manner. The man in question would be someone who children meet for twelve to thirteen years of their natural lives. The man, who is suffering at that hand of his inner demon, is merely a teacher. The scene depicts and middle aged man rubbing clay over his face while gaining horrific postures, and carving out monstrous faces, and it’s quite frankly excellent! Because it demonstrates the inner struggle (in general) most thoroughly. Moreover, the transitions are timed in a very pleasant manner as well. A personal favorite scene would be the contrast between than man and a pig. Men these days are so dependent on their dominating ‘I’ that they allowed themselves to become pigs and animals, which inevitably leads to dissection on an operation table, the same way pigs are cut by butchers.

In conclusion, the film was very neat, interesting, fun and at times disturbing. However, when one watches a serious movie such as “Samsara”, they should focus on the metaphoric side rather than the general presentation, but luckily, the movie has both at its disposal in abundance.


The List Of Best Hulk Incarnations

The List Of Best Hulk Incarnations

hulk is a character that has often changed his face as time goes by, hulk has had many types of incarnations, but while some have barely appeared for 3 issues, some have had entire runs and decades of stories, and while there are many versions of the jade/or grey giant, there are some version that are better than other, and since this can't be made into an actual list since every hulk doesn't have a specific Wiki Page, i am forced to make a blog about it, it'd be much easier other wise but hey, you make use of what you have........i seriously have to much time on my hands.

Mindless Hulk

Now this is where things got a little interesting, you see hulk and banner have always been following a pattern, banner gets mad, he becomes that Hulk, but when they two brothers were separated things got really interesting, it not only set in motion the inevitable creation of the grey hulk, but for once we saw a hulk that was full of pure rage, he wasn't misunderstood, he wasn't controlled, he just wanted to smash, pure and simple. This Hulk was crazy and deranged, he was a real monster, and without banner to hold him back , he was really powerful. he has no real memorable quotes to share, since he snarled most of the time.

Professor Hulk

Having The grey hulks confidence and attitude, banners intellect, and savage hulks raw strength, makes an awesome combination. Prof Hulk is pretty awesome if you look over his stuff, he uses guns makes cool puns and is pretty confident in what he does. As soon as Prof hulk emerged, the differences in personality and tactics was clearly evident, a favorite example of mine would be when Ajax is seen charging at the hulk. as the Ajax comes closer, hulk is left with two choices, leap out of the way or go in for the attack. Before The raging brute finely delivers the blow, hulk deduces that if he were to leap out of the way, Ajax would hurt Innocent people with the rate his going, so he goes for the attack. this is a prime example of why prof hulk is very cool.

Favorite Quotes:

  • Honey..... I'm Home
  • That's So. Now You Can Either Accept That, Belly Up To The Bar, And Enjoy The Fine Evening. Or Otherwise.....I'll Be Forced To Beat You To A Small Pulp.
  • Army? ARMY?! I Don't Need no Steenking Army.
  • Should I Dazzle you with more movie Cliches? or Go Straight for the Breaking Of major Organs?
  • Mhhh. I could Leap out of his Way, But at The rate He's Going, He'd Smash Into The Bar. People Would Be Injured.
  • i Can Attend To Myself Just Fine, Thank you. And Now i'll Attend To you.
  • I have No idea how that got there.
  • "HULK SMASH" My Green Butt! i'm Gonna kill somebody!
  • And Besides....your pulse canons RUINED my bunny slipers.

Joe Fixit/Grey Hulk

As Much as i love prof hulk and his intellect, i always though the grey hulk to be one of the greatest hulk incarnations ever created! Though being smart and tricky, and very very nasty, the grey hulk lacked what the other hulks had in abundance.....and that one thing, was raw power. at a base the grey hulk started off somewhere at 70 tons, which puts him below most of marvels powerhouses such as herc, thor and etc. But Unlike the others, The grey hulk/joe fixit was the nastiest of all hulks, he wished to live life to the fullest and like any other hulk wanted to get rid of banner, and he in fact did exactly that for a few months. The Grey Hulk was a big Step from the savage hulk, A VERY big step. from a strong, rage filled green man monster, the hulk went to a grey, calculating, slightly perverted and devious giant. At the time it seemed to drastic, and fans aren't that welcome to CHANGE, but peter david still managed to craft a master piece because.....well....he is Peter David.

Favorite Quotes :

  • Aww, Don't cry, Banner, You Should Fell GOOD. After All....you Though You were Alone. But You see, there's Monsters EVERYWHERE.
  • And With the HULK, One chance.....is ALL ya GET!
  • For The First Time In My Life, I....Don't hate Banner. I....Pity Him.
  • Whatever Else You Do Doesn't MATTER. You're Already Punishing Him. Your Going To Let Him Live.
  • Toxic Wasted. Nasty Stuff. Nastier Than You, But Not Nastier Than me. Nothing Is.
  • I Hate That! I Hate It When I'm Compared to him! You Blew It, Lard-Butt, Y'Hacked Me Off! NO MORE MR. NICE GUY!
  • Sounds To Me like You Need More Intelligence. And, Skrull Baby, I'm JUST the One To Pound It Into You!
  • You First Salad-Brains.

Savage/Gravage Hulk

You just can't beat the classics, whenever someone Says the Word Hulk, we always imagine the angry childish giant that likes to smash. The savage hulk represent banners inner child who has been abused by his father, brian banner. The Savage Hulk is just very interesting considering the fact that this is the general form , because at the end of the day, we always come back to him. There is something about him which i have always enjoyed, it might be the fact that his rage makes banner a sympathetic character , and banners struggle makes hulk look even all the more awesome!

Favorite Quote:

  • Hulk is the strongest one the is !
  • The Madder Hulk Gets The Stronger Hulk gets!
  • Then why do you suddenly look scared? Maybe you see that you could be ten times stronger than Hulk, and it still would not matter. Not when all Hulk has to do is become ten times as mad!!
  • Hulk is Not Afraid, Hulk Is Strongest One There is!

World War/World Breaker Hulk/ Gravage Hulk

Ha! now were cooking ! there are a lot of reasons to like the WWHulk, first of all he is the strongest Incarnation, he base is above savage hulk and any other hulk there has ever been, even mindless hulk. But The Thing thats most interesting about the green king is that he and banner are so merged through their emotions, that the combination became far greater than any "time bomb" there has ever been, WWH's anger reached a planetary threat.

But Despite all the rage and destruction, WWH proved to be a real hero, he saved the world multiple times , and got beaten to a pulp by a skyfather for his family.

However to be completely Honest, when it comes down to it it's really that Gravage Hulk who i really like, the world breaker would not have been the same if he wasn't one of the Gravage Hulk versions. It's always fun and awesome when it comes to this specific hulk because he is not only badass, but he occasional quotes are hilarious too. I loved Him during planet hulk, he was witty, Angry, and a man of a few words. Hell even his Characterization OUTSIDE of comics worked best when he was Gravege, and While i did love Savage HUlk in the AVENGERS movie, i Adore the EMH Version as well. He was Smart, calculation and Hilarious.

Favorite Quotes :

  • We Came for Justice Not Murder.
  • Didn't anyone tell you? I'm The strongest there is!
  • You Never Had This Kind Of Power. It's Just the Way The Kid Saw You.
  • I'm Not Happy About It Either You Little Monster.
  • Puny Humans, i've Come to Smash!

The End


What I Want To See In Mark Waid's Indestructible Hulk!

What I Want To See In Mark Waid's Indestructible Hulk!


After Jason Aaron's Monstrous run, Hulk Got a relaunch and was given a new title " indestructible Hulk". The Well Known writer Mark Waid Has been assigned to take hulk on a new road of epic adventures. But as a Uber Hulk Nazi, there are of course a couple of things i really really want to see in hulks new run, so this is basically what the title says , everything i want to see is summed up in this blog !

Hulk/Banner relationship!

Go Away!

On of the most interesting things about the hulk is his relationship with banner , seeing the brains vs Brawn Clash was always a huge treat for me. Even from 2 issues, it's clear that we have banner as the dominant side to the equation, and though i support this with all my heart, is still don't want hulk to be completely a weapon. So Far we've only heard hulk say the word Racker ( he was trying to say Fracker), but I think waid that hulk will be talking, just NOT when he is angry. Anyways, it'd be interesting to see how banner deals with hulk, if the jade giant decides to revolt against banners plans, in fact i think i'd make an interesting story arc.

Banner Smash?

Banner rocks !

Ok Ok , you might be wondering on why i chose this, the new motto is sopoused to be " Hulk Smashes, Banner Built's!" anyways, but banner could become a part of the action too you know. Waid seems to have covered the "Brain" side of banner, but when needed to Bruce is no slouch in fighting either, during Greg Paks Incredible Hulks run, banner seemed pretty involved in many different types of fights, he didn't want to be apart of most of them but they still count right? yeah.....so my point is, now that banner is 100% sure of what he is doing, it seems more likely to me that he might start to * excuses my language * Kick some major Ass!

here are some examples i can remember:

  • Incredible Hulks 612-613#: as Banner tries to restore whats left of his family, Betty becomes overwhelmed by her emotions and she hulks-out. Banner tries to reason with her but soon learns that all is futile. Betty grabs banner and throws him around, but due to banners tech shields , banner doesn't have a a scratch on her, in fact, he seems completely unharmed by it.
  • Incredible Hulk 602#: While in the midst of leaning the ways to kill his father, skaar goes against many different foes , one of them was the unstoppable juggernaut. But Cain has nothing against skaar, only banner, and because of this( and also because Bruce apparently blew Cains house up), Marko decides to squash banner, but again, Bruce's shields seem to be doing a great job of protecting him.
  • Incredible hulk 606#: One of my favorite battles for banner. Bruce goes against doom himself, and his tech actually does considerably well, hell Bruce even managed to shut down dooms devices!
  • Incredible Hulks 615#: NOW WE'RE TALKING! banner fights multiple men armed with guns, while he himself was holding a gun!

so you get the point! now that banner more focused than anything, i'd be awesome if banner managed to fight some of his own battles, and if things get out of hand, then we all know what would happen!

The Armor

Great Job Yu!

There are two ways this Armor could go:

First of all, i think this armor, instead of making the hulk stronger and tougher( he doesn't need that anyways) this armor could be for restricting hulk immense power, so banner could take more control of the green Goliath, so he could keep damage at a minimal. and if things get out of hand, banner could remove that armor and leave it up to the hulk, because no one, and i mean NO ONE knows how to SMASH better than the hulkster.


The Armor would be used for many powerful weaponry, these are the following things i think it should have: Shields, flight and teleportation.

and well we all know it's gonna have a communication system, what with all the shield business.

Villains or Opponents

it's a wonder what you could find on deviant art

Mark Waid made it clear that he would be avoiding the topical Hulk villains like the Leader and abomination, and he gave us a few preview on who would hulk be facing, as i recall he mentioned frost giants, kang the conqueror and form issue 4 we get to see hulk face off against attuma, though i have no idea on how a 40 tonner would beat a 100 tonner who's power increases with anger.....he'll probably get an amp...yeah thats it....

here are some of the people i want hulk to fight

Dr Doom

Dr Doom

After the terrible job Aaron did with dr doom, we need someone as awesome as waid to make the character shine again. doom is a perfect choice for the hulk, because he can with his fast intellect and fight hulk head on with his magic and technology! this would be an epic clash indeed ! plus waid has good experience writing Dr doom, and i'm sure he'll do awesome things with him.

The Devil Hulk

Devil hulk

Now here is a villain that hasn't been used over a decade! and i have no idea why know one wanted to use the devil hulk as an adversary for the hulk! This choice would be excellent considering banner new attitude! just thing about it, you have all these great plans and then suddenly something gets loose in your cooked up mind that should chine deep with in your subconscious. Banner could show off all the YOGA skills he has learned which could be combined with his tech made from shields recourse.

as for DH powers, his strength for one thing should be above that of an average "hulk" lol, and his powers magnitude should become greater with hate instead of anger, since he represents banner evil/dark side.

The Juggernaut


probably one of the few people who could seriously challenge the hulk in physical combat. he would be an excellent opponent for the hulk! i think a clash between cain and the Hulk would be make for a great slugfest, plus under Yus pencil! it'd be a real threat :D

Mad Man

I know i know, "no typical Hulk villains!"! but mad man didn't really stick around for a long time though, well at least no long enough to qualify as a "permanent villain". and there are a lot of things that could be done with him. He could provide a mystery element to the book , for example he could be leaving clues for banner, that only a very smart and powerful creature could solve, which mean mad man would live up to his name and banner would combine his brute force and mass intellect into an unstoppable force! and this is just one interpretation for what could be done! there are several thing which mark waids imaginative brain could come up with, so i really hope he considers madman as a hulk villain for his awesome run !

Team Ups!


now this is somewhere i know waid is gonna succeed by 100% ! considering his banner/tony dynamic was amazing ! but still there are some team ups i want to point out, sooooooooo yeah here we go:

Hulk And Thor

Thor !

sue me, but i really want this to happen. thor and hulk share an interesting feud, it's like the opposite to that of the relationship tony and banner have. while iron man and bruce challenge each other intellect , Hulk and Thor fight to determine who is the strongest , and since waid already dropped a teaser of a magical hammer coming a long, and also the fact that hulk will fight frost giants, i think thor will be coming a long soon :D



before you attack me, Namor could be a good choice for the hulk book, considering that hulk will soon be facing off against attuma. I think namor would be surprised at banners new attitude, i mean , how oculd namor respect someone like banner, he is weak psychically ! but what will Namor think when he sees a far more confident and cheerful banner? i'd read that story!

Superior Spider-man ( spoilers ahead)

This is another clash of the minds battle i want to see, though i'm not a fan of who superior is, i know he is goddamn smart, and much more focused than peter ever was, so i'd like to see how banner teams up with a spider-man who doesn't shoot quips....i....i'll miss thous too.


yes you heard me! this is what i really really really want to happen! mark waid has been doing an awesome job with daredevil, and it'd be interesting if banner was accused of something bad( set up mad man or any other villain waid chooses) , and who else better to choose as a lawyer other than daredevil ! but despite the scenario i really want this team up to take place, because mark has taken a similar approach with these two characters! and i'm sure he'd do a great job with their combination, besides who could argue with and argument like "HULK SMASH"!? come on!

well that's pretty much it !

well thats all i have to say for now, and thats all i really want to happen, if there is anything you guys think i should add then please let me know ! :D


What I would do With Ultimate HULK.

What I would do with Ultimate Hulk.

Ultimate Hulk

it recently come to my attention that The ultimate hulk needs serious remodeling, and unlike his 616 counterpart he has so much potential to go in a different direction in comparison to the jade giant, so i made this thread because here are a few things i think would be good for the hulk.

Ultimate Hulks Current status.

The thing is, ultimate hulk is still the same as he was when he was first introduced, he is still the cannibalistic monster who likes to smash things, and banner is still the milksop smart guy who is less dynamic and interesting then his 616 counterpart, at one point though banner did take control of the Hulk during The HULK Vs wolverine mini series, but then banner and hulk were reverted to their old status of being the monster, and i didn't really like this since it was a major step-back in character development, and no one is really doing anything different with the hulk. now people might start saying something like " I want ultimate hulk be more like 616 hulk" , but if we do that then Ultimate hulk won't be original, and also Let me explain something , turning Reed into the maker for example was stupid , you know why? because he was an established character, while Hulk appears once in while just to pose a threat to the heroes, therefore changing him won't be much of a problem, since he isn't so important.

The 616 Hulk has done so much things in comparison to his ultimate version. lets see he "

  • Became Nul the breaker of worlds.
  • was sent of to another planet to be enslaved.
  • became the king on the very same planet.
  • waged war against the Illuminati.
  • was separated from banner....again.
  • was shifting in general between personalities.
  • etc.

now i see a lot of potential for ultimate hulk, which i'll get into later, but i don't like seeing him getting wasted as a punching bad and used repeatedly as a brick. His cannibalistic tendencies can be used for some interesting stories as well.

What would i do That would make Ultimate hulk more Unique from his 616 counterpart.

The 616 Hulk and banner have developed a Brother type of relationship , both of them blame each other for the death of their mother and both experienced the abuse dished out by his father , brain banner. Now i for one won't be taking the same approach with the Ultimate version, in fact , i'm gonna do something completely different. Instead of Hulk and banner hating each other , banner will be doing the hating, while hulk will look up to banner, which i will explain further. Banner, already having enough death on his hands, will seek the help of The Maker( he actually will be useful for something this time), to built a device that will allow Bruce to mentally Remove the HULK. While reed reject his offer at first, banner convinces him that this might be of use to him in his future plans. Reed fulfills his promise and helps banner enter his own mind. While banner enters he will have a little squabble with the hulk, and during the this time, hulk gains a big part of banners intelligence , but they don't merge, and something interesting happens. Hulk Develops a attachment to banner and views banner as his father, since he is in fact his creator, and form this point on he does everything banner tells him to, so instead of going to the avengers or something, banner will set his own missions to lead the hulk on a path to purify himself of all the terrible things he has done. Also remember how i said that cannibalism thing could be explored? i personally think that hulk fighting his tendencies to eat people for his "father" could be interesting, and if handled by a good writer( meaning anyone else but me XD) , it could be quite emotional.


Hulk never had a stable rogers gallery to being with, which in fact provides another opportunity to re-introduced or even created new villains for the hulk. I for one would bring back the abomination, since i personally think he was killed way to soon. I would also take a villain from the 616 universe and give him a remodel, villain like bi-beats for example, a personally though i had was too give place one of his faces on his stomach, change his skin clot to a blue/greenish color, and give him uber large sharp shark teeth. he might look something like this:


Just imagine him with a monster face on his belly. But this doesn't have to stop at Bi-beast, in fact, there are many other villains that could be used foe the Hulk, maybe an ultimate absorbing man ? no? okay.....

Hulks Slugfests.

We know that Thing had already taken a different turn in truing into a purple humanoid, but he doesn't lack the strength ! unlike the 616 version of the thing who has fallen way behind the hulk( while hulk himself became even more powerful than before) , the 610 thing could be on par with the hulk and it could actually became a great feud:


And why stop at the thing? we can make Hulk fight Thor, and Thor isn't as tough as psychically as he is in his 616 Universe , meaning that he will have to use mjolnir a lot more than usual if he is gonna keep up with HULK.


well thats all i have to say, this in my opinion would take a useless character and actually give him role in the ultimate universe.

The End.


Respect The Thing

Respect The Thing!

@PowerHerc and @TheAcidSkull Present the respect thing thread !

The Thing

A character like Ben should be much more appreciated on who he is and what he represents rather than on how strong he is. Ben Grimm May not be the strongest powerhouse on earth, but he has the spirit of a true warrior. He is stubborn and at times a bit angry, but when it comes to the task he is always ready, no matter what the odds. He has been beaten do death on some occasions, but it's his heart of gold that keep forcing him to stand up and look his opponent in the eye's and then tell him " that all ya got?" . Ben Grimm is one of the best fictional characters in all of history , everything about him is memorable and interesting, especially his battle cry "It's clobberin time!" which is very popular among the fans. Ben Grimm is a powerhouse and one of marvels official tough guys, and that's why this o'l misfit deserves the respect.

Powers and Abilities ( explained By PowerHerc )

The Thing building and testing his strength.

The Thing has immense superhuman strength. When he was first transformed into the Thing he could only lift 5 tons, but over the years his strength continually grew to the point where Ben can lift 85 tons. This is where his strength level had stayed steady for a some time, but as more time passed, through steady weight training and/or further mutation, he has increased his strength to a higher level and has become able to lift up to 100 tons and more. Ben's strength is such that he once stopped a multi-story building that weighed roughly 30,000 tons from toppling and then pushed it back into place.

He has enhanced stamina which allows him to exert himself at maximum effort for up to an hour before starting to fatigue. Over the same period of time, Ben's size has also increased. Ben's mutated epidermis (skin) is composed entirely of interlocking stones of irregular sizes and shapes. One notable point about his mutation is that he no longer has any outer ear structure, though his hearing hasn't been diminished in any way because of this. Presumably, due to the mutating effects of the cosmic rays, all of Ben's ear/hearing physiology has been internalized though with no loss of function or acuity.

All of Ben's internal organs and soft tissues have been enhanced as an adaption to his new physical size and body composition. His skin/body can withstand extreme environments including temperature extremes from -75 to 800 degrees Fahrenheit. His skin can also withstand at least 15 pounds of explosives per square inch and deep crushing pressures of the ocean floor. The Thing's skin is so hard it is practically impervious to being punctured or breached by anything from blades to multiple high caliber bullets. The Thing's enhanced physique has even proven durable enough to withstand extreme blunt-force impacts from the Hulk's fists and Thor's hammer incurring only minor or insignificant chipping. However, Ben was injured by Wolverine's Adamantium claws so his durability does have its limits.

Despite his size, he still has an impressive level of quickness and agility and movement.

He is trained, experienced and highly skilled at piloting a multitude of varied aircraft; including many invented by his friend and teammate Reed Richards.

Ben has been trained in military hand-to-hand combat techniques, he has trained and competed as an amateur boxer, he is a very skilled wrestler and he has years of street-fighting experience from growing up on the mean streets of New York City and his gang involvement. He has trained in judo and jujutsu. Ben has combined this training and experience into his own unique and effective style of brawling, which he has used quite effectively against a veritable 'who's who' of strongmen in the Marvel Universe (both heroes and villains); many of whom are physically stronger and/or more durable than he is.

It has been stated that Ben only ages when in his human form. As long as he is the Thing, his age remains the same, giving him incredible longevity.

Fantastic Four 235

Ben carries a bomb from the surface of Ego the Living Planet all the way to his brain, enduring unfathomable heat and pressure along the way.

Hulk #19

punching around red hulk( rulk was a bit weakened at the time)

Fantastic Four #95

stopping a multiple story building (weighing roughly 30,000 tons) from falling over and lifting it back into place

Hulk #37 and #38

angrir beating rulk up.

Marvel-Two-in-One Annual 7

After many other superheroes have tried and failed to give the Champion a decent fight, Ben fights his heart out, giving the Champion the best of fight of his entire life.

Marvel-Two-in-One 75

Ben fights the Super-Adaptoid (empowered with the powers and abilities of 5 Avengers) and pounds on it until he wins. The Hulk, Hercules, Iron Man and may others haven't been able to do that.

Fantastic Four #55

Ben attacks silver surfer out of jealousy, and while surfer is trying to at first talk ben down , the heroes stubborn nature angers him and they start a slugfest. surfer ampes his strength with the power cosmic , but despite how strong he gets he learns that ben just doesn't know how to give up. Surfer is also in astonishment in how strong ben really is.

Fantastic Four #39 and 40

Ben is just to stubborn to quite! after taking damage form doom, he humiliates him.

Fantastic four #25

Ben gives it his absolute best and, for the first time ever, loses anyway. However, when the battle is over Ben recovers quickly and, despite losing, resolves to keep after the Hulk anyway. This is a great example of Ben's willingness to fight to the end/never-surrender attitude.

Fantastic Four #60

Thing has been fighting the cosmically-powered D. Doom (he'd stolen all of the Silver Surfer's power cosmic at the time) when no one else had the strength of toughness to do it. Even though he isn't powerful enough to defeat Doom with that kind of power, Ben gave him a helluva fight until Reed came up with the plan to defeat Doom. More courage/toughness/guts demonstrated here.

Fantastic Four #148

Thing defeats Sandman

Fantastic Four #139

does very well against miracle man

AvX: #2

Ben fared well against Namor underwater

Fantastic Four #3

Thing Has no damage After Surviving re-entry

Fantastic Four #5

All right!

Fantastic Four #6

The Thing has good resistance against Heat.

A couple of notable strength feats !

The End.


Respect Flash Thompson AKA Agent Venom

Respect Flash Thompson AKA Agent Venom

Agent Venom

When i first heard that Flash was becoming venom, i was mad, but i still gave it a chance, and right now, Flash became one of my personal favorites since he is different from the other venoms, because flash brought something different to the table. flash, unlike brock and gargan, has a different poison boiling in his vans, Yet he turns this poison into a strength and uses it for good. Flash in my opinion is a prefect example of strong will and what a real soldiery/hero is all about.


Powers and Abilities

As Venom, Flash has all the abilities of a Spider-Man including enhanced strength, speed, wall-crawling, and—unlike the original Spider-Man—he can generate his own webbing from his wrist. He is strong enough to engage Carnage in combat and tear the head off a tank. He is also fast enough to dodge bullets from machine guns. He can also generate tendrils from the suit to hold multiple weapons, such as machine guns. He is also able to use the shape-changing properties of the suit in order to create bladed weapons similar to Carnage, and create disguises for himself, such as an A.I.M. agent's uniform. This makes it ideal for Flash to work as a secret agent for the government.

Recently, the Venom symbiote and Flash have bonded.

Flash also has military training and experience from his time in the army and a tour of duty fighting insurgents in the Iraq War. The suit even forms makeshift legs for Flash, which he lost during his time in the military.


Unlike Peter Parker, Flash is able to manipulate the symbiote with a combination of oral sedatives and strong will. However when Flash gets angry he loses control of the symbiote and conversely it begins to control him. This will also happen if he is in the suit for more than 48 hours.

When Loosing control

when flash looses control he becomes far larger are much stronger, much more savage and kills almost anything in sight.

Vemon #1

Flash Fights countless soldiers and he mostly ignores them , like there not even there, he saves some people and fights jack O lantern.

Venom #2

Venom Vs Kraven The Hunter

Venom #5

being the bigger man in comparison to his father.

Venom #6

Fighting spider king on two occasions and did pretty well.

Venom #7

Fighting Anti-venom and excepting The venom symbiot Back after realizing that Brock had potential for good.

Venom #8

Venom and Captain america VS Spider Queen. they did pretty well.

Venom #9

Don't make Flash angry, you won't like him when he is angry.

Venom #12


Venom #13

VENOM Vs RULK and the formation of the team of Four!

Venom 14#

Flash Shooting demons without his "Friend"

Venom # 18

Venom VS. Toxin !

Venom #20

torturing and owning Fly and Killing death adder.

Venom #21

Agent Venom VS Tox....wait why do i get the feeling that this has been done before.....

Venom #22

Flash Proves that he is a hero, because he makes the right choice.

Venom #27

A corpse you say? Think AGAIN !!

Scarlet Spider #10

Flash Has Good Will power, which is what allows him to control the symbiot! with the help of some tranquilizers.

Venom #28

despite the fact that the U-foes won, venom did in fact do a good job and put up a good fight.

Venom # 30

Venom takes Control over the U-Foes henchmen

Venom # 31


Venom #32

Flash is very handy with his symbiotic Tendrils, he coordinate them very well.

Venom #33

Firming Guns with your symbiot? How awesome is that?

Venom #34

Despite the fact that Venom was overpowered by Toxin , he still did his best, resisted insane amounts of damage, and somehow bit toxins hand off.

Venom #35

Venom #36

Enter the venomMobile, your argument is invalid. also flash gets his face along with half of his head blown off and he heals it in seconds.

Venom goes full crazy and saves toxins arse from a bunch of slayers.

Venom #37

A shield slash, explosives , arrows , Punches( from a Spider-man Strength Level Character) and electrocution is No trouble for agent venom.

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