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The Modern Era:

The Council:

Comprised of the League's founding members, the Council is perhaps the single greatest collection of heroes ever assembled. Together they help guide a new generation of heroes as well as exhibiting an unmitigated sense of leadership.

Representing: The Collective


Faction: Hero

Super Name: Surkit

Real Name: Bishop Jones

Gender: Male

Hair Color: Brown

Weight: 225

Age: 26

Eye Color: green hazel/blue (power mode)

Height: 6'0

Powers: Kinetic energy absorption and some magnetism

Identity: Public

Place of Birth: Grimm City

Known Aliases: None

Mini Biography: A homeless mercenary from Grimm City, he lived off of shady deals and mob work such as being a drug lookout and runner, eventually working up to being a hitman. Finding he had a talent for murder, he ventured into the world as a mercenary. After returning to his city he went through a horrific and traumatic situation involving an old hero named The General and his sidekick Grunt. (see blog) After this event he was lost and in serious reflection of his life and asked himself 'Who is Bishop Jones?' Several days later he took a trip to Utopia, home of the Trinity Foundation, the rest is history.

Justice League Members

Representing: The United Kingdom

Faction: Champion's of Peace /Justice League

Super Name: N/A

Real Name: Edward Windsor

Gender: Male

Hair Color: Dark Brown

Weight: 170 pounds

Age: 25

Eye Color: Dark Brown

Height: 6'0"

Powers: Super-Speed/Agility/Strength. Telepathy and telekinesis

Identity: Known

Place of Birth: Oxford University

Known Aliases: Prince of Power

Mini Biography: A genetic hybrid of the queens DNA and a manufactured Y chromosome created to continue the reign of British monarchs after a devastating terrorist attack left the queen without her husband and any heirs. Spending his life training and working for the better of his people ( be it his countrymen his friends or his allies) he has since found him self living in Champions Island, leading the fight for the COP's as one of the teams squad leaders.

Representing: The United States of America

Faction: Neutral.

Super Name: Spitfire.

Real Name Desiray Divanova.

Gender: Female.

Hair Color: Brown or Dirty Blond.

Weight: 123.

Age: 22

Eye Color: Hazel.

Height: 5'7.

Powers: ability to manipulate matter in motion. A complicated method of darkness/shadow manipulation.

Identity: Known to governments and police not public.

Place of Birth: Not announced.

Alias: Diva, D, Daredevil.

Mini Biography: Des has been known for many things. Her life went from model and stunt driver to get mechanics education. To spy work with her girlfriend, something that eventually fell out. This lead to S.I.B, unfortunately that would collapse and the stunt driver would be again on the run. Not however before encountering Kain allegedly the first killer least on Earth.


Faction: Hero

Super Name: Stryke

Real Name: Alex Gray

Gender: Male

Hair Color: Light Blonde

Weight: 180 lbs

Age: Unknown; Appears in Twenties

Eye Color: Dark Blue

Height: 6'0"

Powers: Kinetic Energy Manipulation, Enhanced Strength, Eidetic Memory.

Identity: Secret

Place of Birth: Unknown

Known Aliases: The Rider; The Swordsman

Mini Biography: Alex Gray awoke in an alley with no recollection of his past, only having a photo as a guide. He met a man named Marcus who helped Alex discover his powers and abilities. His desire to know his past grew and Marcus contributed to his desire by equipping Alex with "Stryke," a sword as well as a custom motorcycle. Along the way, he met a mysterious girl who foretold him of his destiny, " I know what you want, but the answers will be revealed over time. You are the key, the protecter... go to the far east, your destiny is to protect. Do so." The journey led him to join the Trinity Foundation in the fight against injustice and in order to discover his past.

Representing: Africa

Faction: Justice League

Super Name: The Bodyguard

Real Name: Akube Mahatu

Gender: Male

Hair Color: Black

Weight: 210 lbs.

Age: 38 years old

Eye Color: Brown

Height: 6'3''

Powers: Peak Human Abilities, Martial Arts, Stealth, Technology

Identity: Secret

Place of Birth: Ethiopia

Known Aliases: The Bodyguard, The Man in Black, The Peacekeeper, The Watchman

Mini Biography: After escaping his life in Ethiopia, young Akube attended school in Cairo and moved to England, working his way through college and law school. Upon graduation, he returned to his homeland and lead as many people as he could to safety. They were attacked by rebels, but Akube and the group of allies he had brought along managed to overpower them, and later claimed their outpost and the land around it not only as a refugee camp, but a sovereign nation. This got their movement the attention it needed. Akube fought in the courts for the right to a stretch of land they could call their own, enough to shelter the lost and the sick in comfort and safety. His movement soon caught the world's attention, and he used that leverage to ask for even more land. Finally, they were granted a stretch of land on the West Coast of Africa, a new nation born of hope, Bandari. Unbeknownst to the outside world, the President of Bandari secretly dawns the guise of his country's own defender, a masked man who can do what the country's leader can't: fight. To the outside world, the masked man is Akube's bodyguard. Beneath his mask, Akube not only fights those who would threaten Bandari, he has the power to defend the innocent well beyond his borders. In order to strengthen his efforts, he has joined the World Justice League.


Faction: Neutral

Super Name: Falsify

Real Name: Jotheia Eduardo

Gender: Male

Hair Color: Brown

Weight: 185

Age: 22

Eye Color: Dark Brown

Height: 5'5

Powers: Able to turn his skin into any composition he has touched in the last 24 hours. He is also able to remove pieces of skin an turn them into weapons (Shields, Swords, etc etc), and or turn entire skin into a thick armor. He is extremely flexible and agile.

Identity: Public

Place of Birth: San Antonio, Texas

Known Aliases: False, Cross-Face

Mini Biography: Born to a poor family Jotheia was a cursed child, a burden on his father and killer of his mother (She died during child birth) his life was always pain. He knew nothing but it until he was 21 when his father finally lost it, during a drunken fit he pinned Jotheia down and burned a cross onto his face. Forever branding him a sinner who needed help, during the disgusting act his latent powers finally manifested. His skin turned rock hard and sealed the burn, and spikes formed and ran his father through. Not knowing what to do he ran away, running for an entire year he happen to run into the hero known as Surkit. Surkit invited the young and troubled Jotheia to join his team JLI shortly after Gambler left the team. Now in a place that feels like a home Jothi as he is called now, has a family and he will do anything to keep it.

Representing: Asgard

Faction: Neutral.

Super Name: The Troll-Breaker.

Real Name: Brynhyld Troll-Breaker.

Gender: Female.

Hair Color: Auburn.

Weight: 150 lbs.

Age: 23. (Lie) Actually she is only 10 years younger than Thor.

Eye Color: Green.

Height: 6'5"

Powers: None except normal Immortality for an Asgard. (Armor, and Artifacts add powers.)

Identity: Known Public.

Place of Birth: Asgard.

Known Aliases: The Barbarian. Daughter of Odin. Sister of Thor.

Mini Biography: Brynhyld was born from The All Father Odin and a once mortal woman by the name of Hildibjörg, Odin loved Brynhyld's mother so much that he made her Immortal and welcomed her into Asgard, as one of his many consorts. Brynhyld was raised in Asgard until she was of age, at which time she left for Midgard (Earth) and has been fighting the good fight ever since.

Strafe Prower

Faction: Hero

Super Name: Strafe Prower

Real Name: Yuro Prower

Gender: Male

Hair Color: Blonde

Weight: 200 lbs

Age: 27

Eye Color: Blue

Height: 6'3

Powers: Strafe has the ability to Create, Control and Become living Ice and can change it at a subatomic level. He is a Olympic athlete with a genius level intellect and a master Strategist. He is very creative with his Ice and can destroy Ice as well. Being blessed by the Gods, He is Immortal and has peak human reflexes. He has mastered his power and If he proves himself worthy, The Gods will allow him to take his powers to the next level. He was given the ability to Fly recently because of a mission and has mastered it now as well. He does not automatically go to Ice form in battle and does not like to do so. He recently acquired the ability to control water and has mastered it after being in training with Poseidon for what seemed like ages. He has the ability to control and create Water in any form. He can also turn his body into water on a whim, but like his Ice form, he does not like to do this. It makes him seem less human. He also went through more Martial Arts training and has become a high level martial artist.

Identity: Secret

Place of Birth: Toyko, Japan

Known Aliases: None

Mini Biography: Yuro Prower was a regular man in Tokyo, Japan with an average job and an average job. He had two kids that made average grades and average achievements. He wasn't satisfied in life. He wanted something more. He was in Greece on a business trip. Demons sent by Hades to earth on his plan to take it over. A group of 8 people deemed worthy by the Greek gods with gifts of the Elements to drive the demons back. Yuro was chosen to be able to control the substance that was ice.He was blessed with being able to control, create, and become ice. He can control ice at a subatomic level and was given the gifts of wisdom and strategy to help him lead the team to a victory against the demons.

The gods decided that they were worthy enough to keep them. They have become the Greek Gods connection to humanity and are the first line of defense against any threat to the human race. The only conditions the gods had were to be loyal and keep their identities a secret. Yuro then took on the name of Strafe. The team decided to honor Strafe by using the name Prower in their Super Hero names. They became known as the Prower Clan. Being the leader of the team, Strafe learned a lot about battle and became the first to master his power. He is an Olympic level athlete and can push his body to the extremes of human capability.


Faction: Hero

Super Name: Construct

Real Name: Andrew Lincoln

Gender: Male

Hair Color: Brown

Weight: 210lbs

Age: 22

Eye Color: Brown (Green when wearing ring)

Height: 6'2

Powers: Power ring, energy constructs.

Identity: Secret

Place of Birth: Ohio

Known Aliases: Green guy, jade.

Mini Biography: Andrew was just a normal comic book artist for most of his life. That is until his twenty second birthday, where his father bestowed a ring that has been passed down for twenty generations of Lincolns. At first he thought it was just an heirloom and took it for granted. It took him a few months before he actually slipped the ring onto his finger and discovered it gave him extraordinary powers. Andrew then knew, that his family has been protecting the earth with the power of the ring for ages, and now it was his turn to uphold justice.

Representing- USA

Faction: Neutral

Super Name: Lady Liberty

Real Name: Lara Kelly

Gender: Female

Hair Color: Blond

Weight: Unknown

Age: 67

Eye Color: Blue

Height: 6'0

Powers: Strength, speed, durability, enhanced senses, electromagnetic field, laser vision

Identity: Public

Place of Birth: Trinity, New Mexico

Known Aliases: None

Mini Biography: Throughout all of human history mankind has invented gods for itself. Divine figures who represented humanities view of the world and what was important to them. As time went on man forgot his old gods. But he built new ones.

The very nano second the first atomic bomb exploded in Trinity mankind crossed a threshold. Humanity could never go back. The nuclear door was opened, and could never be closed. It was a new world.

And it had new gods. And of those Liberty was the first.

Lara. Goddess of the new human. Her's was the magic of electricity. Of flight, of mathematics, of beauty and radiation. The spells that wove her being were formulas, and her thoughts were algorithms.

She was the new goddess, for the new age.

Space Man

Faction: Good

Super Name: The Space Man

Real Name: Alfred "Alex" Jacobsson

Gender: Male

Hair Color: Blonde

Weight: 187 lbs. (Out of armor), four tons (In armor)

Age: 32

Eye Color: Blue

Height: 5'6 (Out of armor), 7'5 (In armor)

Powers: Genius, Power Suit

Identity: Secret, know to a few

Place of Birth: Stockholm, Sweden

Known Aliases: Bulwark

Mini Biography:

An aspiring Swedish scientist, Alfred looked to revolutionize several aspects of the world. Energy, space travel, military; he wanted to launch the world into the next century early. Ahead of his time as he is, however, no one would purchase his first original invention; a suit of armor built for singular space travel; leaving him without his wanted fame. Alfred, not one to give up, began testing his suit himself. He eventually rescued a ship out at sea from being sunk, in which case the "Space Man" grew famous. Alfred then turned the suit completely to being a super hero, enjoying the moment even if it meant keeping his identity a secret from the public.