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This does not stop... 0

...being awesome. Well dang. Three issues in and this comic keeps firing away on all cylinders.The art is consistent with the first two issues and is done very well, at least in my opinion. The characters are clear, well defined, facial expressions are easy to read and the style is different enough to let your eyes know you're reading Luther Strode and not any other book. It is a bit cartoony and over the top at times, but it fits in very well with the tone of the rest of the book.The story here...

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My favorite Batman book of all time. 0

   I first gained knowledge of this book when I was looking through a list of "Best Batman books to read" on a website. I set a mental note of it, but decided to read pretty much all the other Batman greats first. At first, when I got this book I didn't want to like it. In fact I lost the very little bit of enthusiasm I had for reading this book as soon as I laid it on the table. Naturally, I forgot that the book was even there a few minutes later, but it continued to lay on the table in my room...

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