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I wish they had Joker in the end, waking up from his catatonic state like, "Batman... Darling..."

But otherwise I'm sold.

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@The Dark Huntress: I play piano and I would love to give it a shot when I'm not so busy with college. I'll probably put it on youtube if it ever happens.

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The dirty stairs illuminated by the shallow yellow glow,

Seemed like such an intimidating climb from so far below,

To an empty apartment, where the window never lights up

By the sun’s brilliant rays, but only three flights up

She lives, not knowing how hard it is to just keep walking by,

When all he wants to do is steal a look from her gorgeous eyes.

Even when they are porous and pour with pleas to be saved,

From the hurricane that scars her and leaves her feeling depraved.

He could hear the terrifying noises that it makes,

Hear her heart as it aches when her furniture breaks,

From the darkness of the only room that keeps him awake

Because of the hurricane that always rattles and quakes.

So he remembers the way her smile made him light up.

Wonders what he would say to the girl from three flights up,

He would beg her to take his hand and run, off to the skies.

They could run until there is nothing but starlight in her eyes,

And stardust in their wake, leave the hurricanes in this ghost of a town.

And his empty apartment would stop being around,

With its soulless windows and an insomniac’s crown.

And her butterfly soul would stop chasing winds that tear her down

And gave a chance to the boy who only lives three flights down.

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It's a way for writers to show the villain as a legible threat and quickly raise the stakes up. Like in Annihilation, depowering Galactus was a quick way to show that Annihilus isn't messing around. He's a dangerous threat.

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I love that you love my work :)

She’s got eyes like watercolors and cheeks like a peach,

She likes fiction books and long drives across the neighborhood beach.

Just not this one, because she knows that he will stop the car

When he finds enough courage, and she wonders how far,

Will it be. “Would the light of her eyes reach out to me,

If I was just a solitary ship stranded in the sea?”

He would think as their toes dug into the sand,

And his fingers would wrap tightly around her hand.

For tomorrow he would fly across the galaxy without her alongside,

And if their hearts were glass bottles, they both caught lightning inside,

As they beat in their ears loud like tympani drums.

A fleeting kiss just to keep some air in their lungs…

The next morning brought no relief to their pain,

There can never be winners in this waiting game.

Why can’t we just scream out loud, without being heartless,

Things we’re are only brave enough to whisper in the darkness.

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My favorite Batman book is Arkham Asylum, so Morrison, even though he wrote some over the top stories with Batman in it. But Dini is up there, because he can take the Batman universe and make it easily digestible while keeping it true to what it is. Frank Miller get's a nod, for Dark Knight Returns alone.

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Hey guys! First poem I wrote in quite a while, so please read and reply!

She left me here, floating on this lonely, lifeless rock,

Breathing ashes from a passing comet as I walk

Away towards the lights. Their colors rob my tired eyes

Of all attention, as a supernova burns my face and dies

Reminding me of fingertips and lips that would ignite

Life inside the bluest vessel left inside the blackest night.

But the embers have left me cold, bitter and alone.

I’ll never love you as much as I miss you when you’re gone.

I promised that I would take you, but I wish I took you home

Rather than placing galaxies into your palms and let you roam.

Across the grotesquely gorgeous gallery of the universe’s art

While hoping it would be kind enough to not tear us apart,

Just because dying stars have less gravity than lonely hearts

That had no hope of avoiding their cosmic collision from the start.

So I’ll whisper to the stars to shine their brightest gleam

Because no matter how much you try to dream,

About your sky and foreign worlds and all that’s in-between

You’ll never dream the things I can show you with my time machine.

Now read it again and if you haven't thought of it yet, think of Doctor Who. Thank you :)

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The Astonishing X-Men were kind of the top team. Although that maybe because of Whedon's awesome run...

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I like him kicking all kinds of booty while screaming ridiculous things like "FOR ASGARD!" That's my kind of Thor.

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I think he looks intimidating. Definitely a worthy opponent for the Bat. Can't wait for the trailer.