Name: Jason Todd
Alias: Batman
Bio:  Former sidekick of Bruce Wayne, Jason was killed by the Joker but resurrected by Ra's Al Ghul. After his resurrection Jason was forever changed, he began to brand his own ideal of justice, becoming a ruthless anti-hero. His hostile aproach has put him up against the Batman family multiple times. When Jason found out Batman had died, he returned to Gotham City to claim the mantle of Batman. Meanwhile the criminals of Gotham also realised that Batman was absent. The city began to crumble and descend into chaos. Dick tried to keep order, but he was evenmtually confronted by Jason. The two of  them fought long and hard. Jason eventually managed to gain the upperhand, killing Dick Grayson. With the death of Dick Grayson, the reign of Jason Todd began. He killed most of Gotham's villains within a week, after that he reorganised the Outsiders with the intent of further expanding his own form of justice.
Powers & abillities: Genius level intellect, Master martial artist & detective, uses a variety of gadgets and firearms, peak physical prowess

 Mute Killer
Name: Thomas Arashikage
Alias: Storm Shadow


 Nitro Penance
Name: Robert Hunter/Nitro
Alias: Penance


 Petra Maximoff
Name: Petra Maximoff
Alias: Polaris
Bio: In her home reality Magneto had twin daughters: Wanda and Petra Maximoff. Wanda was gifted with superhuman speed and Petra inherited her father's Magnetic powers. 


 God of War
Name: Kratos
Alias: Ghost of Sparta

Black Namor
Name: Teth Namor
Alias: Black Namor
Bio: An amalgamation of Black Adam and Namor.
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 The Kraken
Name: Jason Hyde
Alias: The Kraken
Bio: Jason Hyde used to be from a happy family, until one day his parents were killed when they went on a boat trip. While swimming Jason and his parents were attacked by sharks, his father managed to get Jason onboard, but was mauled in the attempt. Jason was left to drift on the boat for 3 days, with the rotting corpse of his father. He became dehydrated and began to hallucinate that his father was attacking him, this whole experience traumatised Jason. Over time, Jason repressed the memory and began a succesful career as a civil engineer. Becoming quite a skillfull craftsman. One day after coming home from work, Jason turned on the tv. The news showcased a new hero, the King of the Sea: Aquaman. Seeing Aquaman riding on his shark , Jason snapped. On the tv, Jason didn't see a hero, he saw the embodiment of the one thing he hated the most: the sea. He was to determined to destroy Aquaman and become the master of the ocean. He crafted a suit with four tentacles based on the Kraken of mythological lore and became the acrhenemy of Aquaman.
Powers & abillities: Genius level intellect,  Suit grants: four superhumanly strong tentacles (10 ton), Superhuman strength (5 ton), speed, durability and reflexes,  lasers, various weapons, sensory devices,  underwater adaption,  wields power trident
 Darth Grievous
Name: Qymaen jai Sheelal 
Alias: General Grievous
Bio:  General Grievous was one of the most feared beings in the Galaxy during the Clone Wars. He was scouted and trained to become a Dark Jedi. Learning the principles of the Darj side, light-saber fighting and even to control the force. The Kaleesh warlord was severely injured during a crash and most of his body was replaced with machine. With his new body came a new function and identity, Grievous was named the Supereme General of the Droid Army. After seeing Anakin Skywalker kill Count Dooku, Grievous swore revenge for his fallen master. He battled Obi-Wan and after a long and hard battle Grievous managed to kill Obi-Wan using the force. Anakin now consumed by the Dark Side, confronted Grievous. Grievous, expecting the Jedi to battle him in order to avenge his master, was instead surprised with an invitation.  Anakin had accepted his new identity as Darth Vader and wanted a general to lead his army. Grievous had his doubts about joining the killer of his master, but he eventually accepted.
Powers & abillities: Tactical Genius,  Control over the Dark Force, Master lightsaber fighter, Body grants: four rotating arms, Superhuman strength (5 ton), speed, durability, stamina and reflexes,
Name: Oroku Saki
Alias: The Shredder
Bio: After his brother was killed at the hands of Hamato Yoshi, Saki sought out the murderer and enacted his revenge. Little did Shredder know that Hamato's pet rat was watching the whole ordeal. The rat escaped and was doused with waste from Utrom studies. This mutated him and four young turtles. The rat began to train the four turtles in order to enact the revenge of Yoshi. After years of rigourous training, the Turtles confronted Shredder and managed to overwhelm him, seemingly killing him.  He was however revived using  Utrom technology, a process that involves worms being injected into his body. These worms heal any wounds Shredder is inflicted. Using his newfound powers Shredder battles the Turtles again, resulting in the death of Michalengelo and the loss of Raphael's arm.
 Powers & abillities: Genius level intellect, Master martial artist, Regenrative healing factor, superhuman strength 5 ton), speed, stamina, durability and reflexes, wears special nearly indestructible armor, wirlds the legendary Sword of Tengu

Name: Janet van Dyne
 Killer Bee
Alias: Killer Bee
Bio: Hailing from a world where all the heroes are villains and all the villains are heroes. Janet van Dyne is the wife of Hank Pym, also knows as the size-changing Titan. This version of Wasp is the daughter of international terrorist, Vernon van Dyne. She begins a relationship with her fathers lab-assistant: Hank Pym. Together they plan on killling him in order to take over his operation. They succeeded and became leaders of HYDRA. With their newfound organisation, Jan and Hank dominated the world. Durig their reign, a resistance was created. This new resistance was named the Avengers and was led by German prince: Vincent van Damme. In order to battle this threat, Jan and Hank built an army.  The army was made from the DNA of the late Steve Rogers and aged to maturity through a special liquid. Jan and Hank were visiting their new cloning facility, when the facility was bombed by the Avengers.  During one of the explosions, both were doused with the liquid and as a result gained superpowers. Blaming Hank for their 'curse' Jan began to bully and abuse hank from that point on.
Powers & abillities:  Ability to alter his size: shrinking or growing in the progress, wear a special jetpack with wings, that allow flight, wields two pistols
 The Titan
Name: Hank Pym
Alias: Titan
Bio: Hailing from a world where all the heroes are villains and all the villains are heroes. Hank Pym is the husband of Janet van Dyne also known as the shrinking Killer Bee. The lab assistant of international terrorist, Vernon van Dyne.  Pym is constantly bullied and humilliated by the villain. The daughter of Vernon notices this and takes a liking to Hank. Together they plan on killling him in order to take over his operation. They succeeded and became leaders of HYDRA . With their newfound organisation, Jan and Hank dominated the world. Durig their reign, a resistance was created. This new resistance was named the Avengers and was led by German prince: Vincent van Damme. During a visit to thei cloning facility  Jan and Hank were doused with the liquid and as a result gained superpowers.  They each donned a costume and identity, become Titan and Killer Bee. Using their newfound powers, Hank and Jan begin an all-out war against the Avengers.
Powers & abillities:  Genius level intellect, ability to alter his size: shrinking or growing in the progress
Name: Alexi Blonsky
 Abomination II
Alias: Monstrosity
Bio:  The older brother of the original Abomination, Emil Blonsky, Alexi also worked for the KGB. Emil was killed during a fight with the hulk and in order to avenge his brother he exposed himself to a more controlled and an even greater amount of Gamma radiation than his brother. As a result Alexi was dubbed Monstrosity. Alexi transformation was similair to that of the Hulk and the Abomination, but so much more potent and stronger. Firstly he could change into his alternate form at will, secondly his base strength is higher than that of the Abomination and Hulk and lastly his strength increases as he grows angrier. With his newfound powers he sought out the hulk and managed to kill him. After seeing the destruction caused by the two, the Illuminati tried to send the Monstrosity into outer space, but they failed miserably. Monstosity managed to kill every member of the Illumanti and has since then become one of Earth's mightiest villains.
Powers & abillities:  Ability to change into his Monstrosity form, Superhuman strength (120), speed, regeneration, stamina, durability, senses and reflexes, the madder he gets the stronger he gets
 The Man who broke the Bat
Name: Bane (Unknown)
Alias: The Butcher
Bio: After Bane joined the Secret Six, he found a daughter figure in Scandal Savage. The bonded quickly and she began to see Bane as the father she never had. During Blackest Night Scandal was mortally injured and Bane became enraged. His rage level was so high a Red Lantern ring almost bonded to him permanently, for a moment Bane was a Red Lantern. But after seeing Scandal safe and sound, Love flared up in his heart and the ring flew away. Following the events of Blackest Night Bane removed Scandal from the team in order to ensure her safety. Little did Bane know that Scandal was now much more vulnerable when seperated from the group. News had spread that Scandal is in possesion of the Get-out-of-hell-free card. As a result she was assassinated by Deathstroke and his Titans. Bane was beyond furious, he tracked down Deathstroke, isolated him and tortured till he told who had hired him. Deathstroke mocked Bane and said Scandal died like an animal pleading to end her suffering. Bane snapped and that's when the Butcher, the embodiment of Rage,  bonded with him. Using his newfound powers, Bane tortured Slade to death as well as his Titans. After that he set out to find Deathstroke's client:.Lex Luthor.
Powers & abillities:  Genius level intellect, master martial artist, Superhuman strength (undetermined), speed, regeneration, durability, stamina, senses and reflexes, feeds on rage to get stronger, flight, Complete control of the Red Light of Rage.


 Base of Operation

Judgment Day
Every evil organisation needs their minions. The whole organisation is funded by Titan, Killer Bee and the Shredder. This army is composed of a mixture of AIM researchers, Hand Ninjas and T-800 Terminators. The research and development division is headed by Black Manta and Titan. Both of them leads a cadre of AIM researchers to develop new weapons and enhancements. The reckon, stealth and assination squad consists of a small group of Hand Ninjas led by the Shredder. The Terminator army numbers up to 800.000 T-800 units. They have been modified to contain multiple weapons and devices hidden in their robotc bodies.This massive army is led by the supreme commander General Grievous.
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Name: Anthony Edward Stark 
 Iron Patriot

Alias: Iron Patriot
Bio: Pretty much the same Iron Man as Earth-616. After the events of Civil War, Steve Rogers was assasinated on the steps of the federal courthouse. Rogers was buried in the Antartic, every hero and villain stopped their quarrel to mourn a fallen hero. Captain America's death deeply affected Stark and he had a change of heart, he rebels against the government. He repainted his armor, takes up Roger's shield and dons the identity of Iron Patriot in honor of his late friend.  He starts his own team called the Secret Avengers and lives as a fugitive helping out people who need his help. Gradually redeeming himself for his participation in the hunt, capture and incarceration of all the heroes during the events of Civil War.
Powers & abillities: Genius level intellect, Indestructible shield: can be used to shield, as a melee weapon or as a projectile,  Suit grants: Superhuman strength (100 ton), speed, durability and reflexes, flight, energy repulsors, various ballistic weapons and guidance systems, interface with JARVIS, forcefield generation, sensory devices,  Muscle memory of Captain America
 Bladed Panther
Name: T'Challa Udaku
Alias: Black Panther
Bio: . They needed his expertise on a new alloy sharing some similarities with Vibranium, this new metal was dubbed Adamantium. T'Challa agreed to accompany the men back to America and conducts tests on the new metal. One of the scientists, Johannes Klaw, began to envy Udaku. During one of the sonic experiments Klaw sabotaged the machine> The alloy became unstable and exploded, destroying the machine and critically injuring T'Challa. The scientists had to act fast, they replaced pieces of his bone with Adamantium and they injected him with a healing factor to stabilise his condition. The procedure awakened T'Challa's latent Mutant powers. Klaw also underwent a transformation, they radiation of the sonic emitter, altered his genetic makeup. He became living sound. Blaming the Panther for his incident Klaw swore to make the Panther pay.
Powers & abillities:  Genius level intellect, Master martial artist , enhanced strength (1 ton), speed, durability and reflexes, healing factor, uses a variety of bladed weapons, Reinforced skeleton, suit contains vibranium and adamantium, wields Ebony Blade.
 Spider-Man II
Name: Peter Benjamin Parker
Alias: Scarlet Spider
  Not from the same dimension as the Luke Cage Venom. This version of Peter Parker is actually the half-brother of Ben Reilly, this worlds Spider-Man. After learning about his brother and his secret identity. Peter created a suit based on the designs he had stolen from Tony Stark to aid his brother in his superhero career. While his brother was honest and heroic, Peter was rude and loathsome. Ben served as the moral compass of Peter. One day Ben was ambushed by the Sinister Syndicate. Ben was brutally beaten and used as bait to lure out Peter. Peter thought about abandoning his brother, but eventually came back for him. They attacked Peter simultaneously, but ben pushed peter out of the way and took the full force. Soon thereafter the Avengers arrived, but it wasr already too late. Ben Reilly died that night in the arms of Peter. As a result Peter tried to better his life and superhero carreer in honor of his late brother.
Powers & abillities: Genius level intellect, Suit grants: Superhuman strength (15 ton), speed, durability and reflexes, web shooting, wall crawling  
 Red Lantern
Name: Guy Darrin Gardner   
Alias: Red Lantern
What if Guy Gardner kept his Red Lantern ring? Well, this version did. After the bonding, Guy became a full member of the Red Lanterns. He stayed with them for a while untile he went back to Earth. On earth he was reunited with his lost love, Ice. She persuaded him to stay on earth and be a hero again. Guy started to calm down and listened to her. So he stayed on earth and went on to become a full-fledged member of the JLA.. His signature green spark replaced with a red flame, Guy takes up the identity of the Red Lantern. With the help of Atrocitus and support of Ice, Guy learned to control his powers and not to give in to his more savage side, he even managed to make light constructs.
Powers & abillities: Red Power Ring grants: protective forcefield, interstellar flight, the ability to make solid light constructs, the ability to breathe a highly corrosive red flame.   
 Sorcerer Supreme
Name: Annataz Arataz    
Alias: Annataz
Bio: An alternate version of Zatanna, this sorcerer is much darker and more serious. While expereimenting with interdimensional travel, Annataz accidentally teleported herself to Marvel's Limbo dimension. She was immediatly imprisoned by Belasco who wanted to make her his bride. She tried to use her magic, but Belasco was far too strong. She was held against her will for close to 3 years. She used these years to study the dark arts with which she eventually killed Belasco and escaped to the Marvel universe. She sought out a way to get back to her own dimension and in her journey she met different sorcerers and other magical individuals. One of them was Doctor Strange, Strange offered her a home and mentorship. Over time she blossomed into a powerful sorcerer and even managed to surpass her old mentor. Her skills were enough to grant her the mantle of Sorcerer Supreme. 
Powers & abillities: Vast knowledge of arcane rituals and magic spells, mastery of Magic, Eye of Agamotto grants: psychic abillities and the ability to see through illusions, Cloak of Levitation grants: flight and has the ability to move and grab objects

 White Lantern
Name: Jason Rusch/Ronnie Raymond
Alias: Firestorm
  In the aftermath of the Blackest Night, Jason Rusch discovered he could fuse with Ronnie Raymond to form a new version of Firestorm. Because of this unlikely fusion, there was always tension between the two when fused. Jason blmed Ronnie for the death of Gehenna. But over time the two have learned to respect each other, eventually forging a strong connection between the two. This connection is needed, because inside the Firestorm persona lurks a third personality: The Black Lantern Firestorm. During an experiment the Black Lantern Firestorm was freed thus releasing Jason and Ronnie from his presence. Using his transmutation powers the Black Firestorm crafted his own body and escaped. The Black Lantern continued to terrorise Jason Rusch and Ronnie Raymond. So in order to battle this threat, the duo sought out the Entity. The Entity returned the White Lantern powers to Firestorm in order to face the Black Lantern, now calling himself Deathstorm.
Powers & abillities: Superhuman strength (80 tons), speed, regeneration, intelligence, senses and reflexes, Molecular Manipulatian, energy bolts, thermal and quark vision, energy and radiation absorption, healing abilities
Name: Clark Joseph Kent
Alias: Superman
Bio: This version of Superman is a lot more darker and bitter. During a run in with Lex Luthor that left Lois Lane and Perry WHite dead, Superman was stabbed in the heart with a piece of Kryptonite. In a fit of rage Superman beat up Luthor so bad, he ended up paraplegic and comatose. This event haunts him to this day and is the main reason for his change of attitude. Because of the piece of Kryptonite near his heart Superman is forced to wear a special suit that keeps him alive. The guilt over Lex his condition and the fact that Superman is forced to wear the suit at all time, makes him silent and grumpy. As a result Batman is forced to handle all tasks Superman used to oversee in the JLA. Ironically switching positions between the two heroes. Batman acting as the Team leader and Superman acting as the team's dark outsider.
Powers & abillities:  Superhuman strength (undetermined), speed, regeneration, intelligence, senses and reflexes, invulnerability, longevity, x-ray vision, heat vision, telescopic vision, microscopic vision, super breath, flight

Reserve Members: Secret Weapons, only called upon when necessary

 Goddess of War
Name: Diana Prince
Alias: War Woman
After Ares was slain at the hands of Wonder Woman, a hole was left in the Greek pantheon of gods. This role had to be filled, so in order to maintain balance, Zeus chose Diana as the new Goddess of War. Diana at first had a hard time adjusting to her new position as well as coping with her newfound powers. She is easily one of the strongest heroes alive, if not the strongest. Because of her new function as Goddess of War, she  doesn't have much time to be on the team. As a result she isn't as field active as she used to be, she is mostly only called upon when necessary. Diana is the regional specialist when it comes to conflict and warfare. She also advices the team when they need a battle strategy or when they need intel on their opponents strategy. She is also the first person the team turns to when they come in contact with divine forces i.e. gods, angels, demons, undead, etcetera.
Powers & abillities:  Mastery of every fighting style and weaponry, master stragetist, superhuman strength (undetermined), speed, durability, regeneration,senses and reflexes, flight, immortality, indestructible armor and weapons 
 Mainstream Spawn
Name: Albert Francis Simmons
Alias: Spawn
  The Mainstream Spawn (I find it hard to think of an alternate version of Spawn). Spawn was once a man named Al Simmons, He was highly trained as an assassin and was considered the best. He was promoted to a Higher level of the C.I.A. that dealt with the things the Government had kept secret from the general public.However, Al soon realized that the Government wasn't always right and started questioning if they were truly correct in their actions.  As a result Al Simmons was murdered.  Simmons was then sent to hell, where in a desperate attempt to see his wife one last time, he made a deal with the demon Malebolgia, and unwittingly became a " Hellspawn", a General in Hell's Army. Spawn has tried to retain his own humanity while finding a way out of Malebolgia's control and battling a variety of enemies, both supernatural and criminal. The Violator  revealed to Spawn the purpose of his life and fought him. . Now realizing his purpose he must fight to survive against both the forces of Heaven and Hell.
Powers & abillities:  Superhuman strength (undertermined), speed, durability and endurance, Immortality, Flight, Magic, Teleportation, Shapeshifting, healing factor, Necroplasmic energy blasts, Resurrection, Empathy, Wears living symbiotic costume capable of evolving 
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Arctic Batman
Name: Bruce Wayne
Alias: Batman
Bio:  The son of Thomas and Martha Wayne and also the younger brother of Thomas Jr. This version of Batman hails from a world where a second Ice Age has just begun. About half of Earth's heroes are dead because of the neverending blizzard. The people have been forced to live underground, because the surface is far too cold to sustain live. They live in underground cities connected by tunnel systems. Bruce used his resources and connections to fund the building of the underground systems.  This version of Batman has an extreme hatred for his archenemy: Mr Freeze, this world's version of Joe Chill and the murderer of his parents and brother. Chill was also the cause for the Ice Age, looking for a way to live outside his suit, he plunged the whole world into Subzero. This further fueled Bruce's hatred for his archenemy.  Bruce used a special serum manufactured from the late Superman's blood to give him enhanced physical attributes in order to battle his foe. This version also employes a freeze gun formerly used by the late Captain Cold.
Powers & abillities: Genius level intellect, Master martial artist & detective, enhanced strength (1 ton), speed, durability and reflexes, healing factor, uses a variety of gadgets and freeze gun, master in combat involving ice
 Archer and Warrior
Name: Clinton Francis Barton
Alias: Ronin
Bio:  After coming back to live and discovering that Kate Bishop is using the Hawkeye identity, Clint Barton decided to take up the mantle of Ronin. Barton has gone on many adventures using his new identity, on his own or as part of the New Avengers. During his world's version of Secret invasion, Kate Bishop was injured. As a result Barton took up his old bow and continued to kill numerous Skrulls. He seemingly killed queen Veranke only for her to  reappear some time later.  Knowing Skrulls don't go down that easy, Clint stays weary about the queen's death. When she eventually resurfaced, Clint shot her in the head  before Norman Osborn could, thereby effectivly ending the Secret invasion and preventing the Dark Reign. As a result Clint is hailed as a national hero and made leader of the Avengers. Clinton on the other hand is unsatisfied with his new position. He incorparates his old bow and arrow in his  costume. Soon thereafter he dissapears from the spotlights and starts his own gritty version of the Avengers: the Dark Avengers.
Powers & abillities: Master martial artist, archer & swordfighter, Peak human physical attributes, uses a variety of trick arrows and melee weapons

 Kitty Pryde
Name: Katherine "Kitty" Anne Pryde
Alias: Wondra
Bio:  Kitty Pryde was one of the Mutants that lost their powers during M-Day. She tried to live a normal life as a teacher, but continued to miss her old family and lifestyle. During one of her class field trips the museum they were visiting was attacked by  Whirlwind. When Whirlwind threatend one of her cornered students, Kitty confronted him. But before Whirlwind could strike at her, he was taken out by Justice and his team of New Warriors. Seeing her in action, he invited her to join the team and Kitty accepted. She was a normal history teacher by day and a superhero at night. The Tinkerer, a member of Justice's New Warriors, created a costume that would enhance her physical capabilites. Kitty Pryde then took up the superhero monniker, Wondra.During one of the team's missions, Kitty was exposed to the Terrigen Mist. The exposure led to the re-emergence of her phasing powers.
Powers & abillities: Genius-level intellect, Skilled Martial Artist, able to pahse through solid objects, suit grants: Superhuman strength (40 ton), speed, durability and reflexes.  

Name: Luke Cage
Black Spider-Man
Alias: Venom
Bio: When the Venom symbiote left Spider-Man, Luke Cage was fighting crime near the church where this happened. The symbiote bonded itself to him and tried to use Luke to kill Spider-Man. For a brief time Cage was a reluctant hero, the symbiote used his guilt over his wifes death to manipulate him. This all changed when Spider-Man saved Luke's daughter. Luke found the strength to fight back and since then they have become close friends and allies.This version of Venom is much more powerful than the 616-version as a result to bonding to Cage, able to trade blows with the Hulk and walk away. Luke Cage has shown to have greater control over the symbiote than other hosts. The symbiote and Cage share a mutual respect for each other. This version of Luke Cage started the Heroes for Hire team together with this Earth's version of Iron Fist, Matt Murdock.  
Powers & abillities: Skilled street fighter., Superhuman strength (80 ton), speed, durability and reflexes, healing factor, web shooting, wall crawling, shapeshifting 
 Man of Steel
Name: John Henry Irons II
Alias: Steel
Bio: Earth-161 shared many similarities with the main DC universe, except for one slight exception. This world's Superman was black. He crash landed in Metroplois, sending his ship through the roof of the Irons house. The Irons family decided to adopt the child, they named him John Henry irons. This version of Steel is the son of Superman. He like his father was also blessed with superhuman abilities, but not on the same level as his father. Unlike his father, Henry didn't want to become a superhero. His father urged him to help people, argueing that his powers were a gift used for the better of mankind. But Henry still didn't change his mind, until one day. Doomsday had entered Earth and was wreaking havoc in Metropolis. Superman battled the threat and eventually defeated it, but at the cost of his own life. Henry inspired by his father crafted a suit of armor and a hammer to compensate for his lack of powera and became Steel.
Powers & abillities:  Genius level intellect, Superhuman strength (50 ton), speed, durability, stamina and  regeneration,  Suit  enhances and grants: Superhuman strength (100 ton), speed, durability and reflexes, flight, energy repulsors, various ballistic weapons and guidance systems,  Wields indestructible mallet

The Balance

Bio, currently under construction

Love was contacted one night, right after he had saved two civillian hostages. He found a strange invitation from a group calling himself the Balance, a group that secretly controls the whole world, making it possible for peace. 
The Balance is an organisation, led by nine individuals. Three Villains, three Heroes and three Neutrals. The Villains represent one scale, the heroes the other scale and the Neutrals represents the pillar holding them both up. Each member has been carefully observed and picked by the other members. All the members find it stressfull to work with one another, but they respect each other and have all accepted their  place in the Balance. Each member of the Balance represents an aspect of Death. 

The Villains

Rage - Ikari 

Name: Carter Lin
Alias: Ikari (my older profile)
Aspect: Rage
Bio: Rage leads to more Rage and eventually to suffering. Carter has always been a source of anger. One day both of his parents were murdered. He thought the murderer could be brung to justice, only to see the court rule in favor of him. This further fueled his rage and under influence of a strange, alien ring he became Ikari.


Greed - The Golden King

Name: Isaac Williams III
Alias: The Golden King
Aspect: Greed
Bio: Greed drives people to death or murder, a good example of Greed is Isaac Williams.  Isaac was a british aristocrat and obsessed with gold. Thinking the best way to obtain all the gold he wanted was by stealing it. So he turned to a life of crime. One day while raiding a lab he
discovered a beam that could alter molecules. He could use this weapon to turn everything into gold. Incorperating the weapon into his suit, he became the Golden King.  

Destruction - Voicst

Name: Sandra Simms
Alias: Voicst
Aspect: Destruction
Bio: Sandra was born with amazing singing talent, she had a beautiful voice and an amazing singing career. After a accident rendered her mute, Sandra did everything in her power to regain her voice. She participated in an experiment. The experiment gave her back her voice, but it was amplified by a million times. Now she can't even speak without leveling a building. Feeling defeated and bitter, she snapped and set out to wreak havoc. 

The Heroes


Love - Love

Name: Jackson Love
Alias: Love
Aspect: Love

Bio: People kill and die for love, Jackson Love has devoted his whole life to love. So it was natural that he would become the representation of the aspect of Love. Jackson has an amazing ability to learn things and a love for women. He's devoted most of his time learning new things to impress women.  He has nearly mastered any skill a human being could posses.

Protection - Guardian

Name: Clifford Ward
Alias: Guardian
Aspect: Protection

Bio: People die protecting.  They sacrifice themselves or others to protect what they hold dear. Clifford grew up on the streets of New York. Every night he and his brother would be attacked by thugs. So in order to protect each other they learned how to fight. One night Cliffords brother was killed during a mugging. To honor his brother Clifford protected and helped the poor and homeless. He became the Guardian.

Beliefs - Lightbreaker

Name: John Lamar Brown
Alias: Lightbreaker
Aspect: Believes

Bio: People have believes and they are willing to kill or die for what they hold high. John's father taught him that whatever people did, he should try and see the best in them. That same day John's father was killed durin a mugging. John wasn't angry, he knew not all people are evil. He believes in what his father stood for. He believes that one day, everybody can get along with each other.

The Neutrals


Madness - Slayer

Name: Waylon Jenson
Alias: Slayer
Aspect: Madness
Bio: Madness exists on both sides, evil and good. Everybody is insane in their own way, nobody is normal. Waylon Jenson used to be a technician until one day wehn his house was struck by a meteor.The crash killed his family and a strange alien goo bonded to his skin. He could now control machines but the accident left him deformed and insane.

Despair - Despair

Name: Anne de Caunes
Alias: Despair
Aspect: Despair
Bio: Despair was born in France during World War II. Her family was of Jewish decent and thus they were froced to live in hiding. Trusting nobody and constantly living in fear. Because her parents didn't want to live in fear any longer, they performed a ritual which would give their youngest child vast magical abilities. During the ritual both of Anne's parents died. She changed her name and would wreak havoc for decades before she was cotacted by the Balance.

Time - Chronos

Name: Unknown
Alias: Chronos
Aspect: TIme
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