Prelude to war #0-1 part 2: The Hierarchy, Tombstone's report

The Urtraghian Space Pirates

Perhaps the most loosely aligned of the member organizations of the Hierarchy, these creatures are thugs, bullies eager to get a quick buck hurting other beings. Disgusting really. Everything I don't like in an army. Nobody is quite sure where they're from, but everyone knows that they're brutal, merciless, intelligent, and utterly amoral. Note that I'm not going to bother organizing them into their breeds because they all intermingle anyway. Notably. And since they're a conglomerate of mercenaries, there's probably lots more where these came from.

Note the huge, powerful chest.

Tallonian Militia man: Equipped with shielding, but not much armor, the Militiamen are still rapacious warriors who can tear a man apart limb from limb before he can take two steps. I'd say they've got the Ant's strength with the Beetle's reflexes, not as good as either, but still nothing I'd want to mess with. The power scythe and galvinic assault cannon they've got is pretty nasty, as is their habit of spamming grenades and ability to crawl on walls.

Tombstone's notes: Be aware of all three dimensions, Space pirates are fond of dropping down from up high to eviscerate unwitting victims, and in indoor environments, their maneuverability is almost unmatched.

Long, lanky, and very, very mean.

Armored Tallonian troopers: Now equipped with power armor to go with their subdermal shield generators, Tallonian troopers are much tougher than before, stronger too, twice so in fact. But otherwise little has changed save for perhaps a tad more skill

Tombstone's notes: While they carry the same weapons, they now have back mounted thrusters that let them surprise unwary opponents, watch out for this.

The heart and organs are not exposed, the armor just makes it look like that

Aetherian Trooper: From what I can tell the space pirates are divided into multiple castes and breeds, with each one being very different from the other but ultimately having a few shared traits. Aetherian troopers are better armed and armored than their Tallonian counterparts using Quantum Assault Cannons and Photonic Power scythes with much faster firing weapons, overall being twice as deadly, but seem to be lacking in any sort of manual dexterity given their grafted weapons and vastly different hand structure. Their shields are superior too.

Tombstone's notes: Aetherians are largely tallonians, just more so.

A fire trooper

Tallonian Elemental troopers: More elite than the average trooper, elemental troopers are divided into energy types. Red for heat, Blue for cold, Yellow for electricity, Grey for sound, Purple for Dark energy, White for light energy, Green for Radiation. Each has a weapon and power scythe based on their chosen weapon and are more well armored, shielded, and stronger than their base trooper counterparts. Each of these is ten times stronger than a standard tallonian pirate.

Tombstone's notes: Elemental troopers are nearly impervious to attacks not of the energy types they use. Be sure to have friends with a lot of variety in weapons or powers.

The assholes fly now

Tallonian Flying pirate: Equipped with a fusion jet pack equipped with a regenerative supply missile launcher, a deployable power scythe and an upgraded verstion of their galvinic assault cannon, flying pirates wear limited amounts of power armor and superior shielding along with reflex enhancers.

Tombstone's notes: The jets produce a massive heat signature from the nuclear reaction they use to keep themselves aloft, and as you can see, Flying Pirates are spindlier than their normal counterparts. Try getting them into melee

Ninja pirates...

Shadow pirates: Murderous cloaked assassins, Shadow pirates utilize advanced omni-cloaking fields that make it impossible to see, hear, or smell them at any wavelength. Luckily their fields take up too much energy from their power suits to let them use ranged weapons, so they forego them for dual wielding power scythes. They are very strong, about as powerful as armored troopers,

Tombstone's notes: They are impervious to psionics, energy attacks, and magic due to the way their cloaking field works, meaning that your best bet is physical weaponry. To detect them, look for any displacements they make, like moving dust around or pushing objects over.

Note how they graft the weapon over their original arm

Aetherian grenedier: Having replaced their right arms with a large energy grenade launcher, Aetherian grenediers are essentially living mortars, though they still retain one scythe arm to fire away at enemies.

Tombstone's notes: Grenediers lack rapid fire weapons and lose a bit in melee capability due to replacing their pincers. Getting directly in their faces seems ideal.

Aetherians are probably the most body mod obsessed of the pirates

Aetherian Aerotroopers:Clad in heavy flight suits that quadruple their power, Aetherian Aerotroopers are equipped with triple linked quantum assault cannons, gel-bombs, and an endless array of missiles they can fire out from their fusion lance jet packs. With their high maneuverability and durability, they act as more elite counterparts to the Tallonian flying pirates.

Tombstone's notes: While their shielding is potent, it still doesn't disguise their energy signatures.

I have to admit, it's a sexy look

Aetherian pirate commando: Meta killers one and all, Commandos are over a hundred times the superior of a standard aetherian trooper with the most advanced armor and weapons they can acquire affordably. With pulse assault cannons that rip through formations and can gut armor, grenade launchers that can launch anything from frags, to kraks, to incendieries, powerful shielding, teleporters, flight packs, cloaking packs, the ability to deploy invulnerable energy hand shields, and energy blades deployable from their guns

Tombstone's notes: Commandos are an arrogant lot, which isn't unfounded as they're widely considered some of the finest troops the hierarchy has to offer, exploit this with everything you have, and note their skinny midsections, bisection may be an option here.

I'm not exactly sure what's going on with those eyes

Zebesian: About as strong and tough as Tallonians, Zebesians use powerful single shot piercing beams rather than rapid fire beams and lack the matter disrupting scythes of the Tallonians. They make up for it however, with powerful pincers. Zebesians are a bit slower on their feet but make up for it with superior jumping abilities.

Tombstone's notes: The joint connecting the creature's "foot" to it's "sin" is notably small and perhaps vulnerable to breaking

Note the armor's openings

Steel Zebesian: This time clad in armor to bring them up to the level of the armored troopers, Steel Zebesians are pretty much identical to armored tallonians save for the few physiological differences and choices in weaponry. I must admit the bird like styling is quite curious.

Tombstone's notes: I'm not sure why, but the abdomen and neck areas are exposed, once the shielding fails these parts of the body are vulnerable to attack.

Perhaps the first to not pack missiles

Flying Zebesians: Not much to say other than that they have the same trade offs compared to flying pirates as Zebesians have to Tallonians. Be aware if you try and get into melee, they bite, *hard*. And those pincers? Look at the teeth on them, once they grab you they are not letting go.

Tombstone's notes: How do they balance themselves with those shoes?

They know Kung-fu

Golden Zebesian: Golden Zebesians have an invulnerability field. According to peacekeeper files, nothing can penetrate it, not even planet busting grade attacks, and they are extremely fast, to the point of casually overwhelming super speed frankensteins and very strong, and throw forth razors that can carve through Adamantium like tissue paper. However, after leaping, Golden Zebesians leave themselves vulnerable in their backs for a split second.

Tombstone's notes: There may be a form of hyper energy that can overwhelm even their shielding, but so far it's still theoretical.

What is with space and giant god damn bugs?

Ki-Hunters:From what I gather, these creatures actually come from another universe altogether and joined the Space Pirates out of a promise of slaughter and profit. Very fast, very strong, very lethal, but luckily other than subdermal shield generators and the occasional set of power armor they seem to disdain technology.

Tombstone's notes: Be wary of their proboscis, if it gets in you, your organs are going to turn into soup.

The armored figure here was called "Seer of Light" in their files.

Reo: From the same universe as the Ki-hunters, reos are small and extremely numerous if somewhat weak enemies. The average human could kill quite a few of them with modern weapons, but the problem is that they come in such massive numbers and have no concept of fear, and even despite their low status, they're still considered worth the effort of having subdermal shield generators.

Tombstone's notes: The easiest way to kill a Reo is to hit it in the eyes.

Note the lack of a neck And those things on it's shoulders? Missile launchers.

Rhedogian: Very powerful, tough and annoying bastards to kill. These flight capable bastards have a powerful armored shell and only a small weak point in the form of their mouth, which they like to fire massive energy beams from. Their horns and claws make for deadly melee weapons, and their shield generation is top notch. Thankfully they're pretty rare as far as the Space Pirates go.

Tombstone's note: They do have a problem with being flanked, having only a limited field of view.

Note the reference to the "Seer of light" in the upper left corner. Curious.

Griptian: Powerful, armadillo like aliens, Griptians are not only very well armored and lethal in melee, but can curl up into balls and smack into opponents with near escape velocity speeds to pulverize them, making them like living cannon balls. Oddly, their bones aren't based on Calcium, but instead are made from a carbon-nanotube structure, making me believe that these are artificial life forms.

Tombstone's notes: Those claws are as deadly as they look, they can carve right through steel like a knife through butter.

How this thing stays upright I'll never know.

Ghalmanian: Another creature with things that shouldn't evolve naturally, like it's shadow pirate level cloaking ability or the fact that it's tongue is twice as long as it's body. These creatures are excellent assassins, but luckily don't strike from that far a distance. Not that this is going to be particularly helpful to someone on the receiving end of a Ghalmanian kill squad.

Tombstone's notes: The tip of a Ghalmanian's tongue is extremely adhesive, and they regrow it back faster than any part of it's body if cut.

There's that seer of light again.

Desbrachian: Very large, very powerful, and way, way too fast for something of their bulk, Desbrachians have a killer combo of extreme speed, danger senses, regenerative abilities, incredible durability, and almost absurd lethality in melee, with blade arms that can carve through nearly any form of matter and disrupt nearly any kind of shielding, as well as an incredible danger sense and seeming precognition, being able to counter other precognitive combatants and move fast enough to block most forms of escape. They can also fly, and if hurt, retreat into nearly invulnerable shells stronger than Uru to regenerate even faster.

Tombstone's notes: It would take near absolute hot temperatures to force a Desbrachian out of it's regenerative shell.

No they don't want to hear about your feelings

Bloggs: Vicious aquatic predators in service to the space pirates and thus the Hierarchy, Bloggs are impressively well armored creatures, having developed a natural vibranium armored coating that makes attacking them anywhere but head on futile in most causes. Their jaws are tremendously strong and can crush most forms of armor and shielding with ease, and they fire powerful sonic blasts that can cause a whale to explode.

Tombstone's notes: Bloggs are nearly invulnerable everywhere but the front since their insides aren't as tough as their outsides, but luckily their offensive power is concentrated there so they will concentrate on that end.

Jelzaps are lazy sons of bitches. They don't move much and instead hunt by attraction. Their bodies are actually two distinct formations that can completely separate while remaining linked by powerful electromagnetic currents while generating one of their own capable of drawing in prey to be crushed by their jaws which can smash most metahumans with ease. Their carapaces are made of vibranium and are barely able to be hurt until they try to eat something.

Tombstone's notes: I really want to know how something like this evolved.

How many eyes does an animal really need?

Grenchlers: Powerful semi-aquatic life forms, Grenchlers are ideal for the Hierarchy's need for creatures who are equally at home on land or water. With that same natural vibranium carapace, Grenchlers are nearly invulnerable everywhere except a sensitive nerve cluster the back, which is protected by a shell. however the shell can be torn off by force at a small "hinge" or by just yanking at it. Grenchlers can also snap their jaws with tremendous force, leap multiple miles at a time to the point that they can use themselves as living artillery, and shoot enormously powerful bursts of electricity from their horns.

Tombstone's notes: Why the hell do they have eyes on their lower jaw?

This is our salvation

Me'traaid: Created by the ancient Jinkoro, the Me'traaid is a superpredator that attacks by draining all energy from it's targets, including the power of one's very soul. Even it's cells attack anything thought of as foreign or unbeneficial to the Me'traaid, meaning that their cell cultures provide the perfect cure for the Thoughtsin, and using their genetics for gene therapy provides a vaccine to all diseases. Even those of supernatural origin are simply useless against Me'traaid genehanced beings. Me'traaids also have an interesting relationship with Dark Glass, and they seem to mutate quite radically under different atmospheric compositions, background radiation levels, and other such factors. Most worryingly is that when exposed to Beta rays, they undergo asexual fission as quickly as Bacteria do with no need to gather up mass, meaning that they can completely overwhelm a planet within a few days.

Tombstone's notes: Me'traaids are almost impossibly durable and extremely strong despite only about being the size of a torso. They need only fear cold to freeze them followed up by massive blunt force to shatter them.

It's still ugly though

Alpha Me'traaid: After a Metroid’s first molting, it will turn into an Alpha Me'traaid. Alpha Me'traaids have a thick shell, as well as rudimentary legs and horns, and retain the distinctive Me'traaid globule. The Alpha Me'traaid is more advanced in that its shell protects it from being frozen, but the molting process has also removed the Metroid’s resistance to Missiles, as its shell has not yet fully hardened, nor does it effectively cover the Alpha’s vitals. The Alpha Me'traaid seems aware of this weakness, so tends to lie in secluded areas, ambushing prey that comes close. Despite its weakness, the Alpha Me'traaid is incredibly aggressive when threatened, ramming prey and draining their energy dry with little regard for its own safety.

Tombstone's notes: This tactic will normally ensure it will either kill its attackers or frighten them off, but can be exploited by a fearless, disciplined, and well-lead unit of Soldiers. Even so, Alpha Me'traaid are considered highly dangerous and best not taken lightly.

Gamma Me'traaid: After an Alpha Me'traaid has consumed a large amount of energy, it will molt again, growing in size and power to become a Gamma Me'traaid. The Gamma Me'traaid’s most notable feature is its ability to emit a powerful electrical discharge. This is generated through modifications to the Me'traaid’s globular organ, which can both absorb and expel energy. A Gamma Me'traaid is also characterized by its large plated shell, four elongated legs, and three pronounced horns. The Me'traaid’s vision has also increased with two sets of three compound eyes. Xenobiologists speculate these eyes can see in multiple spectrums.

Tombstone's notes: A Gamma Me'traaid will attack by shocking its prey and then ramming the incapacitated victim with its massive horns. Its long, spindly legs are used for grasping its prey so it can prevent escape and suck out energy at leisure. A Gamma Me'traaid will also relentlessly attack more tenacious foes, ramming them into a corner where it can pin them with horns and legs, using its electrical field to quickly weaken them. It still doesn't like gutshots.

Zeta Me'traaid: Built like dinosaurs, once a Gamma has drained enough energy under "standard" conditions, it molts it's shell and develops into a Zeta Me'traaid. Which combines all the above problems when dealing with Me'traaids with the fact that it can now spit out nuclear fire from biological fusion reactions as well as an incredible powerful set of limbs and a jaw. The Zeta Me'traaid is not to be trifled with.

Tombstone's notes: And look at how it's belly weak point just keeps on getting smaller and smaller.

Omega me'traaid: Even bigger and more powerful than it's predecessors, the Omega Me'traaid is like an alien Tyrannosaurus rex, if alien Tyrannosauruses could tear frankensteins in half casually and suck the life out of gods. The very sight of just one of these creatures is enough to send a Thoughtsin hive into full panic mode, and honestly, they scare the hell out of me too.

Tombstone's notes: Once again, the Omega Me'traaid has a weak point in it's belly, but even attacking that will take ages to kill it.

Queen Me'traaid: While Me'traaids also reproduce by asexual division at bacteria like rates while exposed to Beta Radiation, the Queen Me'traaid also serves as a reproductive mechanism, laying eggs at an incredible rate. However, the queen is far from defenseless, it is in fact, possessed of ludicrous strength, and like all Pirate utilized Me'traaids, the queen is also given shield implants to bolster it's durability. With all the abilities of it's lesser evolutions, the Queen is almost impossibly lethal.

Tombstone's notes: THe only way to hurt it is to get inside it's gut...good luck with that.

That thing on it's shoulder is meant to be carried by tanks.

Elite Tallonian pirate: Mutated and altered by some unknown radioactive substance referred to as Dark Glass, Elites are products of a terrible supersoldier program. Carrying a massive plasma artillery cannon, extendable power bayonets on their wrists, hand shield generators, form fitting armor, shockwave generators in their feet and hands, and a mean streak a mile wide, Elites are also colossally strong, some of the strongest soldiers I've ever seen.

Tombstone's Notes: The shields they can form in their hands absorb energy attacks, making them stronger, but physical weapons are merely deflected if caught by the shield, so when they have their hands out to make the shield, aim away from their hands with projectile attacks.

Note the massive power blade attatchment.

Armored elites: They are as to normal elites as armored troopers are to the regulars.

Tombstone's notes: Again, their armor and shielding has a noted deficiency against projectile weaponry such as missiles and slugthrowers.

How do they eat with those jaws?

Urtraghian Space pirate: The core of the Pirate Confederacy, these are perhaps the single least pleasant beings in the whole of the universe, perhaps even beyond. They're murderous, rapacious, cruel, amoral, and frequently cannibalistic. One and a half times the superiors of Aetherian soldiers in every way, Urtraghians consider themselves the cream of the Pirate crop. They come with a large amount of variety and all the panolopy of war, grafted energy cannons, grenades galore, jump thrusters for added maneuverability, grapple beams, energy scythes, there's no field of war where they can be found lacking. They are perhaps, the perfect soldiers. Now if only they weren't also some of the most evil beings in the universe. Some of them carry "D.G.E.Ds" which pump dark glass into their systems, giving them massive physical boosts and charge up their weapon and armor systems up something fierce.

Tombstone's notes: The midsection is the least well armored point of their bodies, so once their shields are down you really should go for those. Urtraghians come in armored, shielded, advanced, assault, and aero modes and any combination of such. Shielded ones carry large energy shield projectors that while invulnerable, can be ripped away from them, armored ones carry basic added on armor that is more vulnerable to physical attacks than energy based ones, advanced pirates are impervious to energy attacks but vulnerable to physical ones, assault pirates have it in reverse, and aeropirates carry highly advanced jet packs.

A render of an armored shield trooper
Urtraghian armored tactical carrier dropping off it's deadly cargo
Another ATC

Armored tactical carrier: Small scale carriers utilized by the Hierarchy, the ATC is armed with dual tri-beam cannons, missile banks, an energy bomb generator, and a number of anti-personnel turrets, as well as space to carry in squads of Hierarchy infantry directly into battle where the larger vehicles developed by the Jiralhanae or the Zolkri dare not tread. These vehicles are so heavily armored that only the frontal vent is really vulnerable to attack.

Tombstone's notes: Be aware that every ATC has a deadly cargo inside to unload before providing fire support.

It may look like an odd design, but there's no competitor in terms of sheer speed

Dagger class interceptor: While seemingly unbalanced, the interceptor, with an identical armament to the ATC, is extremely fast and accelerates extremely quickly, capable of going faster in a straight line that virtually any air or space craft I've ever seen, and it's armor and shielding isn't too shabby either.

Tombstone's notes: It may be easier to go for the pilot than bother trying to catch these things.

Note the "Seer of light" immediately in front of the giant monster

Rampagers: Urtraghians mutated by Dark Glass, much like the Tallonian Elites, the Rampagers are much stronger and tougher than their unmutated kin. They carry shockwave generators, a dark glass beamer, shoulder orb launchers, and the ability vomit out massive rivers of Dark glass infused liquid that is both very corrosive and ungodly radioactive.

Tombstone's notes: One can smash the Orbs it fires right back into it to deal some damage.

The helmet in the upper left corner is for a different sort of Urtraghian

Urtraghian Commandos: The best of the best, given the finest mutations, genetic alterations, cybernetics, power armor, and weaponry that the Confederacy can give, Urtraghian Commandos considered bar none some of the finest soldiers around. They can teleport, engage in shadow pirate cloaks, are virtually covered in weapons, and no absolutely no fear. They are post-human warriors in every sense of the word.

Tombstone's notes: It may be possible for a high frequency beam to pierce their dark glass based armor, but I've yet to encounter such a weapon.

The resemblance to Trilobites is uncanny actually

Asborean: Actually worm-like creatures wearing mechanical suits of armor, Asboreans are extremely durable and difficult to take out, and can retract their limbs to slide against surfaces with extreme speed. Their entire bodies can function as weaponry, with matter disrupting claws and an energy sheathed tail, but they are also fond of rapidly spawning their young and using them to attack and allowing them to eat their opponents and mature into fully grown asboreans, where nanomachines on them will grow their armor suits around them.

Tombstone's notes: While an Asborean extends it's neck to spawn, it's vulnerable, however, once the shell is destroyed, the actual creature will try to constrict itself around a victim and then explode.

A particularly large Phantoon confronting the "Seer of Light"

Phantoons: Massive collections of psychic energy made solid, Phantoons are colossally potent psionic entities who can act on incredible if variable scales. Energy parasites, Phantoons draw energy and strength from virtually anything they can, though until they reach a certain point they are vulnerable to light. They also tend to be very physically powerful and can call upon Ghost fire as well as hand like constructs made out of psychic energy.

Tombstone's notes: A Phantoon's weak point is it's eye, hit it for massive damage.

Lightning frogs man.

Kyrtians: Mechanical fighting machines, Kyrtians are equipped with twin lightning orb casters, three tesla coils, and great strength and shielded arms as well as highly potent kicks, electrical energy, and a powerful bite for usage in melee. Kyrtians are very potent Electrokinetic robots that also possess a degree of control over magnetism, allowing them even greater threat level.

Tombstone's notes: While a Kyrtian has it's electrical field up, energy weapons can't hurt it and just touching them will cause heavy damage. However, a good solid impact from a projectile weapon can knock them out of their energized state until they recharge.

Not sure if I like their aesthetic

Urtraghian Jolly Roger Drone: A cheap and expendable sort of attack drone with twin rapid fire energy pulse guns, Jolly Roger drones, while shielded and armored, are quickly and easily dropped, but are highly maneuverable and can prove to be overwhelming in larger numbers.

Tombstone's notes: It may be a wise venture to just quickly down Jolly Rogers by yanking them out of the sky rather than wasting time shooting them.

That gun swivels pretty damn nicely

Crawl tank: Drones that can go from the size of your fist to as big as a habitat walker, Crawltank weaponry is heavily variable, but the primary one is always the massive central optic cannon whose energy output (or even physical slugs) can be changed depending on what is needed. Crawltanks command swarms of crawlmines, which run after something and explode in their faces.

Tombstone's notes: Some variations of them also can deploy melee weapons, typically power tendrils, but they tend not to be terribly smart as a whole.

Two models, both functionally identical

Sentry drone: More heavily armed than the Jolly roger drones, Sentry Drones can range from the size of your torso to fighter jet sized. At first seeming small and harmless, Sentry drones then proceed to unfurl two very powerful repeater cannons, electronic warfare suites that disrupt scanners, and immensely powerful repeater cannons that can blast through nearly any target.

Tombstone's notes: Durable, fast, and well shielded, the best way to take down Sentry Drones is with electrical weapons.

The Milbot Empire

Glitch's old foes and a recent addition to the Hierarchy, the Milbot Empire consists entirely out of mechanical life forms and as such, were considered prime choices to fight the Thoughtsin outbreak on the first MARATHON ring. Sure the ground pounders were pretty stupid, but the Milbots bring ridiculous amounts of firepower to the mix. Note that the Milbots have had other groups of mechanical life stapled into their group. They bring in versatile units and a large number of vehicles to the Hierarchy, meaning that they're often the core of armored assaults.

I'm thinking of a name that begins with Nazi and ends with Germany

Tactical mils: Once called grunts before being renamed to avoid confusion, Groundpounders are pretty stupid as far as basic infantry go, and when not monitored tend to panic hilariously when things go south, but they don't feel pain, they pack powerful grenades and can carry any one of the guns Glitch does, though not quite as powerful, each variety of Groundpounder is color coded according to their weapon. These include

  • Blues who carry mining lasers for basic all rounder flavor that can be charged up for extra damage.
  • Whites who carry the Toaster flamethrower which is hot enough to flash melt Tungsten.
  • Reds who carry the S.P.E.W rapid fire gauss projectile gun that spits out metal death at obscene rates and can saw through heavy armor.
  • Cyans who wield autoguns that fire railgun rounds at high rates.
  • Pinks who carry deadly grenade launchers that can be fired over defensive fortifications
  • Silvers who carry Gyrojet guns that fire large projectiles for very heavy damage per shot.
  • Purples who carry Plasma cannons to fire deadly miniature suns at their foes to melt through heavy armor
  • Oranges who carry Meltas which fire lances of molecularly excited gas that sear at incredible temperatures, melting through just about any form of protection at short range
  • Light Greens who carry rocket launchers that can fire krak or frag rounds
  • Dark Greens utilize graviton guns which utilize a target's mass to crush them. As a rule of thumb, the more armor a target is wearing, the more vulnerable they are.
  • Browns who carry those damn rivet guns.
  • Yellows who carry rippers.
  • And blacks who carry lethal automatic scattershot guns.

Being upgraded with shielding has according to Glitch, made them more formadible.

Tombstone's notes: While Groundpounders can rotate their upper and lower bodies independantly with a full 360 degrees of motion, they still lack necks and thus often prove to have less than satisfactory situational awareness. Also they're like four feet tall, push them over, who's gonna know?

What is with killbots and not having hands?

Storm mils: These aren't people you'd want to mess with. With devastatingly powerful and lightning quick power blades on it's hands and feet, and two twin mining laser pistols, as well as very powerful servomotors for extremely fast and hard hitting attacks with their limbs and a powerful thruster suite that combines rockets, repulsors, and anti-gravity systems to let them fly and jump around with incredible grace. Some prefer axes rather than swords for better cutting power and more hitting strength at the cost of lower speed, while others prefer mauls for greater hitting strength at regular speeds at the cost of armor penetration. The mining laser pistols can be swapped out for other basic or special weapons.

Tombstone's notes: While deadly at any range, Storm mills are definitely far more lethal up close and somewhat fragile, so it is best that one simply engages them in a shoot out at a comfortable distance. Hopefully out of jumpjet range

You're gonna freak when you hear about how many guns it has

Mil Titan: Equipped with shockwave generators in their feet, jump systems to allow them to get up on high, two massive gatling gauss cannons, two deployable tri-missile launchers, twin mining lasers in it's optics, twin toasters in it's mouth, this thing is just made of guns. The weapons can be interchanged with anything else the Mils can access, but the Standard version is already immensely durable and intensely well armed.

Tombstone's notes: Shooting out with them is a great way to get filled with holes. It's usually much smarter to try and get close up to engage them in melee. Do note that they are very strong and surprisingly quick though.

Milbot Guardian: Big, mean, hella fast, very agile, durable, strong, and well armed, Guardians are extremely elite. The standard grade comes with a power halberd that cuts through pretty much any matter that can be replaced by glaives for more speed at the price of armor penetration, large power swords for better deflection, flachions for more and faster strikes, staves for better ranged damage, pikes for greater damage on the charge, chain fists that not only go through armor but devastate vehicles, or replaced with thunder hammers for extremely heavy damage, and fires forth a scatter laser, powerful shielding, mining lasers in it's optics, extremely powerful limbs, power claws, a deployable arm shield that both deflects most any attack and can be used to bash for very heavy damage, multiple thrusters to allow for super-powered le parkour stunts

Tombstone's notes: There's no easy way to deal with guardians other than to hit it until it falls. I wish I could provide more in depth insight.

Milbot Snipers: Capable of flight, sticking to any surface, active cloaking, and carrying powerful two twinlinked null rays, quadlinked Energon battle pistols, and shield arms, Snipers can be found swarming on any crevice or corner for deadly ambushes from afar and up close, constantly moving from firing platform to firing platform to keep up the pressure and can also fire down from the skies. .

Tombstone's notes: The part that keeps a Sniper's legs attatched to it's torso are actually rather vulnerable, so shooting there has generally the best results.

With a Nucleon shock cannon

Milbot decimator: Carrying a much larger version of the guns that Tacticals use, Decimators well...decimate. Their guns can include

  • The Gyrojet cannon shoots out streams of rockets that are first shot out of the gun normally then have their rockets kick in for far more speed, with lethal warheads and a rate of fire to be feared, which can scythe down large numbers of infantry,
  • The Nucleon shock cannon fires powerful missiles that can come in Anti-tank krak or anti-infatry frag formats.
  • Heavy S.P.E.W cannons which fire colossal amounts of gauss rounds every second
  • Heavy-plasma cannons, firing miniature suns that unleash miniature supernovas on detonation, perfect for destroying heavily armored infantry
  • Heavy scattershots which introduce spreadshot death in the forms of virtual clouds of metal
  • Mega-toasters that burn with absolutely obscene temperatures,
  • Multi-meltas, letting loose streams of impossibly hot excited gas that melts through just about any armor, at close range of course
  • Heavy-rippers: Which fire a trio of massive saw blades that can easily cleave apart bodies and chew through most any form of armor
  • Heavy rivet guns which rain death from afar with huge magnetically propelled arrow like projectiles that lodge themselves in before detonating like more potent but much slower firing gyrojet cannons
  • Ultra mining lasers which shoot a single massive beam of supercharged particles riding a series of large lasers to punch through single targets at long range, or
  • Auto-Cannons; which fire large shells meant more for vehicles at automatic though not quite at Gyrojet cannon levels.
  • Graviton cannon: Larger, more rapid firing graviton guns, these are the bane of heavy infantry and vehicles everywhere.

Tombstone's notes: Devastators are generally quite lackluster at melee, so forcing them into close quarters is the best move you can make.

Pretty stylish for such dumb designers

Aeriel mil: Rapidly flying strike fighters, Aerial mils carry four decimator weapon slots, two tactical weapon slots in the rear and has a bomb generator and can use any of them to deadly effect.

Tombstone's notes: The cockpit is merely there to trick you into targeting it, in reality there is no pilot.

Glitch facing down a predator

Milbot predator: Extremely deadly ground attack craft, these carry six decimator weapon slots, six tactical weapon slots, a very powerful frontal laser/supercharged particle beamer up front, vectorable thrusters, heavy armor and shielding, and a bomb generator

Tombstone's notes: It's probably better to just shoot for the arms and hope for the best.

The external guns aren't the only ones on it

Milbot Snerq: An armed transport craft, this vehicle clears the way with four swivel mounted decimator mounts and eight ball mounted tactical mounts while dumping out infantry or singular vehicles onto a battlefield, ignoring seemingly impossible amounts of punishment.

Tombstone's notes: Snerqs are most vulnerable on their engines, once their shields are down, this is by far the best area to attack.

They can walk on those aerofoils

Milbot Shatterstar: The Milbots bring in quite a lot of air power into the mix, with all of their troops at least having thrusters for double jumping and making jumps, while also being capable of being outfitted with true jump packs and thrusters. The Shatterstar is yet another of the Milbots' Additions to the Hierarchy air force. Armed with three bomb generators, a pair of missile/torpedo tubes, and only two decimator mounts, Shatterstars are very lethal to large and slow moving targets.

Tombstone's notes: Shatterstars usually come escorted by the other hierarchy strike craft swarms. Be sure to pick them out from the seemingly overwhelming mass of fighters.

Milbot sentinel tank: Large double barreled main battle tanks, the Milbot sentinel carries two mega-decimator mounts, two devastator mounts (deployed from the sides) and six tactical mounts, two in the hull, two coaxial, and two on top as pintle mounts. Utilizing anti-gravity technology, Sentinel tanks simply float past most obstacles.

Tombstone's notes: Sentinel tanks have vulnerable armor beneath, making attacking these areas a smart move.

The gunner looks exposed, but is actually protected by transparent alloys take note of this

Milbot R.A.T: THe principle armored ground transport of the Hierarchy, the R.A.T carries a single decimator mount, a trio of tactical mounts and fireports for infantry inside. Amphibious, durable, very fast, and with space compression technology to fit in more enemies than it should, the R.A.T is a ubiquotous sight in wars against the Hierarchy.

Tombstone's notes: The vehicle is very difficult to flip over, or at least keep flipped over, having special thrusters to flip itself back into position to continue the assault.

Hydrobots are the Mil's contribution to their sea-warfare platform. Ranging in size from "large snake" to "watch me strangle this aircraft carrier ma", Hydrobots are quite basic, power weapon at the front, power weapon at the back, and two automatic weapons for some ranged firepower.

Tombstone's notes: There's not really much to say about hydrobots.

I'm guessing the Peacekeepers called it a decepticon out of fondness for toys

Milbot Marauder: With four twin linked mega-decimator mounts, twenty four tactical mounts, eight decimator mounts, and deadly claws to deploy in melee, the Marauder is a staggeringly lethal artillery platform that can also function as a mainline vehicle, mobile fortress, and anti-aircraft gun. Getting in one of these thing's sights is a wonderful way to get utterly massacred by the resulting barrage of firepower.

Tombstone's notes: Once again, getting beneath these machines is the best move you could possibly make given the immense amounts of damage they can do at a distance.

The Reclaimers of Charybdis

One of the ancient Elder Races, the Charybdis seem to work with the Hierarchy out of spite for the Masari and their legacy. While they need support armor to truly fight against us more solid creatures, the ones we fight are not their true forms, but are in actuality just bio-mechanical drones they throw at us to test us. It's my personal belief that the Charybdis evolved on an ocean world given that the closest earthly analogue to them is a Jellyfish. As a note, the Charybdis seemed to be universally impervious to the thoughtsin's infection.

Note the small manipulator appendages

Stalkers: Stalkers are rapidly flying Charybdis soldiers that carry MOACs, which freeze up portions of the atmosphere and fire them at hypersonic velocities, MOARs which drain heat down to extremely low temperatures to act as freeze rays, and four matter disrupting claws that can gut through armor, as well as potent anti-gravity systems and thrusters that let them fly at will.

Tombstone's notes: If you can get by the armor and shielding, the inner gelatinous creature is actually remarkably fragile.

They carry four Stalkers with them at all times

Killers: Larger versions of Stalkers in every way, not only do they carry MOACs and MOARs, but also singularity cannons, which as it says on the tin, fires black hole projectiles programmed to absorb a certain amount of mass before exploding to release all contained energy, effectively slapping everything in a pre-determined radius with E=MC^2d to death. Fast, shielded, and well armored, these flying craft are part of why the Hierarchy are so good at maintaining air supremacy.

Tombstone's notes: The singularity cannon is perhaps the deadliest ranged weapon I've ever seen. It is death incarnate, if you see it firing, get the hell f*ck out of the way before it absorbs you and effectively turns you into a contained anti-matter bomb.


Hunters: Charybdis Hunters are massive vehicles equipped with two MOAR freeze rays, four Near absolute Hot energy cutter beamers, a singularity cannon, and Smart missile launchers all on a terrifyingly powerful chassis that seems to give absolutely no damns about anything in it's path.

Tombstone's notes: Hunters are best engaged close up where you'll only have to worry about the power tendrils, shooting out with them is not a good idea.

MORE trouble

Warriors: Small space ships that decide to grace the battlefield with their all powerful presence, Warriors bring six large MOAC cannons to slaughter foes with frozen shards, a huge MOAR ray to freeze entire portions of the battlefield, six near absolute hot repeater cannons to incinerate anything they can, a near absolute hot beamer to fry anything it sees, Smart missile launchers for even more death and destruction, and twin massive singularity cannons on it's wings along with powerful shielding and immensely thick armor, along with high carrying capacity and a set of tractor beams.

Tombstone's notes: You're going to need some serious firepower before you can even think of taking these things on.

Simulated tick attack on a human

Charybdis ticks: Not deadly individually, in large numbers these strong, reasonably durable, and shielded drones will swarm around a target, overwhelm them, and then liquify their biomass with a special spore they can inject that also dissolves inorganic materials. They then take the slurry to processing plants to convert the unlucky S.O.B into Charybdis biomass.

Tombstone's notes: Due to their small size it may be best to just try and crush them.

See the pink areas? Shoot there.

Charybdis Combat Unit: Armed with a MOAC Cryo-assault rifle, cryo grenades, and lethal energy claws, the Charybdis combat unit is perhaps the tankiest out of the basic infantry of the Hierarchy with thick, powerful nano-armor and potent shielding.

Tombstone's notes: For whatever reason, Combat units have exposed areas in their armor that let you shoot into their considerably more vulnerable flesh. If you want to drop them quickly, hit them there.

Notice the differently colored helmet

Charybdis Combat Command unit: The triple Cs as they're often called, have more powerful shielding and armor as well as tougher flesh, but notably prefer Plasma SMGs over cryo-assault rifles, using the extreme heat and electrical charge of their rapid firing weapons to devastating effect while meeting foes with lethal plasma grenades and energy cutting melee weapons.

Tombstone's notes: They still have the same vulnerability to being shot in the exposed gelatinous bio-mass. However they can raise additional shields that make them nearly impervious to projectile weaponry.

Charybdis Assault units attacking a peacekeeper reservist

Charybdis Assault Units: Preferring massive, long power blades to ranged weapons, Charybdis Assault Units are remarkably like Shadow Pirates, though somewhat more durable with more nonstandard body shapes. In addition, they do not always function in stealth mode, seeming to switch between an armored mode for maximum durability and stealth mode for hiding.

Tombstone's notes: If one can get behind them, their armor has a large number of open spots on the back.

A Charybdis Assault Commander Unit in one of my Simulations of a predicted attack on Earth

Charybdis Assault Commander Unit: Everything that applies to triple Cs and their more lowly counterparts is the same concerning the relationship between CACs and their normal versions.

Tombstone's notes: When they activate their anti-projectile shields, they'll be covered in red shields.

The armored figure is referred to as "The Knight of time" in this file.

Charybdis Devastator units: Armed with either plasma gatling guns or Cryo-autocannons and massive missile launchers that can contain either extreme cold or extreme heat warheads as well as immensely thick and powerful shielding and armor, Devastators are also extremely strong and durable, being far in excess of Blighters and surpassing even Elites and Rampagers. Luckily they do slot well into a very brutish fighting style.

Tombstone's notes: They are capable of using their missile launchers as shields, and even if you hit their exposed flesh, it takes an almost absolutely absurd amount of punishment to drop them.

These things will kick your ass, *hard*

Charybdis Guardian units: Combining and enhancing the strength, firepower, and durability of devastators with the speed, agility, and stealth of assault units, Charybdis Guardians are the elites of the Charybdis infantry corps, while also bringing in potent psionics into the mix. Guardians will butcher you at any range and their armor and shielding is absolutely top knotch.

Tombstone's notes: It is best to just avoid guardians if at all possible, they lack any real weaknesses save for their exposed flesh, which is still insanely tough and durable combined with an extremely fast user than can hand you your ass before you can blink.

Those aren't sparks from damage, that's plasma

Charybdis gunships: Armed with a set of plasma chain guns, MOACs, a MOAR and an array of missile launchers, Charybdis gunships are immensely potent fire support units that can also engage in dogfighting easily. They're highly maneuverable, well armored, and extremely well shielded. And can gut a formation if not slowed down or stopped.

Tombstone's notes: It's much easier for everyone involved to target the engines than attempt to kill the pilot or cause enough damage to the hull to bring it down.

This was from before I knew the designation was Charybdis, okay?

Charybdis Dropship: Identically armed to the gunship, though larger so as to be able to function as a transport, the Dropship prefers to drop down pods of enemy infantry, only lowering itself to bring down vehicles.

Tombstone's notes: Everything I said about the gunship's weaknesses applies to the Dropship.

Yeah I was watching cartoons when I named this file, sue me.

Charybdis heavy drop ship: With three times the armament, more armor, and greater carrying capacity, the Charybdis heavy drop ship goes wherever it damn pleases to vomit out a large number of soldiers and lay down absolutely blistering fire support.

Tombstone's notes: The engines are the only targets that peacekeeper grade man portable weapons can really hurt, and that's only if it's shields are down.

Image from a simulated attack on New York

Pinger: A massive alien tripod, the Pinger has the same armament as the Gunship, with the addition of a triple set of the same missile cannons the Devastator uses, an an extremely powerful combination EMP sonic pulsar device that fries machines and organics alike when they receive the pulse, giving it the nickname of pinger.

Tombstone's notes: Unlike a lot of tripods, Pingers have extremely durable limbs and are actually perfectly capable of walking with just two of them. Still, it's easier than trying to crack that impossibly well armored head.

A peacekeeper gets charged by a reaver

Charybdis Support Units (Reavers): Using slower firing but harder hitting pinch rifles plasma rifles than Combat Units, Reavers provide longer ranged fire support with their plasma weaponry, while their hardier armor helps them stay in the fight longer as they lay down vital fire support, capable of charging up their weapons to deal with armored units.

Tombstone's notes: Take these guys out if you want your heavier assets to survive through a battle, but this can be difficult since they're not easily told apart from Combat units.

A peacekeeper engaging a Shadow

Charybdis Long ranged units (Shadows): Snipers utilizing Bolt snipers that fire massively powerful long ranged arcs of electricity that can simply melt through most forms of protection and fry most targets to death in single shots.

Tombstone's notes: While Shadows are commonly cloaked, they are surprisingly vulnerable to headshots.

A peacekeeper's last recordings before incineration

Charybdis Incendiery Units (Scorcher): Primarily using a jet of burning matter and energy that is within a few fractions of a degree above absolute hot, Scorchers destroy everything in sight, with even the laws of physics breaking down due to the sheer amount of heat being dumped into the system. These units, while short ranged, are extremely high level threats

Tombstone's notes: Hit the legs but for god's sakes do not get anywhere near the flamer.

Note the multiple arms

Charybdis Mastermind: I hate psions. I've learned some magic to counter and dispell it, but Psionics? No, that's a different, perhaps more powerful beast. Masterminds are very powerful psions and very physically powerful, being tougher and stronger than Pingers, I've never been able to hurt one, but perhaps sending feedback to it through the puppets it can reanimate would be of use.

Tombstone's notes: Despite the temptation to get into melee with it, it's just as deadly there as it is at range, being fully capable of using it's psionics to enhance it's physical might.

Pict feed of a Frankenstein taking on an Alpha Charybdis

Alpha Charybdis: Massive, worm like monstrosities that act like massive central nodes in the Charybdis Hive mind, Alpha Charybdis are colossally powerful Psions as well as tremendously physically powerful. They carry quite an array of weapons, equalling a warrior and a heavy dropship combined, but ultimately, their psionics are far more powerful than any weapon could ever hope to be. The Peacekeepers themselves don't think any of their troops short of a complete Frankenstein kill squad is even capable of fighting this without dying hilariously.

Tombstone's notes: When it encloses it's head with it's prongs and starts spinning, run, that attack has been known to instantly kill even Mega-gauge Frankensteins.

The Overseer Hierarchy

The Overseers command the most powerful empire the universe has seen since most of the Elder races withdrew from the limelight. Commanding a space over two hundred and fifty billion times the diameter of the entirety of the observable universe, the Overseers rule over more souls than the human mind can even begin to comprehend. Though seemingly reliant on servant races, the Overseers have their own personal servants. The overseers bind the hierarchy together with the promise of wiping out all the Masari touched races in the universe and beyond, leaving it free and open to them. They are the enemy, they are the foe, and we must fight them if we want to survive, human, mutant, angel, demon, this is bigger than all of that.

Simulated attack on Dallas texas, simulations show complete overwhelming of the U.S military within minutes of initial attack

Zudjari outsiders: Perhaps they are close relatives of the Ethereals, perhaps they've been tied for them for so long that they just identify as part of them. In any case, the Zudjari are the military caste of the Ethereals, consumate warriors, they're the single best trained, most well equipped, and toughest of the basic infantry of any of the member states of the Hierarchy. They're ruthlessly professional and fearless, they may be the enemy, but I can't help but respect them and their equipment, shielded and armored as they are.

Tombstone's notes: Basic Zudjari Outsiders wear skin tight helmets that mold themselves to their face in lieu of more conventional helmets like their more elite counterparts. This makes them more vulnerable to headshots.

Zudjari Outsider Elite: Equipped in heavier power suits with stronger shielding and armed with susbtanially more potent weaponry, Zudjari Outsider Elites are fierce veterans of many battlefields who do not hesitate to scythe down their foes en masse. Not only are they fearless, but combat actually makes them happy. The more you try to scare them, the bigger of a rush they get, making demoralization not only useless but counterproductive.

Tombstone's notes: Yeah I was in for a rude surprise when I found out that not only are they unintimidatable, trying to scare them just gets them off.

Not sure if I like the space invaders helmet

Zudjari outsider commander: A step above the Elites and the superiors of even Urtraghian Commandos, though not quite possessing the raw power of Muton Elites (although they are faster) Outsider Commanders are gruff and consumate professionals with an innate and total understanding of war. There's no way to frighten them, not even supernatural means do anything to make them know fear. And their abilities are monstrously superhuman.

Tombstone's notes: They're lethal at any range, their helmets provide great vision, and their tech is top notch. I'd actually like to speak to one if they weren't out to eradicate our species and all like it from the universe.

It looks cute until you see the twelve foot hellbeast in person

Reapers: This bipedal carnivore has powerful jaws and a voracious appetite. It has a number of brain implants which are used to control its activity. The primitive predatory instincts of this creature are of little use except to terrorize and destroy. Tombstone's notes: The Reaper contains two 'brains' and two 'hearts' which allow it to function even when heavily wounded. Tombstone's notes: However its furry skin is highly flammable, making the creature vulnerable to incendiary weapons once it's shields are down.

It's like a Kidney bean, only it wants to kill you

Celatid: This life-form has the mysterious natural ability to float through the air. It appears to detect human brain waves and will move towards a human target even if well hidden. Once a target is detected the Celatid lands and fires small globules of extremely corrosive venom. The creature has the ability to clone itself at an alarming rate. Tombstone's notes: The core contains a small bio-mechanical device which appears to be a naturally evolved anti-gravity propulsion system. The sac of venom is the largest organ and there does not appear to be a separate brain structure. There is no discernible digestive or reproductive system. A small organ contains embryos which can grow rapidly into a new being.

Simulated Silacoid attack on a town

Silacoids: Blobs of nanites that attack by replicating out of control, consuming everything they touch, Silacoids can potentially cleanse entire planets by themselves as they swarm forth like a carpet. Capable of manufacturing any and all other hierarchy machines and equipment, it's possible that Silacoids could even create organic life. In combat they can leap surprisingly great distances, break down their target into it's constituent particles, and then create anything their commanders desire.

Tombstone's notes: Despite what you'd like to hear, Silacoids are impervious to heat or cold. Electricity is your best bet at stopping them.

Bio-drones: A Zudhari design implanting a brain into a cyber-suit, the Bio-drone acts as a powerful melee grappler also capable of generating and manipulating enormous currents of electricity to do it's damage. Bio-drones furthermore also pack formidable psionic capacity to add to their threat level, making them priority targes to eliminate, though they can range from being mere annoyances to being able to actually give some pause to the primalborn.

Tombstone's notes: The flesh you see is actually nano-engineered carbon structures.

Titans: A terraforming device also capable of being used as a weapon, Titans can fire a powerful matter reformatting beam that converts all mass it comes into contact with into something more suited for the Zudjari to inhabit, killing any organic life and destroying the ecosystem in a localized area. Titans are obscenely durable, and carry a great deal of plasma weaponry and shielding to protect them in between shots.

Tombstone's notes: Generally speaking, the central part of the Titan is the most vulnerable.

Taken from the Patriot City Ruins

Meta-crusher: Designed to combat and stop meta-humans, Meta-crushers come with an array of abilities and highly adpative femto-technology that rapidly alters itself to formulate the most suitable counter for a given ability and the best way to exploit a weakness. Huge and tremendously strong and durable, Meta-Crushers represent an asset so important as to be cast from primary adamantium as a low end and strong enough to kill Frankensteins in single blows.

Tombstone's notes: Grand Overseer Mu is never seen without a guard of Meta-Crushers with him at all times.


Ethereal scout: The only feasible way for earth's planes to take on one of these would be to arm itself with nuclear missiles, and even then the chances of victory would be incredibly slim even if the earth jets outnumbered the scouts a hundred to one. Armed with powerful plasma, EMP, Lasers, and cryo cannons, the Scout is fast, well armored, sleek, and can carry a lethal payload of aliens from place to place.

Tombstone's notes: I'd love to fly one of these things, I really would.

Pretty retro if you ask me

Abductor: Another in a long line of small warships that decided to hang low to the atmosphere, the Abductors are armed with four times the armament with several times the carrying capacity of the smaller scouts, and are fond of using teleport beamers to wreak havoc on their foes. They're well armed, armored, and a threat to both ground, air, and space forces.

Tombstone's notes: If I could get some salvage from these...I think it would help out my planned X-com initiative.

Freaky bastards

Overseers: The big cheeses of the entire operation. Overseers are an ancient species far more advanced than we are, who's minds are so advanced that they can sustain themselves entirely through psionics, which means that their muscles and organs have atrophied, no longer being needed since their minds can do all the work. I've never seen or fought one, but I can only assume that they are monstrously powerful Psions, given that even across countless quintillion light years, they could still flense the mind of a Frankenstein as long as they had a visual.

Tombstone's notes: Given the prevalence of Biokinesis, It would not be safe to assume that Overseers are particularly weak in melee combat.

The X-COM initiative

My initiative is to form an international organization capable of fighting not only the Hierarchy, but all extraterrestrial or dimensional menaces on our terms, not those of the Peacekeepers or any supposed allies from beyond the Earth. This initiative, I plan on calling X-COM, as our enemies are unknown. Given the nature of the threat we face, all are welcome, and I don't care if you're human, mutant, demon, alien, or gribbly monster from beyond the stars. Just as long as you can prove you have Earth's interests at heart.

This is all I can say of my proposal for now, but I think that given funding, X-Com can make a real difference in the fight to protect our planet from the threat without that threatens to destroy everything those who have come to love it have worked for. This will be an organization much bigger than the question of which species of the Homo genus you're from or what country's flag you fly. This is about the planet, not your species or nationality.

Our objective will be to study, counter, and learn from the threat posed by creatures from beyond the planet. To make the unknown known and to act in the interests of the Denizens of Earth. I'm already looking for recruits and turning the resources of myself and my allies towards creating the X-COM initiative. The Alien is more advanced than us, stronger than us, smarter than us, faster than us, but if they come to our planet, we're going to open up our special can of ass kicking on E.T's Xenos behind until he goes crying back to whatever hellhole of a planet or dimension he came from.

E.T can go f*ck right off

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