My chosen RPG looks

Present, Future looks :)

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Posted by shadow death

definatly NORTHSTAR and SPEED 

Posted by jordama

I don't Rpg, but it would seem that all your looks would have to look somewhat alike. How does Icarus fit into that?
Posted by ComicMan24

I think you would like this one. Melter.

Posted by The Umbra Sorcerer

@ComicMan24: Oh for a civilian look Yes i will be using him Thank you :D

Posted by ComicMan24

@The Umbra Sorcerer:No problem. The minute I saw some of his pics, I knew you would like that one ^_^

Posted by The Umbra Sorcerer

@ComicMan24: Good choice bro! ^_^

Posted by ComicMan24

@The Umbra Sorcerer:Glad you liked it ^_^