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Very cool concept!

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@peak said:

This thread's probably on it's way out, and it was fun while it lasted :P

True but tbh threads like these always die out eventually for some reason!

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@pyrogram: Yeah but probably infuriating for the other people in those department though haha Yes please do! :)

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@pyrogram: F**k your life atm I feel for you doing that amount of work!

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@pyrogram: What the hell for? you'll be there for ages printing that amount off. :S

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Finally got something posted took a while sorry!

btw this is what I imaging the fire spell like!(aka tried to post the gif but it wouldn't work with the damn post for some reason :p)

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He couldn’t believe they were flying to Greece, I mean we all know good god damn well that he could have just teleported everyone to this island but no we take the longer way, whatever. He was in a rather foul mood this morning and taking on an entire army was not appealing. Still people needed him and plus he planned to win that damn bet with Edward, as the ship landed to listen to bleeding instruction and instruction, took his ear piece and waited on the island. He could sense the large group of individuals just off shore, out of their line of sight.

Looking over towards the line of heroes he laughed a little inside, they didn’t look like a group of superheroes they looked like a mis-matched jumper knitted by a blind woman, different patterns everywhere mashed together haphazardly. Oh well it was better than nothing and besides they needed time to gel and a situation like this was just the perfect way to do it. Multiple of the new Champions attacked long distance while some like Edward charged forward at high speeds and the battle begun as a torrent of arrow and spears flew down upon them. Thankfully Edward’s telekinetic abilities blocked a majority of them, a few made it past the telekinetic shield but Michael was able to incinerate the five that flew his way annoyingly he didn’t hear Edward though his intercom due the ear splitting scream the bellowed for Blair’s mouth that deafened him. The sounds of battle had begun as the ships docked on land carrying the army of weaklings he could his teammates pass by him as they zipped past at high speeds all so eager for battle.

He’d have jumped straight into the fry himself but he sensed very powerful magic not only aboard the invading ships but it seemed to be across the entire battlefield, it was different mystical power though very different it felt odd and foreign. The young witch decided to act with better caution than he had in the past. He didn’t have the speed of Edward or the Vampire speed of his new team-mate so he was a few minutes behind regardless he pushed through the weaker hordes easily by telekinetically popping the blood vessels of the barbarians causing them to fall to the ground shrieking in agony they’d be fine-ish.

That’s when he felt it, these other magic practitioners were powerful enough but a spell was in play a powerful one he could taste it in the air. Using his com-link he began to speak “Everyone becar...ugh.” he was cut off, one of the armies foot shoulders caught him off guard and rammed into him with a mace so violently he was shot backwards several feet. Getting up from the cold stone beneath him he could feel the pain shot through his body he’d realised that his ribs were broken he had no way telling how many though. Quite near him was the Vampire that he had warned Blair about he could see her very clearly looking up she couldn’t have been more than a metre away.

The barbarians tried to take another swing while he was distracted and missed but he was livid and needed some healing before he could continue fighting in a moment of pure anger and hatred he rolled forward and pressed his lips on the solider. This was the witch’s darkest and most secret mystical ability. The barbarian tried to move back but was stuck and starting panicking. The young Champion had been slowly sucking the life from this poor soul, slowly the man’s face began to ages, wrinkles appeared, his hair grew white and started falling out in patches, his eyes lost their shimmer and his body declined gone were his muscles to be replaced by a frail old body with a tremendous cry he fell to the ground nothing but a skeleton with a light layer of skin on top. However his ribs were healed and that was all that mattered, rules were off during war time and hopefully nobody had seen what he’d done or how dark his magic was becoming.

He made his way back onto the beach this time flying above the hordes and took action his voice developed the very eternal nature it took when casting spells “Ignem circumdabunt nos.” within an instant a firestorm engulfed the beach separating the beach from the sea and allowing his team-mates a chance to thin out those already on the beach while actively stopping the ships from unloading more for the time being. His arms gracefully moved in circles as he commanded the inferno the flames grew high in the air at least four stories tall as a storm brewed across the sea. The heat within the circle intensified and from the outside it could be felt through the battlefield as if the gates of Hell itself and opened upon this beach. He hoped his team-mates would take the chance because he would not be able to keep this up indefinitely.

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F**k I will catch up as soon as humanly possible!

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@zaniel: (Sweet!)

Since the recent discovery that no other dimensional rifts had opened recently the Champion was taking it relatively easy instead exploring their new and rather rundown headquarters. While about to leave the building to inspect the outside and see if he could fix anything now on his own when he saw the exit was blocked by new people. Normally he would have reacted with violence but the fact they had access to the building meant they must be friends or something similar. One however had a body over his shoulder and the other he recognised as Zaniel. "Can I help you" he said "Are you looking for Edward because I don't think he's here I believe he's somewhere in the city"