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I feel that there should be a JLD themed team on the Vine to fill some supernatural space....>.>

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Holy s**t welcome back MR glad to see you back again! :)

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@fuzionguy: He hadn't been sitting down for more than ten minutes when his new boos entered he stood up to follow him into his office but thankfully Fuzion told him to stay and casually sat down on the sofa beside him because he couldn't really be bothered to sit up and be formal. The leader stuck to his words and was keeping it casual as his question was simple but direct. The msytic took a moment to think "Okay quick introduction real names Michael Hale I'm 21 and I'm assuming you know I'm a born witch meaning my powers and genetic and spiritual and I've been a Champion for about four years and I've been on a few different squads." it was anything flashy but it was a quick and general introduction Guy had asked for. The next question was a little more complicated but with a smile he answered as best he could "Umm I don't really have a usual role with my power set I'm pretty versatile I tend to bounce around a lot I'm powerful, I'm a trained hunter and I can use magic for anything I can imagine, my usual role though I guess is that I'm the teams longest and main link to the supernatural and occult world vampies, werewolves, demons, spirits and all that." it wasn't a great answer but it should have given the Champion's leader enough to work with.

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@fuzionguy: The young Champion was enjoying this new tower a lot more that he'd be willing to admit. Since arriving he'd been locked in his room intensely looking over his work creating elixir's and rituals to help. He was exhausted in all honesty and uncharacteristically had barely interacted with any of the old members never mind the newer members that arrived within the last few days and weeks he liked to get to know who he was working and living with. For the last few minutes he'd been checking out the upper floors of the Sanctuary and had stumbled upon the a rec room for lack of a better word. The view was excellent if you didn't mind a dirty city landscape feeling that there wasn't much point in moving around anymore of the building he waited to be called into their new leaders office he was excited to meet this new addition to the ever revolving leaders of the Champions.

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@fuzionguy: Here I've four weeks till uni starts again plenty of time so take you time haha sure I'll start it :)

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@fuzionguy: (You still doing those interviews? Need to get to rping me lol)

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@adhene: @feral_nova: (Sorry was reallllllyyy busy there for a few days :/)

Michael was a very powerful guy he'd seen a lot and not much scared or surprised him now but even so when an overly large jungle cat bears it's teeth and snarls you back off. He didn't want to cause a scene but if this cat jumped him he'd have to put it down but thankfully through the divine intervention by Feral Nova the animal seemed slightly calmer if still on edge he nodded in appreciation to her. Shaking this weird incident off he spoke "Anyway If you'll follow me I'll take you to Blair or Fusion one of them is probably walking around on the 59th floor a lot of us spend time there it's kind of like a main meeting point and information centre other than that most of the time you'll find people in their rooms or the training centre but I tend to spend a lot of time in the Medical Bay just in case you need to find me quickly you know working on my healing magic and all that." he said smiling. The young witch brought both into the elevators and headed for the 59th floor it was a long way up so he broke the tension again. "I don't mean to be rude but um did I offend your friend there in some way if so I'm terribly sorry also what exactly is he I can sense the energy coming off of him and you too as well?"

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Thank the Gods that his “benefactor” for lack of a better word gave them access to medical attention between rounds because fighting his last opponent the dragon God was tough on him physically. After the fight he was exhausted and the lightning that passed through his body burned like hell. Walking through this now abandoned temple he was well rested and confidant again, in this temple centuries of worship took place, countless prayers and rituals invoked in the names of Gods and Goddesses long since lost to mortal knowledge. He casually strolled at his leisure through the seemingly endless corridors running his fingers across the walls feeling the cold rough stone against his fingertips. Deep within the walls there was still an echo of the power from the worship that took place he could sense the ambient energy it was so strong it was as if he could fell it physically an odd sensation like electricity flowing freely throughout the entire place it was beautiful and reassuring that he could draw upon it if necessary in this battle.

Getting his bearings on their location he focused on what he’d been told about his opponent he wanted to win this and the only way to do that was to exploit its weakness but that was easier said than done. From the information he’d been given his opponent was his complete opposite in almost every way it was a being of science and technology while Umbra himself was a supernatural entity a being of magic and spirituality both powerful but living in completely separate worlds that rarely intertwined and in those cases when they did disaster was imminent. Regardless of the outcome of this fight it would be fascinating to those watching seeing such opposing forces try to outdo each other.

The witch was deep within the temple now passing though a large archway he was in awe at the sight of the room before him this place must have been the main location for worship it was huge in comparison, the masks that were prevalent throughout the temple seemed to be amplified here covering every inch of wall space. There was something unnerving about them besides their already obvious unflattering appearances, an unnatural chill crept though in the air and he could hear faint whispering clearly there was more than meets the eye to these decorations.

The technological competitor was not present at the current moment the mystic simply assumed that like him his combatant was off somewhere in the temple getting a feel for the place. Without much hesitation Michael set to work if he was going to win this it wouldn't be by sitting around and waiting for an attack. By the looks of the temple it was clear that human sacrifice was used as a tool for appeasing their Gods and that meant it was likely a few vengeful spirits would still be lingering in between worlds waiting to pass on but never achieving it. This gave him the perfect idea summoning a demon before was hard, summoning a few trapped spirits however was nothing, focusing on his innate gift of magic, “Spiritus surgo” he spoke his voice echoing within the halls of the ancient temple. In seconds ghostly entities had formed from before his eyes each sporting wounds depicting how they had been sacrificed normally the spirits would have been furious that a mystic would intervene in their matters but The Champion didn't have time for their concerns he offered them a deal they attacked his target draw him closer to this particular spot and he would help release them from their torment and allow their souls to pass on a deal they happily agreed with. He ordered his ghostly allies to attack and so they did flying through the hallways passing straight through the walls with their incorporeal bodies, the bait was set and he hoped his competition would be ensnared by the young sorcerers decoy’s and follow the spirits back here.

He expected that this may take some time so he sat upon the alter at the back of the room nonchalantly with his trademark sly smirk across his face and waited patiently for the technological combatant to arrive to really start this party.