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@cellphonegirl: "I know you can hahaha but just telling you to be careful I know you can handle yourself just fine!" He listened to her idea and it honestly was a solid idea "That might work but there's no more energy rifts around the city they've been what I've been using to open gateways because there directly linked to our world it might work if I could find one but they only appear when someone else travels to another dimension"

@edwardwindsor: He was a little insulted "Hey I'll be on the front line don't you worry we witches as a species fight upfront. Okay we'll see what happens if it comes down to it well just get this Zaniel person to buy everyone a round I mean he is the one leading the mission" he said laughing

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@cellphonegirl: His ears perked up at the sound of Vampire "I know she's your friend but be careful around a Vampire I've dealt with them for years and have a few of them as friends but just be careful they can be dangerous when bloodthirsty." he mellowed out a little "Yeah I've tried but each time.." be made a exploding motion with his hands "boooom shredded to pieces."

@edwardwindsor "Excellent I'll be ready to go whenever (yeah I know won't be able to post till tomorrow leaving soon so don't have time tonight) Clasping his leaders hand "Deal I expect a vodka ready at the bar cause I'm the one that's gonna win that bet" he said laughing.

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@edwardwindsor: "Are you joking a trip to Greece to pummel an army could ask for better and then afterwards head to the bar and beach to chill out and work on my tan. When do we leave?" he said rather enthusiastically.

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@cellphonegirl: She always did have comforting words when you felt down, nice talent to have "I'm not beating myself up I'm just frustrated that I can open the portals and see home but they snap shut after a few seconds. I'll get us home though even if it takes every form of sorcery on the planet to do it" it came off a little crazy but he meant it in a more determined way "Should be worrying about you though you've been hit one of the hardest though how is one of our so fearless leader's adjusting to the new cesspit?" he asked genuinely concerned while levitating a nearby apple into his hand.

@edwardwindsor: "No luck" he said regrettably "Yeah I've been in spirit form all day today on The Other Side looking for another energy rift like the one we found but nothing, kind of takes it out of you after a while it's boss though, be assed now though" he said laughing a little "What's been going on since I vanished today anything new"

@zaniel: (It's fine take your time man told you i'd post today haha!)

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Another day another wasted attempt, the young witch was levitating inches above the floor of the Champions new headquarters. All day he had phasing himself through the veil to the other side attempting to find another open gateway of energy trail. He travelled the entire city for one end to the other without being touched in fact the only way people could persevere him was as a body shaped aura of silver light, electric to the touch. Regrettably he'd been informed that Kenshin had left the city and a new entity had taken his place it didn't matter Kenshin was as lost as him when it came to dimensional travel. Still he'd been attempting for weeks now to try and break though to their world but nothing seemed to work. Giving himself a break he decided to stay on the other side of a while and see what his friends and the other denizens of the Ronin's Rest were up to starting with the Champions in the headquarters.

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@zaniel: Well sorry I was just randomly notified I thought it was something important that I missed haha I promise to rpg with you tomorrow I'm in bed trying to sleep mate! :p

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That was awesome really well done!!

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