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Here he floated metres above the ground while the wind and snow howled above and around him his first distraction attempt and subsequent attack had failed the beast had somehow managed to shapeshift and avoid both the spiritual chains which lay on the ground for a few seconds before fading out of existence just like the protection charm before it. While his blast missed the target it did however cause a sizeable enough impact that rocked the creature and sent him towards the camp when one of its three heads slammed into the remains crushing the camp further.

The would be sorcerer supreme flew towards the now destroyed camp when the creature hadn't moved for a few moments Michael simply thought it was because of the impact it’s head had made when it collided with the ground he was severely wrong however as he flew closer to the ground he heard a confusing shout “No dissing” it defiantly wasn't the creatures voice it was human, this confused him even further he assumed all the humans had succumb to the cold but a few seemed to have managed to survive. From this distance he couldn't recognise the face but that didn't matter what came next drew his attention in a very different way.

As he continued to descend he heard music getting louder and louder upon landing on the icy ground his jaw hit the floor with shock “**king....god” This fearsome beast that minutes ago had killed hundreds and froze an entire land was breakdancing...breakdancing what the hell he thought to himself. This young witch had seen a lot in his life and by a lot he’d meant it alien invasions, Atlantis and Hell itself but never in his life did he ever think he’d ever see something so ridiculous or odd ever “Hold on hold this is just too damn good where’s my phone” taking out his phone he snapped a picture of this once in a lifetime event. All of a sudden though he realised what the hell he was doing this way the perfect chance to win this round and advance in the tournament what kind of airhead would take a picture first. Shaking off his stupidity and concentrating on his elemental affinity lighting surged through his body, his hands began to crackle and with an final push and massive blast of lighting propelled its way towards the breakdancing dragon unfortunately as if it already knew he was about to attack his lightning was repelled back at him, it struck his chest and suddenly the witch supreme felt the hot surge of lightning spread through his body throwing him back several feet. Luckily his aura had protected him from any lasting physical damage it still hurt and he was going to feel that for a few days. The blast has burned his clothing leaving a gaping singed hole showing his chest.

When the beast had finally stopped (his rather impressive dancing skills for someone of his size) he stepped back and Michael realised that it had actually challenged him to a dance off. This was absolutely insane, a dance off now determined whether he’d pass on dear god what had he gotten himself into. Stepping onto the ice he’d realised he wouldn't be able to move much the ice while okay for the dragon to work with; it was too slippery for anyone with boots or any kind of footwear. While a lot smaller that the behemoth that stood before him Michael’s vibrant red aura that covered his body made him stand out in a different way. He began to dance, there was no point kidding anyone he couldn't break dance to save his life instead he employed a rather sneaky spell. Magic doesn't have to be verbal the languages and practices of magic are many including body movement as he’d learned this particular summoning spell from an immortal witch he’d met a few years ago.

The sorcerer danced and danced around the ice not break dancing but just moving his body in a certain erratic but somehow fluid way his spell was working however and the ground began to rumble in the local area. His aura began to change it grew dark almost completely black and slowly a creature began to grow behind him rising metre’s the air growing to the size of his opponent. It had a vaguely human shape but it was warped, dark and twisted continuously shifting and altering its form in small but noticeable ways. “I hoped you enjoyed my summoning dance ritual it’s amazing what a little dancing can do for you I’d like to introduce you to Furor the daemon king of madness” his voiced boomed over the land as the summoned daemon let loose a blood curdling screech. Like a puppet master Umbra mentally controlled the creature “Attack” he ordered. The daemon launched towards the dragon at terrific speeds it’s hands morphing into two scythe’s ready to cut the dragon to pieces all the while Umbra focused channelling his power into controlling the creature from the ground and hoping he’d have enough strength to finish this equally tough and worthy opponent.

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@icarusflies: We'll you know now so alls good if you need to contact me in future! ^_^

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I don't think he's around a lot, but I really need to make sure he knows that his round is back on thanks to my grievous error

I'm just noticing this now but my dear you are my friend on facebook just for future reference hahaha :p

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The protection spell he cast couldn't have lasted more than a few minutes when a giant ass reptilian monster appeared flying overhead destroyed his shield charm with a blast of some kind shattering the protective dome over the camp. Normally the effects of the spell wouldn't be seen in other words the dome would be invisible to the naked eye but in this case he saw the shield literally shatter like glass before him, little pieces of the shield feel towards the earth before fading out of existence again and back into the ambient mystical energy that the hedonistic witch created it from.

Before he could even get a chance to get his bearings the metal around him such as the poles from the tents or the odd weapon that was lying around began to vibrate and suddenly shot into the air floating around the creature like asteroids orbiting a planet. One word went through his mind at that point “f**k” he had to pull out all stops here and not underestimate his opponent who clearly wanted to win this just as bad as he did. As he was about to rise into the air he felt a chill in the air sink in, it was an intense cold the likes of which he’d never felt and considering the places he’d been and his own abilities that was impressive and something to behold. While the humans around him began to collapse where they stood freezing to death Michael focused inwards drawing forth his own innate pool of mystical and spiritual energy surrounding him in his trademark dark red aura that protected him from the more severe aspects of this violent cold. However he still felt the chill of the ice and snow that blanketed the land.

He began to rise into the air when shards of metal shot through the air at tremendous speeds piercing the flesh of the already dead civilians. He could barely speak with anger this creature was disgusting to him, this was just a slaughter these people didn't even appear on its radar they were nothing but insects to it well this times this “thing” will be getting a taste of his own medicine going up against an entity just as powerful as it. While the vibrant witch was outmatched in size he sure as hell was just as powerful. In seconds he was eye height with the beast raising his right arm he cast his first spell “Compes Contineo” as he uttered the words strands of red light that matched his aura shot fourth from his hands dancing across the snowy sky and upon nearing the beast the energy strands became solid and formed into rather sizeable chains that began to circle the creature he hoped they were be strong enough to contain the beast or at least distract it for a few moments while he cast his second spell.

Outstretching his left hand he channelled more of the ambient energy of the land into a powerful mystical energy strike that should knock the creature of its feet as long as the circling chains had completed their job and contained or distracted the beast. His voice became ethereal yet again as his incantation was spoken very aggressively lacking his usual charm “Eradico” from his hands a powerful blast of mystical energy shot towards the beast aimed straight for it chest. To avoid this, the creature would need to act very fast or in some way be able to immune to magic which he highly doubted.

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The last location an empty pitiful re-education complex was something to be desired to say the least but here this place was incredible. The ancient land of Prussia it was incredible that he could travel so far into the past and experience such odd’s sensations though slightly concerning and a little envious if he were willing to admit that someone could bend time and space in such a manner to gain these results. He listened to the thumps and boom’s of the music as Alexander the Greats own break dancing squad moved to the rhythm of the music it was an odd sight to behold but somehow he started to relax and he’d begun dancing having nearly forgot the real reason he was here.

He remembered his last battle against an assassin this was extremely different this time around it was something he was used to, it was a monster as far as he was informed a reptilian monster of some kind perhaps a dragon or lizard god he didn’t know and truthfully he didn’t really care he’d taken on demons, hell gods and some of the most powerful supernatural creatures in history and he was still here an oversized gecko in all honestly didn’t worry him.

For a few minutes he’d let his guard slip and simply enjoyed moment of fun while he could I mean you never know when it’s your time so you may as well enjoy every minute while you can and besides how many people could say they got to party with Alexander the Great in a long forgot Kingdom. Still this moment of distraction cost him he should have sensed it ages ago creeping towards him was an unfamiliar and extremely powerful presence. Searching frantically around him he saw the aura of the beast his physical presence was hard to see to normal human vision as he was crouched and hidden by the mountain that covered vast areas of the local landscape but this experienced witch was able to see his essence the very core of a life form’s being.

With outstretched hands and a very powerful force and commanding tone in his voice he spoke “Servo Contego” a mystical barrier of protection was erected as he finished his incantation blocking the beasts way into the camp of Alexander. It was a simple spell really not his strongest protection spell but this was more of a test for the spellcaster he wanted to see what his opponents strength level was if he could break through that barrier Michael knew he’d have to turn the dial to eleven to take out this thing and pass on to the next round.

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@cellphonegirl: He'd been alone for a few hours now and for somebody so extroverted this was painful but then he sensed another familiar presence, immediately he shot up relishing the thought of company. "Finally someone's around I feel like I haven't seen you in weeks Blair" he said and smiled upon seeing his old faerie friend.

(Feel like we never rpg anymore so thought a little something would be fun :p)

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@icarusflies: I will remember this time sorry about that and thanks for me giving another chance! :)

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@icarusflies: I'm not making it an excuse cause there isnt one and I should have read the rules and guideline throughly insead of skimming but ive never had any interest or involvement in KOV till this year always just ignored anything to do with it the past four years so genuinely the thought of a time limit slipped my mind.