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Michael Hale

Name: Michael Hale

Age: 22


Hair Colour: Black

Eye Colour: Blue

Species- Witch(Gifted Homo-magi)

Sexuality: Bisexual

Occupation: Occultist


Powers, Abilities and Weaknesses

Witchcraft/Magic- Magic deals with the flow of energy that exist in everything living, the practices used to control it are many and each is unique in it's own way. Most involve incantations of some description with only a rare few actively excluding it, These incantations focuses on the witches innate power channelling it allowing them to control the ambient mystically energy they possess. Magic is not necessarily good or bad, dark nor light in it's more basic sense its neutral its what an individuals chooses to do or practice with it that defines their magic. Michael being a natural born witch can control his own innate power to change and alter reality on either a small or large scale(within reason). To do this he commonly uses incantations in Latin but he can also use the English language through poetic methods such as rhyming couplets or haiku's even simply by stating what he wants. These incantations vary and give him a wide variety of abilities that include telepathy,mind control, elemental control, empathy, telekinesis, increased superhuman attributes, summoning and vanquishing of demons and spirits, premonitions, portal creation, teleportation, time travel etc. Michael can also use magic through sheer force of will however this tends to be smaller magic when compared to magic through spells. he also possess the common abilities of all witches such as the ability to channel energy through other sources for example sacred/enchanted items, through celestial events full moon/sun, other witches, the ability to create elixirs through herbs that contain mystical properties, heightened longevity. Michael has a particular talent for rather intricate magic and is one of the most powerful magic users in this field being almost unbeatable as he is able to produce very powerful hexes, jinxes, curses. Like all witches Michael has special gifts that are unique to him one being an ability the other an elemental power.

Special Gifts- These Witches have all the basic abilities and powers of a regular Witch such as spell-casting, potion brewing etc.. however across the world, powerful,special or important Witches have special gifts that other 's do not possess, have a limited version of or need a spell to access. Michael is a Witch born with a special gift that of Persuasion.

Persuasion- Born with the ability to manipulate minds, through his persuasive voice and touch Michael can see and manipulate the minds of individuals into doing whatever he wants. His victims are unable to disobey as his command is far too compelling to withstand. Simple minds are easy to control however those with significant willpower are able to resist his control. With this ability he can persuade anyone to carry out simple activities such as complicated tasks for him, allow him access to restricted area's, divulge any classified or secret information to harming themselves of killing other individuals. While able to do this non verbally his ability is stronger when using spoken work and when having physical contact with an individual his control is almost impossible to resist even to the strongest minds. With this ability Michael can also implant fake memories, emotions and thoughts into the individuals minds.

Electokinesis/Atmokinesis- Michael has an affinity for this particular element, the ability to influence the weather particularly that of electrical currents and lightning. While a common ability among elemental witches lightning is Michael's predominant elemental power which he can wield to far greater control, power and effect. His abilities under this power allow him to control, create or alter thunderstorms ,hurricanes, monsoons, tornadoes, temperature, blizzards, clouds, fog. However this power is very emotionally controlled if Michael were to fall in a fit of rage or grief then the weather would be altered unconsciously creating violent or uncontrollable weather patterns. His electrical/lightning manipulation affinity allows his to absorb,create or redirect electrical currents for instances absorbing the power of electrical equipment, create electrical currents to charge electrical devices or channel them though bodily contact(skin to skin) to harm or incapacitate an individual and redirect natural or created bolts of lightning. This power is exceptionally dangerous unless controlled it can be used to destroy wildlife,land or cities and on a more lower level could be used to electrocute individuals or other living beings, Michael's power can also be used to create heat without directly creating lightning itself. Usually Michael controls the weather with his mind but he can however vocalise his control/command and the weather will alter accordingly.

Expert Occultist- Michael has a far superior knowledge of witchcraft and other occult practices due to extensive field work of demon hunting and slaying which have required him to pay more attention to alternate forms of mystical knowledge. He can now use a wide variety of different practices including the links of shamanism, voodoo and Druidism to name a few.

Trained in Armed and Unarmed Combat/Hunting training -

Basic abilities

Spellcasting - Is the act of manipulating reality through a witches innate magical source, it is accessed by the use of spoken word which can consist of short sentences or phrases to a large series of words. Typically more complex and powerful spells are spoken in Latin due to their creation centuries ago, this however does not limit spellcasting as it can be used regardless of the language even by simply stating a phrase a witch can cast spells. Spellcasting can also include Rituals which tend to be more time consuming due to the fact they require certain celestial events, blood sacrifice etc.. however if collectively performed they can yield far greater effects for longer periods of time.

Channelling - is the ability to channel other forms of power and magic by focusing on natural and celestial events such as from the classical elements and the lunar/solar cycles. Witches are also able to channel the power from other witches either through their consent or if a more powerful and advanced witch by force. This is one of the only abilities a witch absolutely does not need any kind of incantation, spell or ritual and can be achieved simply through willpower and concentration.

Concoctions - By infusing a mixture of substances a witch has to ability to create liquid’s that produce a plethora of effects such as mind control, altering ones appearance, stripping or blocking powers etc... Witches create these liquids by mixing herbs, plants and other natural substances with magical properties. Michael as a witch has this basic ability and is exceptinally proficient in the creation of variety of concoctions due to his talent and continued practice. While a majority of concoctions are drank this is not always the case they can take affect by simple physical contact in fact even there creation can cause the desired affect depending on the particular concoctions ability. However the ingredients alone don’t not equal the creation of a potion one must have some magical talent meaning that mortals cannot create concoction despite having the correct ingredients

Crystals - A basic compound that witches use for locator spells or amplifying power, Crystals create the ability that allows a witch to find a object,person or collective amount of energy by placing a crystal on a map. The closer the crystal is the more violent the crystal with shake which corresponds to where the item or individual is in the real world. A further advanced technique of this allows the witch to gain a vision or "image" of the item,area or person using a similar method. To achieve this affect the Witch will guide the crystal over a reflective surface for example water,,glass etc..and once the item,area or person has been found will project a visual illusion in the reflective surface allowing the witch to see events transpiring from afar. Crystals also allow witches to channel their magic especially for those only beginning to harness their powers to cast more powerful spells, similarly they can also be used to store a witches innate magic which would allow a non-magic user to be able to cast spells until it runs out and must be recharged.

Book of Shadows - A book of Shadows is a magical tome passed down through generations of witches containing thousands of spells, incantations, rituals and potion recipes as well extensive knowledge on supernatural beings. places and events. Since learning of his witch heritage Michael has now gained access to his own family Book of Shadows which he uses to further his knowledge or witchcraft and demonology particularly in relation to vanquishing demons and banishing malevolent spirits back to Hell/Underworld/Limbo or Oblivion. The book itself continually creates more and more pages so that Michael can add further information to already existing information or new entry's of supernatural entities that he has come across that are not present already as well as spells and potions that he himself has created. To protect the book Michael keeps it locked in a chest at the foot of his bed protect by enchantments so that no individual other than those he trust can open it.


Mortality: Despite being an exceptionally powerful Witch with a high resistance to attacks otherwise fatal to humans, Michael does have human weakness he can be killed in various ways ,decapitation, firearms, heart extraction etc...he can also succumb to various humans diseases, fatigue and ageing(unless stunned by ritualistic magic), Furthermore he can feel pain and can be injured his bones can be broken or fractured, organs can be punctured along with cuts and bruises being common occurrence's.

Emotional Control: Magic is often tied with an individuals emotions under times of extreme distress when emotions are running high, Michael's powers will often lash out in random and destructive ways such as glass shattering, large downpours, objects being telekinetically propelled across rooms and if in such cases he is angry with a specific person: pain infliction. Due to his experience as a demon hunter Michael has gained some ability to control his emotions during stressful situations however his emotions do flair up on occasion.

Higher Powers: Beings with stronger mystical, angelic or demonic powers will often be unaffected by Michael's own magic due to the more powerful nature of their powers. In these cases to overcome this problem Michael must draw extra power from other sources such as celestial events, other witches or various other magical sources of energies. If strong enough these beings can actually restrict Michael's access to his own magic thereby effectively leaving him powerless.

Corruption: The all consuming darkness of the negative energies reduces a witch to a soulless being obsessed with power with no humanity or morals. In this state the only thing that matters is the witches current obsessions and wants anything they want they get regardless of the cost. Life is no longer scared or important and killing is always an option regardless of whether it be friend or foe. A witch is never to be crossed in this stage as their power is uncontrolled but exceptionally dangerous. Michael like all beings can fall prey to this darkness even more so as his soul is slowly being chipped away but the influence of the demonic powers that tore it apart.