Favorite Costumes

My favorite costumes, looks, outfits, etc.

Alphabetical characters with links to costumes below:


Abe Sapien - The vest look.

Al Pratt - New 52.

Alan Scott - Kingdom Come armor.

Adam Strange - Pre-Flashpoint.

Aqualad - Pre-Flashpoint look.

Azrael - Azrael.

Batman - Batman Incorporated suit. New 52 Earth-2.

Batman One Million - Usual look.

Batwoman - Wig and all.

Batwing - Batwing.

Beast Boy - Purple and black costume.

Billy Batson - New 52 Shazam!

Black Adam - New 52.

Black Hornet - Black Hornet.

Black Mask - A suit and a black skull mask.

Black Panther - Man Without Fear costume.

Black Tarantula - Current.

Blacksad - Usual trenchcoat look.

Blue Beetle - Blue Beetle.

Boomerang - Thunderbolts outfit.

Booster Gold - Pre-Flashpoint suit.

Bucky Barnes - Winter Soldier. Captain America.

Bullseye - Bullseye.

Bumblebee - Pre-Flashpoint.

Cable - AvX Consequences. Marvel Now.

Canterbury Cricket - Flashpoint.

Captain America - Director of SHIELD, WWII Ultimate, Marvel Now.

Captain Atom - Silver and red pre-Flashpoint look.

Captain Cold - Pre-Flashpoint look.

Captain Marvel - Ultimate.

Captain Universe - Marvel Now.

Cardiac - Armored Marvel Now look.

Cassandra Cain - Blackbat.

Catman - Secret Six costume.

Catwoman - Cat-suit with goggles.

Christopher Kent - Nightwing armor.

The Comedian - Minus the gimp mask.

Cyborg - New 52.

Cyclops - Astonishing, Ultimate, New X-Men.

Damian Wayne - Robin.

Daredevil - Red, Yellow.

Darkseid - Usual pre-Flashpoint look.

Deadman - Deadman.

Deadpool - Typical costume.

Deadshot - Pre-Flashpoint.

Deathstroke - New 52 armor.

Dick Grayson - Blue Pre-Flashpoint Nightwing suit. Batman costume.

Dinosaurus - Dinosaurus.

Doctor Doom - FF. Usual costume.

Doctor Hurt - Suit, mask, cape.

Doctor Nemesis - All white suit.

Doctor Octopus - Superior Spider-Man with bionic spider legs.

Elasti-Girl - Red, white, and blue pre-Flashpoint costume.

Eric O'Grady - Original costume, Thunderbolts costume.

Fantomex - Uncanny X-Force outfit.

Flash Thompson - Agent Venom.

The Fox - DCU.

Freddy Freeman - New 52.

Genis-Vell - Red, navy, and yellow Captain Marvel look.

Green Arrow - Neal Adams design.

Green Hornet - Green Hornet.

Guy Gardner - New 52 Red Lantern outfit.

Hank Pym - Yellowjacket, Giant Man, Wasp.

Harry Osborn - American Son.

Haunt - Haunt.

Hawkeye - New outfit with sunglasses, Red and black Ultimate.

Hercules - Usual costume.

Hot Pursuit - Hot Pursuit.

Hulk - Marvel Now armor.

Human Torch - Annihilus Human Torch.

Hush - Hush.

Hyperion - Marvel Now.

Invincible - Original, black and blue.

Iron Man - Bleeding Edge.

Jason Todd - New 52 Red Hood. Morrison Red Hood.

Jay Garrick - New 52.

Jimmy Hudson - Wolverine.

John Constantine - Trenchcoat, suit, smokes.

John Law - Tarantula.

Kangaroo - Hibbs' Ends of the Earth suit.

Kate Bishop - Scarf and sunglasses.

Kick-Ass - Kick-Ass.

Lex Luthor - Warsuit.

Lincoln March - Owlman.

Lobster Johnson - Lobster Johnson.

Loki - Kid Loki.

Luke Cage - Thunderbolts outfit, with belt and arm braces.

Magus - Magus.

Martian Manhunter - Flashpoint, Brightest Day.

Mary Marvel - New 52.

Mento - Pre-Flashpoint.

Metron - All silver.

Mia Dearden - Black and yellow Speedy outfit.

Midnighter - Wildstorm.

Miles Morales - Spider-Man.

Mr. Fantastic - Future Foundation.

Moon Knight - Circa 2006.

Mutant 2099 - Mutant 2099.

Negative Man - Pre-Flashpoint Negative Man, Trenchcoat Rebis.

Nick Fury Jr. - Super Soldier outfit, eye-patch, goatee.

Nightrunner - Nightrunner.

Nix Uotan - Judge of All Evil.

Noh-Varr - Protector.

Nova - Abnett and Lanning era costume.

Osiris - Pre-Flashpoint.

Owen Mercer - Captain Boomerang.

Paladin - Thunderbolts costume.

Patriot - Patriot.

Phantom Stranger - Pre-Flashpoint look with dark blue suit and big gold medallion.

Phil Urich - Hobgoblin.

Phyla-Vell - Quasar.

Pied Piper - Pre-Flashpoint.

Prodigy - Academy X costume.

Psylocke - Marvel Now.

Punisher - Coat and body armor. Skin-tight black suit. Frankencastle (Don't judge me).

Ra's al Ghul - Fancy suit, high collared cape.

Rex Splode - Rex Splode.

Rick Jones - A-Bomb.

Robot - Robot armor. Giant Robot.

Robotman - Pre-Flashpoint look with shorts.

Rocket Red - Gavril Ivanovich.

Rorschach - Rorschach.

Roy Harper - New 52, but he needs to lose the trucker cap. Red Arrow.

Scorn - New 52.

Scorpion - Big Time armor.

Sentry - Short-haired Marvel Knights look.

She-Hulk - Purple and white one-piece.

Shilo Norman - Seven Soldiers.

Shocker - Thunderbolts outfit.

Silver Surfer - Silver Surfer.

Simon Baz - Green Lantern.

Sinestro - Sinestro Corps suit.

Snake Eyes - Typical ninja suit.

Spaceboy - Spaceboy.

Spider Jerusalem - Green and red glasses, full black suit, cane.

Spider-Man - FF costume, Iron Spider, Venom Symbiote, Noir.

Spider-Woman - Spider-Woman.

Star-Lord - Abnett and Lanning suit with helmet.

Static - Milestone baseball cap look, DCU.

Steel - Pre-Flashpoint, New 52.

Stephanie Brown - Purple, gold, and black Batgirl costume.

Superman - New 52, depending on the artist. T-shirt and cape. Pre-Flashpoint Superman.

Taskmaster - Usual look.

Ted Kord - Blue Beetle.

Terry McGinnis - Batman.

Thom Kallor - New Earth Starman.

Thomas Wayne - Flashpoint Batman.

Tim Drake - Pre-Flashpoint Red Robin suit.

Union Jack - Skin-tight suit, tactical armored suit.

Unknown Soldier - New 52. Ennis version.

Vibe - New 52.

Vic Sage - Khaki trenchcoat, suit, no face.

Vril Dox - 2009 series' look.

Wally West - Flash #50 suit. Scarelt suit, white eyes, gold trim.

War Machine - Iron Patriot. Iron Man 2.0.

Wesley Dodds - Sandman Mystery Theatre outfit. Purple cape, green suit, fedora, gas mask.

Wiccan - Original costume, minus the wings.

Wildfire - New 52.

William Cobb - Talon.

Wolverine - Astonishing. Brown and yellow.

Wrath (Caldwell) - New 52.

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Very cool list. :D

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Nice list but did you mean Mia's red and gold costume or her black and gold one?

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booster gold look freaking hot in his costume

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Nice list.