Characters That Were F###ed By the DC Relaunch

I love these characters, but DC insists on making unnecessary and terrible changes to them in this Frankenstein's Monster of a timeline. This is a list of characters that were f###ed the hardest by DC. You can tell that I'm very passionate.

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Posted by Thorion88

I agree with Superboy, Cap. Atom, & Blue Beetle 100%

Posted by Squalleon

Agreed, on every one of them!

Even though Flash is great!

Its just that his sacrifice was to great to be removed so simple

Posted by Avenging-X-Bolt


Edited by kilowog52

Huh! I didn't know they did that to Drake or Caulder. That's awful. The rest of them, I'm already on the same page. What really got me about the Flash was that despite Johns making the Barry and Iris West Allen relationship in Rebirth, they did away with their marriage. Another character who I think belongs on this list is Aquaman. I guess Wonder Woman and Hawkman too. Not to mention Cassie Sandsmark, and probably several other I'm forgetting. Oh yeah! Captain Comet.

Posted by johnny_blaze

*yawns* It's a new god damn universe. Give it a rest.

Posted by Deathstroke52

Completely agree with Blue Beetle