DC's New 52: The Comics I'll Definitely Be Picking Up

Justice League
Justice League is a no brainer for me, the super duo of Geoff Johns and Jim Lee? The best of the best on the team? I'm sold.
Action Comics
It's Grant Morrison, prepare yourself for greatness.
Gail Simone + Batgirl = Win Gail's a fantastic writer, and I'm sure she won't disappoint. And it's Barbara Gordon un-crippled, I gotta know how.
Green Arrow
I love Oliver Queen, he's one of my favorite DC characters, and JT Krul writes him fantastically. I'm also sold on Dan Jurgens doing the art.
Justice League International
Dan Jurgens is writing, he's amazing. Plus, I love Booster Gold, and I love the line-up on this team!
Men of War
I've always been intrigued by Sgt. Rock, but I've never been able to get into him since he's dead, and I never felt like finding old volumes. With this comes his grandson, who sounds just as interesting. I really like the premise of soldiers fighting in a battlefield made by the DCU's villains.
  I always thought that the idea of an OMAC was cool, and this art looks amazing. Dan Dido is a cool writer, but I'm even more excited by the fact that Keith Giffen is also writing! May his Doom Patrol RIP.
Swamp Thing
Swamp Thing has always been a really cool and interesting character, and I'm excited to see what he does in the DCU. And the combo of Scott Snyder and Yanick Paquette sounds like it goes together better than peanut butter and chocolate.
Green Lantern
I really love Geoff Johns' work on Green Lantern, and this should be no different. I'm really excited to see how things play out, and how Hal will get his ring back.
Legion Lost
I've always wanted to get into the Legion, but I've never been able to, and this seemed like the perfect jumping on point. I like the premise of the Legion stuck in the past, and I really love Fabian Nicieza's work on Red Robin and Thunderbolts, so I don't think his writing quality will lower.
Scott Snyder has never failed to impress when it comes to writing Batman stories. I'm really pumped for this, and Greg Capullo has some amazing art skills, I loved his art for Haunt!
Captain Atom
I loved Captain Atom in Justice League: Generation Lost, I thought he was really interesting, and he has really cool powers. And again, it's JT Krul.
Geoff Johns is an overall great writer, and I can't wait to see Aquaman get all the respect he deserves. If anyone can write him, it's Geoff Johns, and he wrote him fantastically in Brightest Day. And Ivan Reis' art kills!
New Guardians
I love Kyle Rayner, I love Saint Walker, and I love Arkillo. This team should make for an interesting group, I've always loved the rainbow brigade. :P
Teen Titans
I love Bart, Superboy, and Tim Drake. I especially love Tim Drake, and I'm disappointed Red Robin got cancelled, but thank God I have him in this book! It looks great, and I love Brett Booth's art.
What are you picking up? 
That's all for now folks!
Posted by harleyquinn12

Wonder Woman and Supergirl are definite musts for me. I'm also intrested in Batgirl, Batwoman, Batman, and New Guardians. Listening to Cornell has got me intrested in Demon Knights even though I have no intrest in Etrigan.
Posted by haydenclaireheroes

those are a good pick out of those I want to get Justice League, Batgirl, Action Comics, Green Arrow,Green Lantern, New Guardians, and Teen Titans

Posted by The Stegman

i'm picking up....*sigh* a lot to be honest 

Posted by The_Tree
@harleyquinn12: I'm really iffy on Wonder Woman and Batwoman, but I'll probably end up picking them up after I read some reviews for them!
@haydenclaireheroes: I'm pumped, September can't come soon enough!
@The Stegman: I know! It's so hard trying to choose!
Posted by The Stegman
yeah i WANT to read them all, but so far here's my pull list 

Justice League

justice League International


Wonder Woman

The Flash

Justice League Dark

Green Arrow


Action Comics


Detective Comics

Batman & Robin




Batman: The Dark Knight


Red Hood and the outlaws

Birds of Prey

Green Lantern

Green Lantern corps

Green Lanterns : New Guardians


Suicide Squad

Teen Titans

Legion Lost

 Legion of superheroes


i will give these a shot, if i don't like the first few issues, i will drop them and move on to another title 
Posted by harleyquinn12
I think Batwoman is based partially on JH Williams and Amy Reeder's art.
Posted by The_Tree
@harleyquinn12: I know, I've just never read any Batwoman, so I don't really know what to expect, I'm thinking of picking up Elegy. To get a feel for the character, I've only read her in Batman Inc.
Posted by cosmo111687

Captain Atom and Aquaman are two that I would really like to get, but I want to hear reviews on them. Since Geoff Johns is writing Aquaman, I'm sure it'll be a pretty secure property for a while, so I can always go back and pick it up later. But Captain Atom might not be around for long if it doesn't gain enough support, so I have to get in on it quickly before it goes away. Really, I'm just a fan of J. T. Krull. He seems to really love and care for his characters. :) 
Very cool list, though. :)

Posted by shawn87

I'm looking forward to this a lot. Mostly I'm excited for the Superman and Batman titles. 

Posted by The_Tree
@cosmo111687: Haha, thanks! I'm really hoping Captain Atom survives too, he's really cool, and was one of my favorite parts of Justice League: Generation Lost. But if his title doesn't last, I assume that he still has a spot open for him on the JLI. And J.T. Krul is awesome, the only thing I haven't liked of his was Teen Titans.
@shawn87: Haha, don't even get me started on how excited I am for the Bat titles.
Posted by kfhrfdu_89_76k

I`ll pick up both Superman books. In trades.

Posted by victoriancuckoo

I'm going to stick with Wonder Woman, Red Hood, Action Comics and maybe the Superman title...

Posted by moywar700

4 currently, I would pick up more but I'm short on cash





Posted by The_Tree

My old blog!

I've actually changed up my list quite a bit, now that I've actually read them, my list is:

Action Comics, Animal Man, Batwing, Justice League International, Men of War, Stormwatch, Swamp Thing, Batgirl, Batman & Robin, Green Lantern, Grifter, Batman, DC Universe Presents, Justice League, Nightwing, Red Hood and the Outlaws, Aquaman, The Flash, Green Lantern: New Guardians, Justice League Dark, Teen Titans, and Voodoo.

Posted by Jnr6Lil

Not bad list.