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This is the third quiz I took. And this is the second time I got The blue lanterns....

"In fearful day, In raging night,

With strong hearts full, our

souls ignite,

When all seems lost in the

War of light,

Look to the stars-- For

hope burns bright!"

Guess I'm in the Blue lantern Corp.

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Down Town Man!? I must consult Madame BB

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Hmm.... good point, but the thing is all super heros are created to be leaders. The reason for that is becuase in situations where most people panic they have to be the ones to straigten things out and keep order. Even the un-important charhecters have a lot of leader qualities.So it's safe to say that maybe the reason why these super teams work out so well is becuase, well it all just ends up governing itsellf. In the end everyone likes one thing so and so says and they follow it, and next thing they know without of realizing it earlier that they have a shiny new leader. And yes Captin America usually is the leader in all kinds of situations but so has Iorn man/ Tony Stark. But Cap. isn't usually referred to as leader, they usally answer to Iorn man or Nick Fury. Well thats just my point of veiw you dont have to agree.... thanks for reading this. YOUR AWESOME!!!

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Ok on a scale of 1-5, i gotta be honest, i'd give Green Arows costume a 3 and thats being generous. it looks too much like the Young Justice Green Arow, dont get me wrong i love the show i watch every saturday. But if its the beging of green arow it should be closer to the original then gradually evolve per season or every couple of months.

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No way is this some kind of dream!!!!! I must be its the the sandman series! Ahhhhhhh I mean I f'ing love this guy I can't wait oh please don't let this be to good to be true!!!!!!

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Um no just Beast boy the person in the black cape with a red gem and really white skin is Morpheous from the sandman series created by Neil Gaimen. He also goes by the sandman or The Dream King.

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okay yeah that would look so cute! i'll only see it if Tim Burton directs it.