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Thee Superman

Personal Stats:

Real Name: Garrison Grail

Alias: Billion-Dollar Bishop,The Metabolic Master-Piece, The Rated R Superstar (retired), Mister Prolific (retired), The Superior Sapien, The High-Life Highlight, The Holy Grail

Height: 6'5" (1.96 m)

Weight: 236 lbs (93 kg)

Age: 24

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Egyptian Green

Species: Hyper-Sapien

Birthplace: Detroit, Michigan

Orientation: Heterosexual

Relationship Status: Single

Family: Dorcet Grail (father), Shana Grail(mother)

Occupation: Professional Athlete, Professional Superhero, Entrepreneur

Affiliations: Nike

Powers & Abilities - being constructed

Superhuman Physiology:

Strength - Garrison Grail is evolutionarily embellished with an augmented GDF-8 (Myostatin) alteration that is encoded in his MSTN gene. Secretion, caused by a growth differentiation factor that, when coupled with a TGF beta protein, inhibits the myogenesis process. Effectivly blocking the myostain process which has led to over-developed clusters of muscle mass advantages. Natural mutation of the gene resulted in the Rated R Superstar's significant increase in muscle mass and considerable stregth. Furthermore, blocked activity of myostatin gene offers therapeutic applications in the treatment of muscle wasting diseases such as muscular dystrophy. This exclusive Myotonic Hypertrophy's genetic condition can best be characterized as reduced body fat and increased skeletal muscle size. It is unknown just how far his level of strength extends, but Garrison Grail has made not shied away from his self-proclaimed ranking of being as strong as the legendary New God, Thee Champion.

X-Ray Vision - Able to emit extreme electromagnetic waves at a frequency in and around 0.3, concentrated rays of terahertz enable the Rated R Superstar use of transparent effects (i.e. x-ray) that can visually penetrate solid objects or even see within objects. Opening up a wide range of potential uses such as medical methods to perceive cancers, tumors, or even blackened lungs the basic human eye is incapable of normally perceiving. The skill of perceiving a specific location, for example an artery or organ, is given by partially reflecting the ray from each specific surface surveyed and the direction of incoming light allowing for a positioned focus of the depth of a viewing surface.

Deprecation Perception - Because of his evolutionary extreme, the extensive vanguard of visual versatility is a paradigm of extrasensory proficiency. Which has engineered his ability to perceive stress points, fracture planes, and or weaknesses in objects or people. Which, by applying substantial force and pressure through strikes to the weak points or fractal faults, can down enemies far outside his class or break seemingly invincible objects.

Body & Muscle Prognostication - Easily able to identify specific muscle fibers in the body through his X-Ray vision, Garrison has fashioned a technique which allows him to read the intentions of his opponents movements and react before they've initiated them. Intuitively reading the thousands of subtle signs registered through and over the body with a remarkable level of inherit fluidity.


Reflex Arc - The Holy Grail's auto-genetic ability to synapse an overwhelming number of sensory neurons directly into his spinal cord (subsequently activating the spinal motor neurons instantly) enables him to react on a superhuman level of execution. The radically accelerated sensory receptors located on the cell membrane of sensory neurons responsible for the conversion of stimuli into electrical impulses hit Garrison's C mechano- and metabo- receptors in muscles or joints at a rate exponentially higher then any normal human being authorizing a level of bullet dodging reactionary reflexes that barely begin to scratch the surface of his impressive reflective reaction of movement.

Righting Reflex - Evolved with a unique clavicle and flexible backbone, along with a state of the art vestibular system, grants a stylish ability to redirect the nature of any fall without ever changing the net angular momentum. Coupled with the ability to contort half his body so that his upper and lower halves rotate on differentiating axises, Garrison can essentially right his body during a fall insuring he'll always land on his feet.

(coming soon)